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Q&A 263 – Keratoconus, How to Clean Kidneys, Adrenals, etc., Breast Cancer, Spirit Pick-up

In this video:

00:45 – Article – Scientists Discover Previously Unknown Cleansing System in Brain

24:47 – Unknown – Keratoconus

32:54 – Carrie – Clean up your kidneys, clean up your adrenals, get lymph moving, I feel you never tell HOW to do that? I love your reasoning and ideas, I just feel we are never told how to do this. It’s frustrating.

42:39 – Adele – My aunt had breast cancer 7 years ago, she had radiation and of course that didn’t do anything, now it’s back all over her lungs. According to the doctors, she doesn’t have much time, still they are trying to convince her to do chemo. I’m trying to get her NOT to go to chemo but go on fruits, berries and melons. I also wanted to start her on the tinctures, could you please advise which ones would be good?

48:45 – Jarret – Hi Dr. Morse, 6 weeks ago I started taking GI Broom, Lymphatic system 1, Kidneys and Bladder 1, endocrine balance and stomach and bowels tonic #2.I am 46 years old and I have compulsively masturbated and ejaculated, smoked a lot marijuana and drank my fair share of Rye and coke for many years. All of my life my less than loving father constantly belittled me and put me down which killed my spirit. He is still alive and I see him regularly not of my choosing. Every time he sees me he naturally continues his verbal abuse. Most of my life I have not wanted to live, but I have not been suicidal. I do my best to avoid him and his toxicity. Years ago I used to have motivation and the drive for 18 hours a day to accomplish things. Now I have very little to no motivation. I can have an intention to produce a product’s and when I sit at my computer to start the work most often my spirit does not feel like producing anything. Yet I have at least 5 products I would love to produce to completion to generate some money and income. I feel this may be related to low testosterone. But I just had a physical last month and the only thing my MD mentioned was that I was low on vitamin B12, which I started taking 6 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I also started taking tong cat ali which helps to boost natural testosterone. I have also had 7 colonics in the last 2 months. What can you recommend to pick up my spirit and get myself some motivation and drive? Thanks for all the work you do.

34 Comments on Q&A 263 – Keratoconus, How to Clean Kidneys, Adrenals, etc., Breast Cancer, Spirit Pick-up

  1. You are such a beautiful soul doc!! I love you!!!

  2. Can you do a blueberry fast?

    • my guess (and I haven’t seen a lot of his videos) is that he doesn’t
      promote a blueberry fast because blueberries don’t have too much sugar/cals
      so for someone used to eating a lot and standard American diet, a grape
      fast seems like an easier transition. high sugar content

    • +manic lotus gotcha, thanks.

  3. Perfect response to Jarret—so many people need to know and understand this
    to free themselves and make more and more space for love.

  4. I love what he mentioned about “nature always loves ya, god always loves
    ya” just goes to show that its ok and that everyone experiences moments
    where they don’t love themselves, as we are not god, not on this plane at
    least.I mean we are, but we aren’t..when we have those moments where we
    don’t love ourselves it is only an illusion. but it is ok. you have it in
    youlove to that soul seeking happiness

  5. I tell my dr that if death is a side effect, I don’t want the drug. Working
    on ms healing

  6. Are your formulas helpful even without fully committing to raw or doing a
    fruit fast? I want to try a fruit fast but still resisting because of the
    negativity I’ve always heard about getting vitamins deficiencies, blood
    sugar issues, etc.

  7. Is there a formula I can take to help high blood pressure and kidney

    • By eating five servings a day of fresh fruit, a banana, an orange, 1/4 cup
      of blueberries, melon, grapes, pear, cherries, pineapple etc. my BP dropped
      from 150 or more over 95 or more to 120 over 80 or less within a day or two
      and my irregular heartbeat has normalized. I also stopped drinking two
      liters of vodka and six gallons of strong beer a week and drink water
      instead. I pushed my limits to the max every day for the last three years
      and less so for forty years prior and my liver and kidneys were begging for
      a rest at 63. I hope it is not too late.

    • Jeepers and I thought I used to drink a lot. I would have, if I’d had the
      income =S I swear, fruit is such a perfect cure for alcoholism. I don’t
      even think about or have any desire for alcohol thanks to fruit.
      It’s never too late. Watch Dr. Greger’s Nutritionfacts videos; the changes
      are fast and profound.

    • Thank you both so much. The person is doing a whole lot better. He cute out
      protein from his diet as a whole and ate only fruits for about two months.
      He dropped a lot of weight but his condition came around. Doctors said
      everything is normal but can’t really pin point if the all fruit no protein
      diet is actually the thing to give honor too.

    • Wow!! I love it when people realise what they need to do and do it!
      Beautiful! And doctors are always scratching their heads 😉

    • koalamama2 yup! He’s doing really good! I’m also trying it out. Can’t grasp
      the only fruit thing just yet but working towards it! God bless and thank
      you guys for the advice! Really appreciated

  8. When you truly love others you act in ways that benefit their well being.
    Dr. Morse is an example of this.

  9. Another great video by an awesome doctor. My friend just died yesterday
    because of breast cancer stage 4. I just found it a couple of days ago when
    she was admitted at the hospital. What’s more sad she didn’t tell us
    earlier that she is suffering the disease she kept it all by herself. I
    could have helped her a little bit by showing her with this great
    information by dr morse. May she rest in peace!

  10. I have a lot of cats and they’re all crazy for honeydews, canteloupes and
    the like, but dislike watermelon. I think they’re just craving living

  11. So on point at 54 mins, ppl will ask you why don’t you smoke, drink, eat
    this and that… I always wish for them to find out how amazing it feels to
    clean up your being internally which then makes you desire less because you
    realize it’s all just a distraction and I really feel for the people
    because the angrier, sadder, more alcohol/drug dependent ppl are the more
    love they need in their lives so we gotta help each other and I’m so
    grateful for people like Dr. Morse among others who educate people and talk
    truth without sugarcoating things. The truth is always better than lies
    that make you feel good. Never understood how ppl can lie actually…<3

  12. i tried fruitarian a few years ago .. cancer lump grew fast.. I dont think
    everyone has the same typing.. I went to see a ND Jonathon Singer about a
    year later with recent and old (fruitarian labs ) he pointed at the current
    labs and said whatever you were doing here keep doing it.. he pointed to
    the fruitarian labs and said whatever you were doing there dont do it you
    were creating cancer ” genetics show I do best on low complex carbs mod
    protein and mod fat.. also my blood sugar got wonky on fruit.. labs came
    back pre insulin resistant after a while.. odd.. but I am willing to try
    fruitarian again now that I have detoxed.. but adrenals are weak so

    • Many times he has said tumours can grow initially when detoxing. Its the
      only solution, detox. You can look elsewhere, but you will fail to properly
      deal with the problem. Lymphatic system must be able to remove its waste,
      what do your other solutions do? Protein is hard on kidneys and kidneys
      need to open up and heal which is at the heart of road to good health. He
      has been doing this for 47 years..

  13. Could i please have your phone number?

  14. 32:54 The reason he never tells is because his videos are just extended,
    drawn-out and preachy advertisements for the stuff he’s selling.
    Go ahead delete another of my comments…

  15. How long does heal all tea last for if kept dry and in a dark closet?

  16. I love you detox symptoms can make it seem like i am a different person,
    the anxiety and depression feelings that come get crazy, but I know not to
    identify with them. I know I am one with all that is and that I always am
    no matter what the circumstances. The physical symptoms can trick me into
    forgetting that . I have been doing ketogenic for longevity , now am
    implementing fasting daily for 18-21 hours and stopping green tea to heal

    • I’ve been sick since age 20 and have been fighting for my health for 6
      years! Been getting way better and studi d functional medicine. I have had
      many spiritual awakenings that helped the mind stuff turn off when I
      realized I am not my ego but I am god , but even with the mind quiet the
      physical symptoms are still there

    • Ketogenic is not the way. If you are anxious or have depression, you have
      parathyroid/pituitary issues. Build up your kidney & adrenals…

  17. how do I order the protocols. Lori in atlanta

  18. you are wonderful

  19. Thank U & Love ❤️ U Dr Morse.. U have brought the Light to those of us that
    are disillusioned & even harmed by Allopathic sickness industry & Big
    Pharma .. Bravo

  20. You’re very nice 🙂 Very loving <3

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