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Q&A 295 – ADD/ADHD, Chest Discomfort, Tonsillitis

Questions & Answers 295

00:24 – Article – Coroner Investigates Death of Girl Who Refused Chemotherapy.

03:03 – Ian – Kicking Butt!!!

06:28 – Rod – If you can give your opinion on ADD/ADHD it would be fully appreciated.

18:04 – Todd – I have been to an MD many times and had many tests. They can not figure what is going on with me. I am 43 year old male who last June started having chest discomfort. Right before a bowel movement, the discomfort intensified…

32:40 – Jeremy – Thank you so so much for all the knowledge and wisdom you've brought here I've been watching lots of your videos for over a year now and understand detox quite well and am also doing everything I can learning much more about spirituality which is the main reason I continue to watch. I am now very aware of why I'm experiencing certain negative thoughts and emotions and feel I understand my ego now which I've realized is quite a separate negative scary paradigm, I'm hoping you can offer some advice for how I can move out of what is known to me, I feel quite stuck and am experiencing attachment to certain ideas of myself and thoughts…

01:06:18 – Monique – Could you please share your thought on the traditional Japanese diet supposedly being the healthiest in the world resulting in the healthiest people in the world? After researching health for three years now I think the statistics are notable enough to discuss…

01:16:35 – I am a 20 year old female from South Africa. Doctors have put me on antibiotics more than 7 times this year due to my tonsillitis flares that would not go away. I realized that my health was at risk and did some research. I decided to ditch all meat and dairy and eat as much fruit as I can to get rid of all that mucus! I have not been sick or on ANY medication in 4 months and feel extreme relief! I've been trying to be as raw as possible and have made dandelion herb tea that I have found locally.

01:40:17 – Matt – I am going to spend ¾ months in India. I am trying to figure out if Spirulina is good or not. You speak often of sulfur and I need to know what your theory or information on Spirulina, Alfalfa, Wheatgrass and astaxanthin.

01:44:34 – Bountdoom – How can I cope with toxins being released into my bloodstream on an all fruit diet? What are some things that I can do that will help to alleviate my discomfort in a way that isn’t destructive like eating man made processed foods?

22 Comments on Q&A 295 – ADD/ADHD, Chest Discomfort, Tonsillitis

  1. Excellent video.

  2. Neon coloured drinks that glow in the dark haha 1:12.55

  3. Please do more spiritual videos for the listeners who have tuned in for the last couple years! I watch every one of your videos just so I can get some spiritual inspiration because the detox is simple- eat fruits! haha 

  4. Love that orange shirt <3

  5. I LOVE the spiritual videos!! your words resonate with me so much..I just understand the way you put things. Thank you once again Dr M!! 🙂

  6. Great video, love it when you add spiritually. Keep them coming l always look forward to your videos.

  7. Yes we need to love people where they are at.

  8. A great video Dr Morse, you rock!

  9. Fully raw Kristina has a video on Raw Pumpkin Pie.

  10. Is that Paul Twitchel in the picture frame?

  11. Love you doc!

  12. My kid asked me who is this man (baka) i’m listening too?
    I told her he is a GOOD Doctor ! A doctor that does not tell lies !
    And come one this is the 2. video i wach and i must say HE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN just a doctor who speaks the TRUTH! He is makeing like a soul surgery on the people who are ready to listen to his honest words! And look at his hands … the sign of  the line of eternal wisdom , the line of connection to our ONENESS!
    He speaks my religion! He speaks to save us all! GOOD DR ! GOOD BLESS(ed) YOU!

  13. I LOVE, juicing, the Oranges and blueberries and bananas in the morning with teas throughout the day of Nettle leaf, ginger manuka honey 15+ with lemon, and also green tea and sometimes a black tea here and there. Alongside them i LoVE having the eyebright with goldenseal,golden rod,ginkgo,gotu kola, grapeseed herbs and tincture of rosemary skullcap leaf rhodiola wood betony and prickly ash bark. Slippery elm caps before meals in the mornings and seasonally use poke root cleavers burdock blue flag for the “system” valerian edulis and siberian eleuthero ginseng is also an Amazing use of the two herbs together. 

    12,1, and 3 o clock radaii solaris’ are healing and repleting the health and strength of the glands and organs are returning to it’s original manner and bettering  vitality and resilience also – Piece of CaKe.

    CYA LUKE..buddy
    God Speed. With my V8 white n gray hydrolic Statesman to a life full of health and anything else necessary for me to live as well as i could.,and with who may be there alongside with me of such.

  14. Thanks Dr. M….is your recommendation that children/people should receive no vaccines?

  15. What are the name of the supplements that he recommanded for ADD and ADHD?

  16. Thank God you were sent here…You are such a breath of fresh air in this zombie world. Love you Doc.

  17. You’re the man Dr. Morse!

  18. Plz can you talk about what we can do with ADHD kids? Ive been fighting my EX and school not to put my son on Ritalin

  19. Madeleine Maria Weber // 24th September 2017 at 10:51 pm //

    my god, sir, you are brilliant. Thanks for the funny, simply deep teachings. I get it. <3

  20. LEGEND !!

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