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Q&A 322 – Swollen Belly & Bowels, Parkinson’s, ALS

Questions & Answers 322

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06:00 – Guillaume – Case Review – 5 questions. My belly and bowels are always swollen, especially after eating fruit like watermelon; I’ve read in my naturopathie class that it could be small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, which wood also explains the gas. – Too long to list.

42:25 – Jess – 2 questions – My Father Mark has Parkinson’s He is not taking any medication and has understood that his healing in his own hands… Too long to list.

01:14:55 – Daniel – What is the best treatment for uterine fibroids?

01:20:34 – Your videos are very enspiring. When detoxing from what many know as ALS. How many have been successful and what time frame. My son has als and some signs of sulfur in his eyes. Only to be around bowels we juice watermelon and grapes would adding chlorophyll to the juices be beneficial to the detox also Siberian ginseng for the adrenals and I hear wild asparagus root is good. We want to approache this aggressively.eats 8 tablespoons of coconut oil. U have given us much hope. thank you so much!!

01:30:50 – Ana – If God in Genesis 9:3 gave Noah instructions that he could eat meat, why do say it is not for humans to eat? I know you love the Creator, why would you say the opposite? Lamb was eaten in Bible times. Thanks, love your information.

01:35:49 – Minttu – Hi! this year i've been mostly raw.I have this eczema issue on my skin,it's on my neck,upper back and chest.It's behind my ears and i think it's all the way up on my skull too.It's been so frustrating.I've had this since 2005. It doesn't seem to go away. Raw foods clearly helps but after i ate cooked foods rice, chickpeas etc vegan,it got back like BOOM!I feel like my body is clearly trying to tell me something.Any ideas?I live in Finland and we have fruit but it's not the freshest.

22 Comments on Q&A 322 – Swollen Belly & Bowels, Parkinson’s, ALS

  1. Yes another Morse video – happy days!

  2. You are so wise!

  3. Beautiful You in beautiful Blue!

  4. I’ve been following Dr. Morse’s protocol for 10 weeks and already see so much healing. Bless Dr. M.

  5. Several Florida alternative physicians have been murdered.  Let’s keep Dr. Morse safe and sound. God be with him.

  6. Hi Doc!! I am soo Grateful to have found you and your REAL METHOD! I am a graduate of one of the naturopathic colleges here in the U.S. and I have always felt there was something missing. The dots didn’t always connect. I am still paying for that education! The licensing exam is full of symptoms disease treatment, and unknown origin of that Dis-ease. After watching many hours of your videos, and talking with Roger I have suggested to several of my clients to look at your protocols. Guess what..They are Healing!!
    I would love to attend your next seminar when you have that organized. What a breath of fresh air!! Thank-You!!

  7. God bless you beautiful soul! Love you for all you do Dr Morse

  8. I bought the book , THE MIRACLE DETOX SOURCEBOOK .
    best money I ever spent on a book,I will share all I learning to people who’s still at sleep .
    thank you Dr Morse 🙂

  9. Love Dr. Morse <3 , Thank you :)) Ezra

  10. the book of genesis chapter 2 phrase 16( 2:16) And the LORD God commanded the man, “You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; this translation fro hebrew is not corret. the lord really say icomand tou to eat fruit from all the trees in thr garden of eaden. the lord itself tell us humans what we suppoes to eat right at the begining of the bibel/ go frutarien now!!!!!!!

  11. ..your videos are amazingly fascinating !! xx

  12. I’m not just a lymphatic geek, but I’m becoming one more and more!!! :))))

  13. OMG! You are amazing!

  14. Gen 1:29 says it all: “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” Fruits & veggies guys 😀

  15. it is hard to believe that dr. Morse thinks he can cure Stephen Hawkings with watermelon and his upper circuit brain and nerve. but I’ll bet he can!

  16. I’m made up discovering you Dr morse wow sooo wonderfull my 12th day on fruit and you tinctures I feel a different woman thank you thank you thank you just copying you hahaha x

  17. i love this man!!!!!

  18. when I was telling my little granddaughter who’s 11 about this fruit thing she said well Adam and Eve were eating fruit, living off of fruit. it was just that one tree they were supposed to stay away from supposedly


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