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Q&A 145 – Intestinal Cystitis, Allergies, Schizophrenia

Questions & Answers 145

– Intestinal Cystitis
– Germinated Nuts
– Seaweed Salad
– Being a Naturopath
– Allergies
– Schizophrenia
– Treatment Vs Cure
– Varicose Vains
– Leukemia
– Spot on Face
– Honey Comb Skin
– Pain in Stomach
– Nuts & Inflammation
– Mom in Nursing Home
– Lungs hurt
– Hyper Thyroid & Connective Tissue
– Heavy Yeast

22 Comments on Q&A 145 – Intestinal Cystitis, Allergies, Schizophrenia

  1. I’ve been waiting for a new vid and it was such a delight to finally see one! It’s like each new vid is my favourite!

    When you mentioned the care homes and how people should open their homes to care for others, that was exactly what I’ve been thinking for the past several days :). When I better myself and start my own healing clinic, I want to implement that here.

  2. Dr. Morse has mentioned several schools in past videos. For one, Dominion Herbal College based in Vancouver, Canada is by correspondence. I’m currently enrolled there right now via the good doctor’s recommendations :D. Give it a look if it fits your criteria. I’m currently taking the one year Chartered Herbalist program.

  3. I am currently having dmso treatments to my bladder because of IC because it is so painful. I know I have an acid problem and other health issues as well. I followed Dr M’s advice and did fruits and juices for my lymph but then the bladder problem started and the fruit seems to make it more painful and urinating is so painful at times and the fruit makes me pee constantly. Do you think eating tons of greens would help at all and then maybe trying to ease into fruits???

  4. Hey Dr Morse,great to see you back!!!

  5. The best man on you-tube, I agree….I see him soon…what a lovely man. Be Love!

  6. Hi Wendy, how are you doing? it´s nice too see you here and how you like to help people who have gastroparesis. :-). You really did help me a lot, I will always be thankful 🙂

  7. Sweet.. Dr.Morse movie night tonight 🙂 Thank GOD you’re BACK!!!!

  8. hope this finds u well and heal ur neighbours. lol

  9. hi it’s great my dr morse got my message.
    it was the same one i sent the first time. i sent another one more detailed in your inbox, did you recieve it? and can you please show it to dr morse…
    thanks alot.
    32 arms

  10. @1:22 – hello? come back! (lol)

  11. Yes they are aren’t they. I’ve been watching them for ten months now. Was so happy to have found them at the start.

  12. For breakfast i had half an organic watermelon… and then one hour later i had a pint of juice including carrot, apple, ginger, cucumber, spinach and lemon ! :-O

  13. Feeding the subconscious is a big factor in dis-ease promotion. As an endurance athlete i am very curious with regards to the consumption of pea protein, brown rice protein and hemp protein powders. I do believe that pea protein has been shown to IMPROVE kidney functioning.

  14. “Get that kidney up and feeling good about herself again” – LMAO!

  15. Sunny's Book of Healing // 9th October 2012 at 1:47 am //

    Thanks for answering my question on IC Dr Morse! By the way I’m a woman (Sunny Morrow)…..he he.

  16. I’m in Naturopathic medical school and our profession is becoming hybridized with allopathic medicine. There’s not too many old timers left. Thank God I have Dr. Morse who serves as a light house as I navigate my way through some of the BS. People all around me are drinking the cool aid of the “new philosophy” of not polarizing allopathic medicine and naturopathic medicine. I swear, if I graduate without getting kicked out for my rebellious ways I’ll be amazed.

  17. Dr.Morse you are my Hero!

  18. Hi im frm paris i dont understand the all it is possible to translate to french pleeease
    Thank youuu

  19. I want to meet this man and shake his hand

  20. 34:30 schizophrenia

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