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Q&A 311 – COPD, Lyme Disease, Parasites, Eczema

Questions & Answers 311

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07:47 – Unknown – COPD – “What can I expect your plan to do for COPD? Does it have any effect on growing alveoli? How long of a detoxification do you expect from COPD?”

43:43 – Louise – “Hi! Long story short: my two biggest health problems right now are lyme disease and that i have developed an allergy to almost every food. It makes me SO stressed out to know that i can not be 100% raw tight now, because most, if not all fruits makes me get allergic reactions. So i wonder what herbs you think are the best for me right now? Or, is there any paper i can fill in and send to you to make it more easy for you to see what i need?”

51:49 – Bobby – “Just to keep you posted, my wife’s marker (ca125) still hasn’t come down. It’s gone up to 64 now. I’m gonna try the grape fast and the herbs when they arrive. I’ve got the doctors on my head wanting to giver her chemo. I don’t know how much longer I can hold them off.“

53:09 – “Pls tell me where to start. Healing tea appears to be good. Unfortunately I seem to have parasites that I cannot get rid of. Would also like to know if you ship to Canada.”

59:27 – Monique – “Due to bad allergie-issues with a LOT, I’m very limited to what I can use, even the most natural of stuff. Have been detoxifying and living as much living food for months now. What can I use/do best to adress that first, to be able to use other herbs to start working on everything else? (I have a progressive muscle’disease’ with a high degree of invalidity, with all kinds of related and unrelated (?) healthissues.”

01:06:43 – Farnas – “Thank you for your helpful videos and answering my questions. Since 2 weeks I eat just watermelons, graps and sometimes salads for dinner. Now I will spend all my money for this food because I know now that my body is very acidic and I have to do something Land after eating just grapes and waterlemons…TA…DA… the itching which I had is going better JJJ but my face skin looks like a war zone L L I have a lot acne (little pimple with white head). I took the KIDNEY & BLADDER 111 CAPSULES and ate a lot of water rich fruits and a lot of dark grapes. I also know now that my kidneys are not filtering (I did the tast at home). How long should I take the kidney capsules?…”

01:16:00 – Rohin – “I am a 16 year old boy who is suffering from severe atopic eczema all my life. I am affected in large areas of my body such as my face, abdominals, legs, arms, neck, back and scalp. I am allergic/sensitive too foods such as dairy, eggs, nuts, seafood. I also suffer from an excess amount of white goo in my eye.”

01:23:10 – Unknown – “I am a 19 year old female. I get hiccups every day, after meals, and just randomly during the day. I usually get one or two at a time, and they’re mostly really loud and obnoxious, once in a while they sound like squeaks. I’ve had this for a few years now. I went to my doctor and she said that I get hiccups because of playing wind instruments, there is no way that’s true…”

35 Comments on Q&A 311 – COPD, Lyme Disease, Parasites, Eczema

  1. Dr Morse, every time you do a video lately, you look better and better,
    healthier, more rested, and more vibrant. Good video too!

  2. I discovered that BAD METHYLATION causes food sensitivity. She is not
    allergic. She has Food Sensitivity. She might check her Homocysteine
    levels. If they are high, it can cause these sensitivity. I know cuz I had
    it for 4 years and thought it was Candida. Turns out, it was high
    Homocysteine and Bad Methylation (Folate resistant) I took Activated
    Folate, b-6 and b12. All rashes and sensitivities went away. Really, no
    BS.>>>>>>>>Google it and Ask your DR.

    • Your situation is a good example of how taking folic acid as a supplement
      can harm you (or by eating complex carbs mostly that have synthetic
      vitamins added back in). People think it is “natural” but it isn’t because
      it is the result of man messing around with Nature. There may be an
      initial benefit but don’t think synthetic food supplements is a panacea.

      High homocystine levels is just a sign your body is too acidic and you
      aren’t filtering out your cellular wastes. To permanently get rid of it you
      need to get rid of the acid wastes clogging up your immune system (like 99
      percent of the rest of us need to too).

      We need B vitamins in certain proportions delivered in a way they can be
      recognized by the body and used. The only delivery method of B vitamins
      that won’t have a negative reaction eventually is by getting them through
      our organic plants grown in Nature.
      The stupid medical community has been telling pregnant women to supplement
      with it for years and now they’ve linked taking it with childhood brain

      Here’s a stupid article based on the old thinking which was scientifically
      proven of course (which shows how unreliable scientific studies are).

      But if you understand how the body works, I’m sure it can contribute to
      all sorts of cancers as well. Cancer diagnosis is just determined by
      location, location, location. Everything in our body is connected. Where
      you get cancer is just where you have the most congestion of toxic acid
      wastes your body(lymphatic system/immune system) can’t get rid of due to
      weak kidneys that aren’t filtering out your lymphatic cellular wastes and
      they eventually damage cells in your body. If the truth be told, if you
      stick to eating whole organic live plants or lightly cooked until you can
      handle it raw… and raw fruits and take herbs to help you detox, you can
      regain your health.

      I hope you aren’t being told to stay away from greens that naturally has
      folate in them. Doing that is much different than eating some grocery item
      that has (synthetic) folic acid in it.

      The worst thing that eating raw fruit and vegetables can do is cause a
      cleansing reaction. Some people stop detoxing when that happens when they
      should push through it. As you know, Robert Morse ND (and biochemist and
      master herbalist) is a great source where you can learn more. The TRUTH is
      our health and getting healthy no matter what your “dis-ease” is SIMPLE. It
      isn’t mysterious the way the medical community makes it sound.

      If I were you, I’d concentrate on eating just fruit which is the best and
      fastest way to clean alkalize and regenerate your body (if you are afraid
      of folate in greens). Don’t cater to allergies except of course a life
      threatening reaction.

    • You have MISTAKENLY mixed up Folic Acid with Folate. Not the same thing.
      Folic Acid is synthetic. Folate is all natural. You are also mistaken (In
      My Case) : High Homocystine levels are NOT from Acid. Its from not being
      able to process FOLATE, not Folic Acid. I do agree, that most of the
      population is Acidic.. I see a Naturopathic Dr wjo is ALSO an MD, with 40
      years of experience. I think I will listen to him But thanks for the
      comment anyway. If u were correct, I would gladly agree with u. My test
      results show it is necessary for me to take it. U wanna argue with my test

    • +CaliforniaPickin Go research the connection of High Homocystine and Food
      Sensitivities. You will see that I am right! My food sensitivities went
      away when my levels cames down. I used to get hives. I couldnt eat any man
      made carbs, FRUIT or sugar for 4.5 years. When WE balanced those levels, it
      WENT AWAY! I can eat anything now! So U want me to go back to getting HIVES
      on my face and suffering? I think NOT!

    • Great information I have a lot of food sensitivity and it’s really hard is
      it a way I can contact you and know more about this?? Thank you so much

    • Hello, Im sure Dr Morris knows a bit. The study of these Methylation
      Pathways I believe is somewhat a new study? A Youtube channel that gets
      really into it is” Beyond MTHFR” I am not a DR or an expert, but they are.
      They can help u as I only have my own personal experience. That info will
      get u going. I havent heard Dr Morris talk to much about Methylation Groups
      or SNPs. These pathways are so important for so many body functions.
      I would like to hear what Dr Morris has to say about this subject. You
      should also direct your inquiry to his email, office or staff.

  3. Do you still do eye reviews if so how do I submit them to you.

  4. The Natural Way of Healing // 11th June 2015 at 11:52 am //

    Good to see your Dr.Morse!

  5. Michael Pelletier // 11th June 2015 at 2:20 pm //

    For sleep apnea use Dr Jensens Breathing method daily to oxygenate your
    body and stretch your lungs … it worked for me !
    One thing i am in the process of doing is removing toxic personal hygeine
    products and replacing them with things I can easily make at home , not
    much benefit to detoxing if your still coating your self with them !

    • +Michael Pelletier Could you please provide a link to the method??

    • Michael Pelletier // 14th June 2015 at 7:54 pm //

      +Jena Ardell I can not find these explained any where on the web I have
      found some abdominal breathing techniques
      but they seem to be different from Dr Jensen`s method
      and I have not tried them .

      This is from one of Dr Jensen`s book on Bowel Health which I have borrowed
      and read in the past.

      I started doing this over 10 years ago and I do this
      daily as I think of it , the counting is optional say if
      your reading a book while sitting just hold as long
      as feels comfortable then exhale.

      If these times are to much I think you could alter
      them to what ever is comfortable and increase
      time as your lung capacity improves.

      If walking count in time with steps
      – inhale for 4 steps
      – hold for 8 steps
      – exhale 4 steps
      – hold 4 steps
      – repeat

      If sitting double the times
      – inhale 8 seconds- hold 16 seconds
      – exhale 8 seconds
      – hold 8 seconds
      – repeat
      I hope this helps .

    • +Michael Pelletier Hi Michael, Thank you SO much for taking the time to
      type this all out for me!! I really appreciate it!!

    • Michael Pelletier // 15th June 2015 at 5:58 pm //

      +Jena Ardell Your Welcome ! Besides doing this I have struggled with but am
      continuing to eat raw for 6 months now I`m closing in on the 100% raw goal
      , and I have found that adding this oxygenation technique to my regime has
      healed one my swollen arthritic fingers 100% and one more is getting there
      .My fingers warm up quicker in the winter now as well .

      Since oxygenation seems so powerful I started a couple weeks ago putting 3%
      hydrogen peroxide into an inhaler and only once a day I am inhaling 2 puffs
      and holding it in as long as possible , well guess what the result of doing
      that ? Last week as I was driving down the highway everything through my
      glasses was blurry so I looked over the top and everything was clear 😀
      only my reading now requires weak glasses .. samiracle !

      Today first thing I started with swishing a herbal infusion of Comfrey aka
      knitbone in my mouth for 10 minutes just like you would with oil pulling
      then spit it out , I can`t wait to see the results of doing this every day .

      I put one ounce of dried comfrey leaf in 500 ml sealer and poured boiling
      water in then put the lid on for 24 hours … Bombs Away !!!

  6. The 40 Year Old Vegan // 12th June 2015 at 3:10 am //

    56:00 I think you are referring to Hulda Clarke

  7. Indeed, sad but true (getting bitched at for detoxing people) while medical
    doctors get left alone with their allopathic ways. Times will soon change
    no doubt.

  8. I am in my 40’s, and I always have chronic pain, & so many health problems
    I am suffering with for a long time. I changed from doctors to doctors, and
    nobody has done anything for me. I was praying so god will guide me to the
    right doctor, and then I saw a video about DR Morris, I was so excited I
    thought this was it. This was the answer to my prayer. Finally I could be
    helped. So I can be healthy again and be there for my kids because I am a
    single mother and it’s very difficult for me, when I called first thing
    they told me I can’t speak to him, which I want him to deal with my health
    problems. Because of all these years suffering, I want someone that has a
    lot of experience. Other things I found out, this program isn’t for
    everyone because it’s too expensive. I didn’t know it was going to be that
    pricey. It’s disappointing that with people with very low income like
    myself can’t be helped. And we live in a very sad world.

    I hope one day we will find somebody that can help someone like me. So for
    now I have to deal with my pain. 🙁 

    • +Mary Abraham Write a letter like others have and he can answer it on
      YouTube. There is no charge to do it that way.

      In my opinion, and I’m sure Dr Morse would agree, that the pain is from the
      acidic lymphatic system causing the pain.

      In the old(pre-Dr. Morse) days for chronic pain I would take chelated
      magnesium and lots of Vitamin C. Nowadays, eating enough fruit, drinking
      enough lemon water in the AM, supporting the kidneys and adrenals and
      endocrine glands and bowels with herbs does the trick.

      If you watch enough of his videos you’ll see that all of the so called
      “diseases” require the same type of healing program. He tells everyone to
      do the same thing. What you first need to do is change your diet to all or
      mostly all raw organic water rich fruits. You need to take herbs to support
      your adrenal glands and your kidneys; also for your endocrine glands. You
      need to do a colon cleanse and a parasite cleanse. You probably should do a
      liver cleanse. Then continue with supporting your colon and adrenals and
      kidneys if necessary while starting lymphatic formulas. Increase lymphatic
      formulas as your kidneys begin filtering. Then take herbal remedies to
      focus on healing and cleaning the area of your body that is the weakest.

    • +Mary Abraham Hi Mary. Very sorry to hear that you are suffering at the
      moment. Free support is available from professional practitioners,
      personally trained by Dr Morse at –

  9. Jenna “Jenna's Raw Vegan Life” Waldrop // 15th June 2015 at 1:00 am //

    This may be a crazy question. But I am wondering what exactly do you
    consider to be fruits? For instance, I have always heard that foods like
    cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash ect are all considered
    fruits as well. Is this your belief as well?

    • I have heard him refer to cucumbers tomatoes and peppers as fruit in prior
      videos. I’m failing to recall but I vaguely remember him saying something
      else about peppers, perhaps a situational caution. But I’m not sure about

    • Jenna “Jenna's Raw Vegan Life” Waldrop // 28th June 2015 at 1:52 pm //

      Thanks Kristen!

  10. I loved this video, so packed with information and so sharp! Thank you
    Robert Morse!

  11. COPD, Please check out Mucolyxir for mucous elimination, breathing
    enhancement. This product is all natural, derived from Salmon DNA and not
    expensive, 2 drops per day.
    ‘You need a dose of Self’@47:05; That statement Hit’s the Bulls Eye, Thank

  12. Another highly informative and educational video. Thank you for these

  13. Dr. Morse, you are a beautiful person.

  14. Living in England it is HARD to get Good Fruit!! Very hard! Especially in
    winter. And Even more so if you want organic. Anyone has any advice? Also,
    HOW to treat depression??

    • +kismet valk tell me about it! a kilogram of cherries at £20?! in eastern
      europe it’s a tenth of the price. i need to make a cherry farm, it’s the
      only way, or leave this rabid island. are you using magnesium oil? it’s
      good for depression. i find spending time with animals is an

    • Nvr Mind, Rabid Island indeed! It is like living in a prison, exploited to
      the max by the Elite. What do you think about Dr Morse’s idea that we
      should only eat raw veg and friut? I find there is so much info
      everywhere, it is a veritable deluge! I am on my own in NO Mans land here!
      Waiting to see the Naturopath..6 weeks for an appointment! Green
      smoothies that taste disgusting.. some fruit…All the pleasure I had
      eating is GONE. And after 3 weeks I see no discernable improvement at
      all…Terrible depression, and Yes I do take chelated Magnesium. And have
      cats too. But No One understands what I am going through. So much info on
      Morse’s YouTube channel I cannot know Where to begin..Got the Detox Miracle
      Sourcebook..same, TOO much Information for someone who cannot
      concentrate…All too much. Feel suicidal.

    • +kismet valk Hi there, I totally understand what you are going through, the
      winter is very hard especially if you feel low ebbed, but just hold on,
      like everything, the seasons change and moods change too. Before long the
      mornings will start getting lighter and winter will recede again. In terms
      of raising from depression, try to add more fruit, into your green
      smoothies, apple, pears and cucumber are perfect. The green leafy veg is
      great for calcium and magnesium in the whole food state, with the correct
      proportions and ratios, they are trace minerals, so your reserves may need
      to be topped up incrementally. But it will take time, please be patient
      with yourself, in time, you’ll feel the gradual shift in your mood and
      energy levels. Avacadoes are great for magnesium, in its whole natural (not
      isolated state). Take your time, with the information – Go as fast or as
      slow as you can. But in the meantime, and with what is available eat the
      fruits, berries and melons! 🙂 Finally remember, the world and universe
      would not be the same without you and although I don’t know you personally,
      I am sending you love.

    • How kind, thank you! You’ve warmed my heart Josie. Doing a major detox
      and MY GOD am I going through hell… Hot flushes, cold flushes, anxiety
      depression…Cannot sleep..much… And emotionally…My poor husband! But
      on a positive note, my tonque was Yellow is now Pink again! And
      I have lost all the excess weight the anti depressants put on too! It is a
      good feeling that kind people like you exist!

  15. I love the sign behind you!!

  16. I love his positivity! Always a warm welcome in his address, his smile is
    infectious and it’s such a loving thing he’s doing for people. Knowledge is
    definitely power, thank you Dr.Morse.

  17. I smoked from 1971 to 2014 and on my 61st birthday before I went to bed
    while I had a cigarette in my hand asked God to please take it away as I
    had asked for years for him to do. This time I told him I wasnt going to
    revert back but I would listen and do it. I had been working the last
    three years with an elderly lady, I had been in the nursing field for
    several years and enjoyed my work but wanted to enjoy a day with my sons
    and besides I had not been feeling well. After my prayer I went to bed.
    It was about 4:30 am I woke thinking as many nights I had to go to the
    bathroom, but the fact was I could barely breath. I called my son who
    lived next door and could only squeak out 911, I had always told him if I
    did that just do it and he did. I went by ambulance to hospital and was
    there for two weeks, during which time they ran many tests and as I had
    been told before I had COPD. The 4th day in the hospital they ran a heart
    cath because of the terrible breathing it was or had affected my heart. It
    went well was returned to my room and I ate a sandwich still laying pretty
    much flat, and had a drink, even talked with my son on the phone and told
    him all went well. Minutes after I hung up with him I felt what had
    happened at home was happening again but this time I couldnt sit up or I
    could bleed out from the heart cath … so I yelled to my roommate I was
    going to die if I didnt get help…. I coded blue before anyone came, I
    woke in ICU on a vent and I was tied to the bed. I was scared and no one
    looked to me to comfort me as I woke, so I got a bit angry and tore the
    vent out of my mouth and throat and sat up and stated dont put that back in
    me unless I code again. I do not recommend taking that out I was lucky I
    didnt cause more damage to myself. They later told my family that I had
    been given meds strong enough to knock out an ox but I came out of it. As
    I woke I made a vow I would try to help others not go where I ended up. I
    was the worse smoker I chained it all day long time I got out of bed till I
    went to sleep at night. I really deserved all the problems I got from it I
    had been warned for years and didnt take heed. I havent been back to
    smoking since that night of Jan 17th 2014…because I got kicked in the
    butt hard… and it knocked it out of me…. you see though you have that
    power in you…. no one was stopping me from going back but the fact is I
    didnt want to die, and that is where most people go when they smoke and are
    subject to lung disease…they end up dying. I have 27% lung function
    left, I have to carry oxygen where ever I go make sure I have back up
    emergency meds incase of exacerbation. I cant run anymore or do my
    gardening. If I didnt have help out of pocket just for a few of my meds
    are well over a thousand a month. I also started just eating lean meats,
    then tappered to chicken breast then even after several more hospital stays
    the last being in Dec 2015 I decided to go totally Vegan and have been
    doing since. I feel much better but need to work on some issues. Its hard
    to figure out all the herbs and green drinks and veggies that aid me in
    anti inflammatory situations. I also have used seitan, I use Vital wheat
    gluten and I wonder what the doctors opinion is on that? Its full of
    protein and I havent had any ill affects from it. I do lots of salads
    though and fruits! I had been told I had type two diabeties and doing all
    this the doctor said I was back in the healthy range! So I know a total
    plant based diet helps …. I really want to work harder though and on a
    fixed income through disability its hard to buy lots of things because
    doctors cannot perscribe these things for you because they really dont know
    about them… they admitted that to me! So people have to research this
    and find ways or a method to help themselves! Dr Morse I also take
    something short for it is NAC and cordyceps for the extra mucus build up, I
    also wonder what you think of them? Please all of you who smoke it may
    feel like the end of the earth to quite, you will experience with drawal
    but go through it, there is light at the end of the tunnel…. if you have
    to even primal scream do it, but dont let a little object be like nails in
    your coffin ….. Blessings

  18. You are such a sweetheart!! I love the way you love everyone and want the
    best for all of us! You are a real cutie pie too! Love you sweet soul!!

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