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Q&A 312 – Spinal Injury, Depression, IBS, ALS…

Questions & Answers 312

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01:45 – Christina – “My husband and I watch your videos all he time and have learned so much from you! Just a quick update that I am doing great and I, as well as my hubby, are continuously detoxing, juicing, the works. I attached my past story in this email, and you spoke about it ona video last year (yay!) . I was continually bringing up weird things…my naturopath called them fibrils (don't know the spelling) but even he wasn't sure what they were. Now it's a year since I've written and they're back and grosser…could it be the mullein vitamin and lymph formula I'm taking? Have you seen these before? Sorry to be gross!”

28:11 – Madis – “I'm a 22 year old young man, who had an spinal injury 13 years ago. Broke my L3 vertebra and lost the ability to walk (although now I can walk with crutches, but using mostly hands) After many difficult years I finally managed to overcome my condition and accept myself completely. I'm very positive and I take the best out of life, but I still have a big dream. I have a really strong desire to heal myself and leave my wheelchair behind completely.”…

39:32 – Leanne – “My name is Leanne (36) and I live in Scotland in the UK. I have been Vegan for around 6 months and have been mostly raw for a number of weeks now. From your advice I have been eating solely fruit in the mornings and often until mid afternoon. I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression around 7-8 months ago and was treated with anti depressants for a number of months before I decided to take myself off them. I have mild psoriasis on my legs and suffer dandruff and semi recurrent thrush. My confidence and self esteem are low. My tonsils were removed when I was around 9 or 10 and unfortunately I also have clear urine.”…

48:45 – Alexandre – “Long story short, 2 years ago I started getting the worse IBS symptoms followed by adrenal crash and last year I switched to raw fruits but the IBS pain just changed of form but it is still painful 24/7 no matter what I eat. Then when I found about you 3 months ago I decided to go back on grapes only as it was one of the only fruit causing the less discomfort well this worked great for 2 months where I could eat with moderate discomfort 4 times a day of only grapes. Well then 5 weeks ago this specific pain came back where it feels like I swallowed a razor blade except even fasting doesnt help it, it is not reaction to the food but comes from within. Then it settled after a week but I still felt off and not as good as I was prior to the event and then 2 weeks ago it came back with dedication. It is SO bad and nothing I'm doing works.”…

01:06:55 – Danielle – “What do you propose for Als, I have just watched the video by Dr Morse about Als and I would like to know more about how you treat this desease.”…

01:17:40 – Monica – “Hello Dr Morse. I'm writing to ask about the fine balance of knowing "when to hold em and when to fold em," regarding detox and rebuilding. I've completed my level one and have taken everything on board that I have learned however I also am a keen observer of others on the path of raw foods. While some people are thriving 10 years in and strong as oxes, others are exhibiting symptoms that seem not to improve on high fruit. How do we balance the tightrope of detox vs rebuilding (MANY variables)?”…

01:35:10 – Jamie – Hi, I was referred to your site by a friend who said you might be able to help me. I have 2 toenails with fungus. I also have vitiligo on my feet, hands, and now it's slowly showing up on my face. What products should I purchase to help me with my ailments?

18 Comments on Q&A 312 – Spinal Injury, Depression, IBS, ALS…

  1. Another great video! Love Dr Morse. A great healer and teacher.

  2. Jak pokonałem raka // 11th June 2015 at 4:54 pm //

    Leanne, it’s all about your childhood and the low self-esteem. Your mother most likely also suffered from post natal depression. You are a worthy person, remember that. You were only born in unfavorable crcumstances, that’s all.

  3. Thank you very much Dr. Morse! 🙂 I’ll show you the dream come true!

  4. The 40 Year Old Vegan // 15th June 2015 at 3:47 am //

    pit bulls on a little baby rabbit…..poor baby rabbit

    and Dr. Morse is still extra cute

  5. Thank you!!!

  6. You’re he best, Dr. M!

  7. I love Dr. Morse.

  8. I love you very much Dr Morse, thank you for being you.

  9. Thank you so much for answering my question Dr Morse!  I am currently working towards doing longer stretches of full fruit detoxes with your herbs. I feel calmer and more energetic already but I know I’m not filtering properly yet and have a long way to go to wellville.
    Thank you so much for your guidance.
    Thanks also to Jak pokonalem raka for your comment – that is much appreciated. :o)

  10. How can I get an appointment with you?

  11. At the 1 hr. mark Dr. Morse commented about sulfur which is in MSM when the patient said he was using MMS enemas, or Miracle Mineral Supplement a/k/a chlorine dioxide discovered by Jim Humble, a gold miner which is vastly different.

  12. I want to take this time to thank Daniella for asking that question about ALS. I’ve also become very interested about this neurological issue. I used to be godly afraid of cancer, but now I think ALS is at the top of my list. Most medical doctors don’t even know how or what causes it. the life expectancy is also very scary along with it’s symptoms. Also, thank you Dr. Morse for taking time to cover these topics.

  13. informationwarfare // 8th March 2017 at 5:42 am //

    Dr. Robert Morse is great. You don’t just talk about health, but you expose the conspiracy that made us need to look into health in the first place.

  14. How can Spinal cord heal naturally spinal cord is injured

  15. I can’t eat anything and feel well they say I have ibs but there is no help I also have aspergers and adhd and is always tired and it’s hard to change my eating habits for I am sensitive to different tastes. I also have depression and I don’t know what to do with my life anymore I have a bad memory so I can’t remember things I want to remember so I can work. I’m tired of being tired.

  16. Love you man

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