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Q&A 156 – Bipolar, Urination, Protein, Kidneys

Questions & Answer 156

– Bipolar
– Frequent Urination
– Too much Protein
– Severe Abdominal Pain
– Lesions on Kidneys
– Elevated Cholesterol
– Fatty Liver
– Sinus Polyps
– Pressure In Face
– Eczema on Hands
– Bananas and the Thyroid
– Hypo/Hyper Thyroid
– Synthroid
– Grainy Skin
– Hugging Sick People
– Detoxing Liver

24 Comments on Q&A 156 – Bipolar, Urination, Protein, Kidneys

  1. CBT is often used for anxiety and OCD. CBT can benefit in that it retrains how the mind reacts to situations. The insomnia may not be cognitive based, but it could be! Take care!

  2. How can Depersonalization be cured. My gf has suffered with this for 4-5 years now and I can see it affects her a lot. I would love to help her.

  3. Great video…. What is the drink he was drinking during the video?

  4. my intuition tells me there is also a connection between insomnia and the pineal gland which is responsible for producing the hormones that regulate sleep rhythms. So any kind of sleep issue I typically go right to pineal gland… do you fix that, well same way you fix anything, high raw diet mostly fruit….hope this helps a bit more, ken

  5. Love it! “honey boo boo”

  6. Ice Tea!

  7. Yeah and BUSH did what?

  8. Are you serious, this person uses mind control techniques in all of his speeches what free world? He’s U.N/Israeli lap dog, the U.N is communist globalist and he’s all about bankrupting through incompetence and selling the land to private sector for debt relief which is all fiction. ANYONE not recognizing the cause to every problem is the fiction of debt backed usury and obfuscating this continues to sell out the people. His a puppet that reads from cards, the plan is install more Saddams.

  9. The majority rules, America has spoken President Obama is still in office !!!! – next time in 2016 work harder for your candidate if you want to win the election – in the meantime eat your fruits and veggies and get healthy – God Bless always !!!!

  10. Please learn beyond what you’ve been spoon fed by government curriculum and television/media/film, you are here receiving marginalized health information that has been made so by your governments legislation that support alopathic monopoly. This is not restricted to singular industry it is in all of them, look into scientific dictatorship, logical fallacies. This is how you get hypnotized, by schooling that feeds you bs.

  11. Keep speaking freedom to the obliviously oppressed. Any complaint is an investment complaint, investments like that are the only true black-holes.

  12. peace and joy to you always, God loves you !!!! Life is soooooo goooooood !!!!!

  13. Loved the music….too funny

  14. You don’t know me idiot. You don’t know what I have done.

    “Who cares” about a 16 year old American boy being blown up by an American Drone???!!! You are a scum bag.

    • This comment is what is wrong with the world…. and it is so sad that people exist that don’t care about a 16 year old boy being blown up by an American drone. You don’t belong on this planet. This planet deserves love and peace. You are clearly neither. Or at least as of 3 years ago. I hope you have grown to accept love and peace into your life by now! For the sake of the planet!

  15. I took a sickee today and I found you.  Whoa, cosmic sick err health day. Lovin it big time.

  16. So Can depression, anxiety be hypothyroid?

  17. I’ve must’ve kidney issues to because my urine is always a very pale yellow and CLEAR! Thanks DR Morse, for continued health insight!

  18. Dr. Morse, I love your authenticity and how you share your personal and professional life experience! You are rare indeed and a precious gem! Thank you for your candidness and naked… disclosure. (Pure, honest truth.)

  19. 25:39 Frequent urination, foamy urine

  20. I ve noticed most people who were circumcised all suffer from binpolarism , those who are more awake and vibrating high can get over it, but it’s endemic in circumscision, to a lesser or greater degree x

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