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Q&A 264 – Polycystic Kidney Disease, Hemorrhoids, Gallbladder Stones, Fatter Liver, Leaky Gut

In This Video:

01:12 – Elaine – Case History/ Alizsa from Germany.

28:43 – ppwtfilms – Dr. Morse, would you consider doing a video specifically on ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease?

30:30 – Justine – I am a 40 year old female with Polycystic Kidney Disease. I have been following the GAPS diet which has been helping. I would be most grateful if you could help me identify which cellular botanical product or products I should go with?

32:26 – Ramona – Would a 3 day fast be helpful for hemorrhoids? I recently did a 7 day watermelon fast and when I gradually went back to solid food, it happened. HELP?

40:38 – Kina – I have a question concerning my Mom, if you don't mind. My Mom has had her gallbladder removed years ago because of stones I didn't know you that time or I would have protested. She is overweight, aches a lot muscles, has skin rashes and often what she calls "reactions" itching and skin red eruptions. She says she has burps that come from the thyroid through her mouth, and not from her stomach area, and this since long before removing her gallbladder. Her left leg is getting swollen fat from bottom to top and it's starting to be visible at her ankle. Her movements are difficult. She says it's genetic from her parents and that she thinks it's related to the heart. She thankfully still has her tonsil and says they have always been uncomfortable, painful sometimes and that she has always had problems in her throat and mouth since very young. Her nose is dried and there is blood sometimes dehydration? and her ears are aching and constantly needs to be cleaned. At moments she feels pain from her left jaw to her inner ear. She also thinks her liver is swollen and/or bigger and feels she needs to address all this.
One of her kidneys is prolapsed and she says this is from long time ago. It seems that kidneys flips 180 degrees, if I understood correctly… She has good genes – I know this because you told me I had good genes after reading my eyes She used to smoke but stopped a long time ago. Can you guide me on how to help her? Much Love to You, astral hugs all the way

55:10 – Cara – I was diagnosed with fatty liver a few years ago and have been told I need to do a cleanse on my lymphatic system before doing cleanse for liver…what do you recommend? I’ve also more recently been diagnosed with leaky gut and told I Didn’t absorb vitamins, nutrients or proteins correctly. I have lived in a state of chronic exhaustion/no energy for years…been told my adrenals are probably shot! I take Adderall daily to function and it works great, but I know it’s not good for me. Unfortunately, I’m also a smoker and have been for about 35 years. I quit twice for 2 years each time. I have productive cough now. Also have chronic neck/shoulder pain due to car wreck that resulted in loss of curve in neck and degenerating discs… I also hold all my stress there. I don’t know which of your products to take or in what order…Please advise! Thank you.

1:04:59 – Ariel – Historical info: Been feeling like crap since 2008, tried lots of stuff including suicide Tired all the time, no sex drive, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, chest tightness, and lately skin rashes & a worrisome brain-fog. -Things that have offered some relief: structured water coconut oil with colloidal silver has helped keep the skin conditions from getting out of control monoatomic gold has helped sometimes a lot, sometimes not as much with the brain fog started taking turmeric extracts, not sure of efficacy yet THC a for anti-anxiety & sometimes topically for skin conditions Melatonin for sleep 5-HTP & Niacinamide for mood – too early to tell for this -What I¹ve done since starting to learn about acidosis & the Lymph system: Eating primarily tomatoes, grapes, carrot & ginger juices Started logging my BP, PH, urine color / sediment, eye – tongue & stool Pics Increased drinking of structured water Reduced chia seed intake still having some, but a minimum amount to structure water

23 Comments on Q&A 264 – Polycystic Kidney Disease, Hemorrhoids, Gallbladder Stones, Fatter Liver, Leaky Gut

  1. Oh! First time I´m first ever! ;P <3 Love the good doc.

  2. This is the way to go. I’m starting to detox now on youtube and hoping to do a juice fast soon. 

  3. Just realised he has 2 channels. With some different videos.

  4. Love you doc! Thanks for the videos.

  5. Actually, kidney disease is the issues with your immunity mechanism. You have to heal the root cause if you wish to remove it forever

  6. aflatoxin b1 caused by moldy corn.. high fructose corn syrup to blame mass productions..

  7. Dr.Morse, please explain kidney number 1,2,3 and 4, capsules and tinctures regarding pkd at 30.30. what are the capsules and tinctures.
    Thanks Paul

  8. thanks Dr Morse love your insight

  9. I am so confused. I got diagnosed with hbp years ago.. I changed my diet and lost weight and did things to get it down… I did take meds but I weaned off of them.. I am 61 years old now.. I walk a lot and try and eat more raw and eat right.. no salt, etc.etc.. drink a lot of water.. Now I have some kidney symptoms which I think was from the hbp or the drugs I took.. so confusing. I ordered the kidney formula . I don’t think am acidic. most of my food is organic and raw veggies and fruits.. it seems backwards. I thought hbp caused kidney issues .. I also drink kidney tea.. oy vei.. no idea..

  10. I love you dr. They put me on antidepressants over 15 years ago which made every thing extremely worse . I winged myself off (the worst feeling ever). I had pros ever since I was 12. I feel I had a hormonal problem not a psychiatric problem.

  11. This is a classic case of Lyme disease. All the neuro related symptoms, the numbness on one of both sides, chest pain, heart palps, flashing white lights in eyes, candida, nerve pain, chronic fatigue…..LYME DISEASE! I’d put $1000 bet that she would test positive for Lyme if done through Igenex, or other European Labs that can test for the correct species of borrelia, or common Lyme co-infections like Babesia or Bartonella. Not everyone gets the bullseye rash. Not everyone has exactly the same symptoms. Lyme can cause over 300 symptoms, the same ones as Mercury poisoning.

    The “High emotional sensitivity” is also cause by Bartonella, as well as swollen lymph nodes.

    Please take some time to check this out for yourself! Msg me if you have questions. The things that Robert is suggesting may be great to help you cope with where you are at, but if you have Lyme you won’t completely fix the problem until you address the root cause of your illness. I would recommend checking out the Budwig Flax & Cottage Cheese mixture – this has made a big difference for me. Also the Andreas Mortiz Liver Cleanse (helps detox), and Gerson therapy.

    Just something to reference:

    Please contact me

  12. I’m on Day 3 of a grape fast. I’m juicing my grapes now because the skins don’t get digested. First day I ate the whole grapes and it resulted in black diarrhea and my hemorrhoids flaring. Juicing the grapes has made bathroom time easier.

  13. I’m really seeing the light. I wondered if Dr. Morse was for real. Now I know he is. I’m frightened after many years of fatigue and brain fog. My doctor said my creatinine of 1.1 was ok, and then I hear Dr. Morse giving his experienced advice on what is high, and I panicked. Now I’m hearing people in far far FAR worse shape than me. I guess all I can do for now is detoxify and pray I progress fast enough to outrun kidney stones, and worse. Phew, I’m so grateful and lucky to have found you.

  14. Oh yes it’s all about detox. This man Dr. Robert, knows his stuff. Hemorroids at 32:24.

  15. Do you ship your products internationally?

  16. that poor lady…The body is incredibly strong, yet eventually it says enough is enough!

  17. I wonder if this lady turned her life around by following Dr. Morses advice?

  18. how can i get in contact with Dr. Morse?

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