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Q&A 279 – Iridology, Overactive Libido, Fruits and not becoming well.

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20:02 – Paul – Dr. Morse or his staff apparently “cherry-picks” the questions that Dr. Morse addresses on you-tube. Also, its disappointing when the disclaimer says “someone” will get back to you via email if not on you-tube and they simply don’t respond or he refers you to “Facebook people” If that’s the case then let people know officially, where the hell to post. If there something about my posting questions that you don’t like, let me know. Maybe I don’t purchase enough of the formulas to warrant a response. Sorry for that.

23:40 – TheGreatDeciever55 – Eyes are unbelievably beautiful, the pupil is like a black hole abyss surrounded by a sparkling jewel. with that said however, iridology makes about as much sense as diagnosing illness by looking at the changes in peoples fingerprints. the entire foundation of the currently existing technology of iris identification used in thousands of high security facilities is based upon the notion that irises do not change during the entirety of a persons life past the first year after birth. these are technologies CURRENTLY in use… so what is more reasonable to assume—-iridology is real and therefore the currently existing biometric iris scanners are fake…. or biometric iris scanners are real and iridology is fake. one is unproven and only has anecdotal evidence—and the other is tangible and currently in effective use.

29:18 – Heike Krukowski – THANK YOU!

30:54 – A’oi – I am a 37 year old female with a seriously overactive libido. It vanished during illness, but now that I’m recovering, it’s coming back with vengeance. Is there something I can do to calm it down? (I’m feeling a little desperate.)

36:20 – Sarah – Facebook group post regarding fruit. The girl who posted it said that she is not getting well after long term fruit eating…

48:04 – Mary – Facebook group post regarding fruit and not becoming well.

53:27 – Seth – -With Ulcerative Colitis can I still do the raw fruit diet cleanse, or should I alter the diet (juice my fruits and veggies)? -Is there a way to perform a detox while still on prednisone or do I need to taper off of it first? -I have had problems digesting foods in months past – I take digestive enzymes (plant based) so would I need to slightly cook my fruits down to make them easier to digest? -What are your thoughts on FMT (Fecal Microbacterial Transplants)? I am thinking of performing a DIY one at home and I have chosen a donor for the procedure.

26 Comments on Q&A 279 – Iridology, Overactive Libido, Fruits and not becoming well.

  1. ❤️ Love you Dr. ❤️
    Forever grateful for my new life!
    Your loving showing way is saving so many lives. Inspire on!!

  2. WOW…you are on fire!  Awesome video…..:-)

  3. I love you Dr. Morse!  

    Sorry to see you get such frustrating letters as those you covered today, but they did make me appreciate how lucky I was to find you when I already had a good vibration going, and I could just “see” the truth of what you teach.

    An extra “Phooey!” to the GreatDeciever55!!!  My eyes have changed so much in the four months that I have been eating a high fruit diet that I have to get my act together and get pictures taken just so I can document my journey to health.

    Peace and Love 🙂

  4. Nothing is truly fresh anymore when we go shopping. It’s sad. But hey they can land on a comet. LOL

  5. Loved this video as usual!!!

  6. Thank you – I have no words

  7. im thinking of getting your 14 week protocol after christmas, will i be able to get it even if i live in the uk ??

  8. ❤️ u Dr. M. I am now out of bed, from having several “incurable” “diseases” and now well and helping others. Fruit, herbs, green juice, smoothies, sweating, graded exercise, sleep, meditation, sunshine, spending time in and observing nature, conscious elevation, cultivating self love, and letting it all go are all peices to the puzzle. It all started with dietary lifestyle changes and using botanicals. Mono fruit feasting with herbs was a huge breakthru. I had more elimination and healing events during that 30 day period on pumello than my subsequent 11 day water fast with no herbs. We are all at different levels on our healing journey. Have fun and play with it. (I am not recommending water fasts unsupervised. I worked my way up and read Ehret and Shelton and have extensive knowledge on detoxification). Have faith and trust the process. You can do it!!!

  9. Thank you very much for another great video, much love to you and everyone in the clinic.

  10. before & afters of eyes please!! 😀

  11. Wow you are on fire Doc 😀 Much love to you and thanks for sharing my friend <3

  12. Major LOL at the guy who thinks iridology doesn’t work and the iris doesn’t change. 

  13. Amazing video! I may be stating the obvious but patience is key on the road to healing. People need to understand you don’t undo and then regenerate a body that has been through such abuse from the wrong lifestyle in a few months. Plus genetic weaknesses to begin with. The road to health can be painful and longer than we would like but it’s the only one.

  14. Diana CaliforniaMassage // 30th March 2015 at 1:35 am //

    Hi Five! You tell em! I Lovvvvvvvvvvvve you! XOXO

  15. You the man Dr. Morse. You are the perfect role model for the world. Love ya!

  16. Anne-Sophie Bertrand // 13th January 2016 at 4:56 pm //

    Dr. Morse, I really hope I’ll be able to meet you in person. I am a big fan, always following your videos. You are like the ideal father figure I would have loved to have, I totally identify with your understanding of the human body. I thank daily the Universe for your existence and will keep sending you protection light for you to continue enriching and improving the life of so many souls. Bless you <3

  17. Dr Morse, you mentioned now knowing what CA is doing not growing good Organic fruit. Did you know that Chemtrails landing on soil, water and food crops are hurting Organic crops from being high in Aluminum and other metals? and the spray samples show mutated viruses and several types of mutated molds in them. Monsanto is involved (of course) and they want everything GMO’d. So, obviously our Gov’t & Airforce plan to spray our skies long-term and kill organics. CA is getting sprayed harder than most states, but it’s suspected by experts that it’s causing the CA drought and Global Warming. Read this: Google Article: “Chemtrails Killing Organic Crops, Monsanto Seeds Thrive” by Geoengineering Watch.

  18. Thank you again is a bit scary the big step but we getting there

  19. love you dr morse your an amazing ND and have helped thousands around the world.

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