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Q&A 147- Healing Crisis, Insomnia, Anemia

Questions & Answers 147

– Starting your own clinic
– We ship worldwide
– Healing crisis
– Eczema
– Immune Support
– Type I and ADHS
– Can't get pregnant
– Chronic Insomnia
– 35 year old with colostomy
– Loose teeth and receding gums
– Hyperthyroid
– Anemia
– Grape damage kidneys
– Appendicitis
– Pain on fruits
– Dandruff
– Muscular Dystrophy
– Ouija Birds Liver
– Fruit chart
– Paul's Blood Work
– Healing others
– Groin Lymph Nodes
– Blood sugar and supplements

22 Comments on Q&A 147- Healing Crisis, Insomnia, Anemia

  1. Thank you Dr. Morse for answering my question. God bless you 🙂

  2. A 36 hour juice fast and a long Dr Morse video = peace and knowledge.

  3. HI!!!!!!!! Wow Thank you so much for answering my question, no body else ever answered it. I had a note book and took notes on everything you said… I will egt to work on it pronto. 2 questions I have about what you said are, I was told when it comes to herbs it is not good to herb up when you have an auto immune disease, unless the herbs are immune modulating. Immune boosting herbs I hear just cause you immune system to attack your body even more.. I was wondering the ingredients on them

  4. before I purchased them so I can do a little research first. I heard that licorice root was a good one because it has steroidal properties. Haven’t tried it yet. Also about the thymus thumping for T-cells… my lymphocytes are already between 70-80% always, will it increase those? I need to increase my nuetrophils and decrease my lymphocytes. So I was wondering if that is what that will do. Thank you so much for your help. I will get to research right away on what you said. one more thing-

  5. I didn’t know I was supposed to send a picture of my eye!!!! here is the only clearish closeup one I could find even though it’s late!!! Sorry I will email it to you,, looks like you tube won’t let me post the link.
    Thank you so much for your help again Dr Morse.

  6. One more thing,,,, I bought a re-bounder to get my lymps moving,, that is good right? Thank you again! =-)

  7. @2:58:05 “This is the way we go to lymphville” LMAO

  8. great video!!!Love you Dr Morse!!

  9. If it’s BabyandEarl you’re referring to, it’s a mix of fruit juices and green juices she’s doing, and I’ve never got from her that she hasn’t been through changes.

  10. Hey everyone, if the woman named Jessica is on this site I would like to talk to you about your son’s case, let me know if you are on the forum. Thanks

  11. great I am officially addicted to watching your videos…so much information Thank you!

  12. I don’t get why people complain about these long ones, whats a pause button for? you can record the minute and second, hell you can even put it as a comment as your bookmark. I think these long vids are awesome. What is your take on culpeper online herb index site.

  13. (((((((((Dr Morse)))))))))))). Thatz a huuuug

  14. I just love your intros!!!

  15. God Bless Dr. Morse for his dedication and commitment to Helping to Heal the Human Species!!!!!! Thank God to him for healing my son of severe Crohnes disease and MY 3rd stage Breast Cancer…. and it was both done in 45 days !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This man should win a Nobel Prize just for this video alone.

  17. 1 hr and 30 mins in for anemia

  18. Thymus gland tonic for anemia as well!! God bless dr Morse!

  19. Just listening to Morse makes me healthy

  20. All these videos are solid gold!! You just have to listen closely and implement it!

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