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18 Comments on Q&A 161 – Toxic Foods, Celiac, Seizures

  1. That is oh so true.Most people want a quick fix to their health problems without any discomfort what so ever and the medical community is more than happy to fix them up(cover their symptoms )with toxic drugs.Unfortunately you have to go through detoxification to get well and most people can’t or will not do that all the way.

  2. So do I.They are delicious.

  3. The blood type diet is garbage.Is the guy who invented it even alive anymore? Does this guy apply it to animals.Sounds stupid doesn’t it.Feed one dog all meat and another dog all fruit.One monkey all cheese and another all vegetables.Ridiculous.

  4. he looks fat

  5. Tell us Doc!!!!!

  6. You are so awesome!!!!

  7. Always leaves me happier listening to you, ALWAYS!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH.

  8. I just came across your channel…and GOD bless you sir!!! Thank you for the information you are providing……honestly thank you…..the adapting comment ? where? GOD help us!

  9. Your videos are fun and real! I am learning to get my health ideal!!! Thank You Dr. Morse!

  10. Thank you doc. You are amazing. I am learning to eat more fruits and veggies and less starch after listening to you. I wish I knew this 50 years ago. My asthma is better and my sinus is better. I can’t thank you enough sir!!!

  11. Robert, You are such a wonderful man -thank you for all you do…..:)

  12. i have one question MAY I CONTINUE EAT THE HONEY??

  13. This really is the magic road to Wellville. I’m getting there. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Morse.

  14. Magic. Thanks Dr Morse.

  15. You are a blessing for the whole world! Thank you, Doc!

  16. Love you bob!


  18. Lol “porko” I LOVE YOU DR. MORSE. ..Legendary!

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