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19 Comments on Q&A-160 – Canine Teeth, Lupus, MS, Eyes

  1. GO DREW!!!!!! : )

  2. i’d also like this.

  3. Had we?Really? What about the all kind of diseases that human developed because of “all foods” or the standard diet which is very hard to keep it under control…If someone cannot handle fruit sugar can blame only their ill and unbalanced body from “all foods” that they eat, don’t blame the mother nature’s or God’s foods which are fruits…

  4. Did anyone here used Dr Morse Colon cleanse product? Is it really works? I eat organic fruits and veggies,but digestion doesn’t work,I get constipated a lot ,I do want to do colon cleanse,I have tried many product on the market nothing worked for me.Thank you

  5. same here, but i will check out the salve. thank you for the info 🙂 i have heard some interesting things about why they are there, and knowing dr. morse’s opinion would be helpful.
    thanks again, peace 🙂

  6. ultra thumbs up at 2:00 !! 😀 love it.

  7. The thing I love most about Dr Morse is his appreciation, humility, and respect for God’s work.

  8. While I agree with much of what Dr. Morse has to say, to just cast off medical knowledge that is taught from textbooks is absurd. For example, every person has genetic polymorphisms, and you can’t just treat everyone the same way and expect them to get better. And what he’s trying to do is to place everyone on the same diet which is no better than the allopaths treating disease with the same pill and protocol. He’s a detox practitioner which is not the same as a general practitioner.

    • I’ve got the same criticism, but am completely turned about by the fact that he has treated 150,000 patients with a high degree of success. I’m pretty much convinced his theory of lymphatic acidosis and stagnation being the central cause of all of these diseases is indeed accurate.

  9. The medical community wants to make things complicated so they can continue to peddle their useless toxic drugs and ridiculous treatments (tortures). Thank you Dr. Morse for keeping thing simple and truthful.

  10. Dr. Morse has something these medical doctors do not have, COMMON SENSE !

  11. When has the allopathic treatment ever truly healed some one? NEVER! Dr. Morse has helped many get their health back. His treatments work theirs don’t.KISS.Keep it simple seriously.

  12. Unfortunately it(government/large corporations) is all about money.

  13. 100% TRUE!

  14. You speak from emotion and seemingly have little ability to control yourself. You assume things as well. First, I am not a fan of modern medicine, at all. However, it does have it’s place, in emergent medicine. Second, if you would actually open your ears and listen to Dr. Morse, he will tell you that there is a place for medical knowledge, and he uses it every single day. He gets ahead of himself sometimes, and his ego will do the bidding. And he will TELL you that if you listen.

  15. Furthermore, there is a branch of medicine called orthopedics. And people do get healed. You have never practiced medicine and you only spout information that SOUND good to you. You have never even laid a hand on a patient so you should really just keep your mouth shut and be humble and listen. Dr. Morse is a great individual doing great things, but when you present him as flawless you do him more harm than good.

  16. I am listening.How many people have you helped heal . Nobody . You should keep your mouth shut and listen to Dr. Morse.I know he is not perfect. Nobody is.The typical medical association has killed more people (with their drugs and torture treatments than anything else). You want to talk about egos look at your medical doctors.They would rather cover up there screw ups than admit what they are doing is not working.It is all about the money with the medical profession.

  17. Yea, the medical profession can save lives if someone is critically injured but as far as curing or preventing disease they are way off.I go by what works and Dr. Morse has helped heal thousands of people,while your medical profession continues to kill a lot more.

  18. Hello.. When making a salad, are avokado’s/veg-oils ok to put in the mix. Cause Prof .Ehret means oils should be avoided.. thanks

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