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Q&A 309 – Bone Asymmetries, Frequent Urination, Blood Pressure.

Questions & Answers 309

05:44 – Yam – the more I watch Dr Robert Morse I begin to think he is a bit narrow minded in his views. Even if humans once lived in the tropics the amount of fruits and vegetables would not be enough in nature to satisfy the human diet…

14:16 – Nik – Eyes – 20-year-old male at 5’7”. I have some bone asymmetries around my body, my ribcage is asymmetric and so is some of my facial bones including my nose (both septum and the bony base of the nose)…

19:30 – Evelyne – Eyes – 24-year-old female. Frequent urination, Red spider veins/broken capillaries, underdeveloped breasts, skinny, low libido, myopia…

58:21 – Maggie – I am alost 80. I have neuropathy, but I am not diabetic and have never had chemo or any other normal reason for this condition. I do not have any pain with this problem. My feet started going number about 8 years ago. I first noticed it between my big toe and my second toe on both feet. At the same time, I started getting a hammer toe on both feet in my second toe. I wrapped my second toe on both feet, to brace it ,in hopes of straightening it out. It worked completely on my left foot toe, but did not work on my right foot second toe..

1:06:19 – Marie – I was born vegetarian I am 62 and I am always tired and no energy. I try to eat raw…

01:11:25 – Josh – i'm 19 and have suffered with acne since about the age of 12. I've been reading mike Walden's acnenomore book. which don't get me wrong has helped me a lot by educating me to eat 75% raw food etc. however there are a lot of supplements and only 1 fruit per day allowed due to sugar, so as you can imagine 75% raw veggies is not very fun…

1:29:14 – Nicolas – You are a great soul and I am sure your work is blessed by our heavenly Father. I have been on a fruit cleanse for 5 weeks now; mostly watermelon, lemons, sweet navel orange juice and sugarcane juice. Just had a blood test done and many things are out of whack.

01:34:07 – Bastien – I am writing because I saw a video of you, subtitled in French (an illusion that the disease), recently. You were able to heal through your approach, quadriplegia. Now, I myself am a quadriplegic. I do not know if the video was poorly translated that's what you think! I know and am Hygienism Shelton for more than three years. I fast regularly. I only eat raw for almost two years. But I live in France! Where can I quickly find effective information about my problem?

01:39:10 – Claire – I am a college student and am really trying to go vegan asap, and raw as well. My parents think I want to go vegetarian, and push me to eat meat and eggs. My dad is constantly asking if some meat on a commercial looks good to me. He thinks that its wrong to not want to eat meat. I end up eating chicken, or fish because of my parents. I did a lot of research today, printed it out, and even highlighted it. My dad refuses to read any of it, and keeps saying that you can find any point of view about anything on the internet. I think I'm just going to read it to him, heck who knows, I might get in trouble! Honestly, I don't care, it's a fight worth fighting! I told him he could die of a heart attack, and HE DIDN'T EVEN CARE! What???? I need so much help!

1:49:42 – Caroline – I read Dr. Morse book, my doctor is looking at my blood test, not my symptoms. My tsh is high but my t3 and t4 are fine. Can you please help me?

1:52:47 – Pierre – I was prescribed an MRI recently for tension like headaches. I called my neurologist today to get the results. They saw nothing that could be related to my headaches however they found I have a very little cavernous angioma(agglomeration of malformed blood capillaries) somewhere at the right part of my brain..(don't know exactly where for the moment). He doesn't know whether i's genetic or if I acquired it in my childhood… I don't know how to feel about that, I guess they won't propose me any surgery as it doesn't cuz me any trouble and the malformation is very small. I was wandering what were your thoughts on that? Is that possible to regenerate such a thing? Also, can I take tinctures such as brain and nerve number 2 and healthy upper circulation with that kind of malformation? Thanku and massive love from Belgium!

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  1. Excellent video from Dr Morse, spreading the truth one day at a time.

  2. I AM SO HAPPY. just finished the last video but still had some free time so i was really sad, then saw this one! you, dr morse, are doing a fantastic job.keep them coming please!

  3. i love the long videos 🙂
    groovy music at the end of the video chris, you must dig house music huh?

  4. What happens in a hospital? They call it healthcare, I call it genocide.

  5. I love these videos! It would be helpful when studies are referenced if they could be cited so I can look it up by researcher and date and show to my family who do NOT believe me when I tell them that chemo is irrational. Thank you!

  6. Shaun Antoney Walsh // 7th June 2015 at 3:28 pm //

    Your looking really well Dr Morse you have lost a lot of weight

  7. Thank you Robert! I love you my friend <3

  8. Keep addressing the individual cases. We can still learn so much when you expand on the reasons behind individual illnesses. This is one of the best vids you’ve done IMO.

  9. fricking Yam guy first question in ain’t got a clue! lol

  10. Jacques Portugaise // 12th June 2015 at 1:00 am //

    Amazing video as usual Dr Morse.. count me in to change society. Yey Yan, join us !!!

  11. Wow! That crystal is absolutely gorgeous and magical.

  12. Thank you I learned si much

  13. The first commenter can’t have ever seen how many seeds are in a cantaloupe and how many melons you get per seed? Has he ever seen a papaya tree?? o_O There’s plenty for all.

  14. WOW Nice Crystal!! <3 I sent you a few small one a few years back!! 😀 Auralite and Black Tourmaline from Ontario!!
    I am a grateful student! HugS!

  15. thats an amazing crystal !

  16. Beautiful crystal they are very hard to find that big these days and then when you do find them they’re very expensive…I love the long videos because then I can turn them on and get my work done while I’m listening to them so for me they’re perfect long !! thank you for them

  17. Non-attachment is key

  18. What if your basal body Temps are 95.8 and 96.3!?!?

  19. Hi Dr. Robert. I cannot stop learning from your videos. I was talking to Brianna , my friend about actual and original eye color. In this video , you mention someone there made a video on how we can get Good pictures of our eyes to you. Can you share that video title again? I am
    so grateful that you speak the truth. I want to study and get healthy with your school and system. Thank you!!! I look forward to sending you my eye pics and starting this in the new year!!!!! I am a nurse with 30 years experience and I so have seen what you are talking about. I am shifting to other ways now that are natural that truly heal humanity . How can I learn about your program to become certified to help others. This is beyond exciting. I of course have many areas to address and to heal. Greatest Love and Light- Divina Flamingarrow :). Arizona

  20. my nephew is a cII complete since 2001 wish he could imaging the hope of being healed

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