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Q&A – 331 – Sore Fingertips, Crohns, Endometriosis

Questions & Answers 331

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04:28 – 1983SMOGGY – “Please can anyone help my son’s fingertips are peeling and look sore does anyone know what this is?”

10:58 – Kelly – “My brother, who is now 57, was diagnosed with Crohns when he was just 28. At one time he carried his weight around 180 pounds and was a one of the fastest high school track sprinters in the U.S. Now, almost thirty years and some four surgeries later, he is down to under 105 pounds and I fear he is giving up. I questioned him about his diet and it does not appear it has been set to allow his body to heal or much less function. He mentioned he is eating hamburger, hot sauce on foods, yogurt, bread, and jelly to name a few. He claims he cannot eat fruit of veggies as they pass right through him quickly and causing diarrhea. I know that he takes medications for pain and has for years. I believe there are diagnosed moderate to severe liver and gall bladder problems as well.“

19:56 – Carol – “My Cairn Terrier suffers from extreme subborea (sp??) agrivated by allergies to grains. Is there anything that will CURE this? We both suffer when he scratches all night.”

23:17 – Rashette – “What are you recommendations for endometriosis? Thank you for all the information you share with us.”

25:52 – Randy – “I've been a student of Arnold Ehret and Hilton Hotema over the years. I know that you have referenced both of them from time to time as being in line with your viewpoints. I have enjoyed the messages you share and now consider you to be up there in the same league with the two of them. I know that Ehret and Hotema both felt that the nutrition theory is a myth and that the human body is really sustained by the air that we breathe, sunshine, fragrances of flowers, etc. I've often heard you speak of nutrition, malabsorption, and vitamins. Are you a believer in the theory of nutrition obtained from food?”

37:49 – Laurent – “1) I have teeth root resorption (3 teeth) because of wrong manipulation from the dentist when having teeth retainers..they told me that three of my teeth were dead because the nerves connected to them were dead…is there any chance to grow again these nerves? 2) I am on diet on melon, berries, fruits most of the time with some greens here and there but I noticed that some of the teeth in the back of the mouth are becoming sensitive to brushing…any idea why?”

41:16 – Valentina – “hello love your videos .. I have an APPT with Elizabeth Duponte on SEPT 2nd. I have a left breast tumor that I refused biopsy . besides that I have been diagnosed with mind PERIPHERAL ARTHERY DISEASE . I'm always cold and I have like a swelling by my left knee. also purple spot on my feet legs that come and go depending on the temperature .if its 78 % and up my legs are white if its 75 ish 70 anything cool my legs purple but if I lay in bed at night my legs white in the morning .. help”

47:17 – Tresa – “For severe spider and varicose veins I have been on 10mg of parathyroid three times per day. In recent video dr morse suggested higher doses for me. He said in his last video he is going to 50 mg of parathyroid. Do I now do 50 mg 3x day? Or would it be 50 mg one time per day?”

48:46 – 32commonsenseguy – “Is organic msm beneficial?”

48:56 – atexascash3502 – “whats wrong with cinnamon?”

27 Comments on Q&A – 331 – Sore Fingertips, Crohns, Endometriosis

  1. tks for all your video 😉

  2. Does anyone know about how long it may take to get a question answered? I sent one in January and still haven’t seen it answered yet. Not being impatient just don’t know if I have missed it or it still needs to be answered. Thanks (:

  3. For the cinnamon question…
    Our common cinnamon has been shown to lower blood sugar, aid digestion, etc.
    Unfortunately, it also causes liver damage – with just 1 tsp.
    The uncommon, Ceylon Cinnamon does not damage the liver but it also does not lower blood sugar. Tasty, though.
    Cinnamon info from

  4. Elaborate more on the woman who got second and third degree burns from a”harmaceutical” This just has to stop! Poor lady.

  5. i LOVE your long videos. i could listen to you talk about god and health for hours! don’t stop please 😀

  6. Hello guys are there anyone except Marcie that has healed their type 1 diabetes ? I just started this diet 🙂

  7. I know what it’s like to feel like you are on fire…couldln’t even handle the gentle touch…fine now on raw

  8. For the guy with chrons disease and doesn’t want to change his diet, i have a bad news for you, my grand ma died 9 month ago from this disease , it started as chrons and developed in to cancer, she doesn’t want to change her diet or listen to me, i just which that she is enjoying the grave , Rip °°)-

  9. long or short I appreciate the videos

  10. a friend had one adrenal gland removed from her body….feeling frustrated that modern medicine does not work to regenerate tissues

  11. the women mentioned with breast tumor; if you go the operation route, don’t let them take any lympth nodes out like they did to my mom!!!

  12. Where do I find this “Ask a YouTube question” section on Morse’s site? thank you

  13. I loved Cocoon the film. I also love everything Dr Morse has to say. The only reason I am still here is to learn this path. No other reason.

  14. Hey rob. You gotta move your body more and get more comfortable with that. Yes the astral body is amazing. But don’t you wanna walk the walk instead of just talking the talk? You’re lymph is clogging up if you ain’t sweating hard every day or couple days. You honestly look sluggish and a little heavier than the fruit based diet and yoga lifestyle would give you. So what’s up? What do you actually eat in a week? Are you vegan? Do you have any diseases? Even if you don’t that doesn’t mean you’re healthy. A little grounding mediation would be great for you, we are light beings in physical bodies. But we need equal attention and exercise put into both.

  15. I’ve been a vegan for almost 10 years and I mostly eat fruits and veggies. I now have been diagnosed with Crohn’s. How does this happen? How do I make an already healthy diet even healthier?

    • jawlineofprosperity // 16th January 2018 at 7:09 pm //

      Janelle Culverwell sorry to hear Janelle. I have had crohns for the last 10 years – since i was 15 (been vegan the last 18 months but not raw or fruigitarian based or anything just doing some research now on the topic).

      I feel i got crohns from drinking water straight from a river while i was hiking. The area i was hiking in is surronded by cattle farms and im sure would be contaminated with all sorts of bacteria including of the fecal matter of cows. Look up MAP bacteria crohns. Im very interested in your response and so hopeful for a cure because i am sick of having it though my life is not run by it (i have got back from back packing for the last 6 months) but it is definitely a burden i feel should be curable and preventable.

    • jawlineofprosperity // 16th January 2018 at 7:17 pm //

      Janelle Culverwell one question i have – can i maintain my medication (infliximab) and still get benefits from a fruit diet ie get my lymph system going.

  16. He means, whats wrong with Sinamet

  17. I love you, Dr. Morse for your great advice, your selflessness, your loving care, your foresight and intense awareness of what’s going on in this world (“elites”, NWO (brainwashing), forced vaccination etc.)! People need to know! Everyone deserves to know! Keep on spreading love, knowledge and truth!!! It’s so much appreciated. #veganhealing

  18. I have endometriosis and b12 deficiency also diagnosed with M.E. I am about to buy Dr Morse herbs but wondered which ones I should buy xxx

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