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Q&A 345 – Teeth Degeneration, Lyme Disease, Eye Color, RA

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2:55 – Brianna – Extreme Teeth Degeneration/Discoloration/Sensitivity/Bed Wetting.

28:00 – Ben – 22-Year-old – Chronic Lyme disease for 8 years. Severe brain fog, confusion, depression memory loss and chronic Fatigue…

48:04 – Kelly Grady – I’ve been vegan for 6 months and somebody told me my eyes were turning from normal green to grey. I didn’t know that was possible but they directed me to your site.

51:23 – Matthew t – Can you explain much about nightshades? I want to know more from you about them and what good book is out there about them and how to best educate the public about them. Are there any good diagnostic test also for nightshade in people’s health?

56:02 – Verisetti – I sleep mostly on my back because don’t breath well on my sides, and cannot breathe on my stomach. My liver function is fine. My thyroid is normal under medication. The last few weeks my back is itching a bit more each day. Should i try to sit up one night and let my skin on back rest? There is no rash. I put calamine on yesterday zip. I just put skin lotion on today. What can I do?

1:04:12 – Colleen – Thank you for a YouTube Video.

1:06:15 – Murray – When Dr. Morse provides information regarding sea or pink (unrefined) salt, I would like to know if, when taken with water, the minerals contained in the salt are absorbed and used by the body (organic) or do these minerals accumulate and remain in the body (inorganic).

1:09:24 – Godsendbrebre – What’s the best way to approach RA?

1:14:02 – Duncan – “Snowboarder instructor who in November 12 had arthiscopic surgery on my knee’s meniscus. All was well until 6 weeks post operation when I began to develop a host of problems. I’ve lost so much as a result of this and ever since have been on a desperate journey to heal…”

1:13:14 – Patrice – “Why do you make a difference between the the fruits, the berries, and the melons? Aren’t they all fruits? Or do you see a difference between them…”

1:38:05 – Cassie – What does Dr. Morse say about herbs versus homeopathic? Do they do the same thing, just a different plant/methods?

1:40:43 – Osayi – What is your body trying to tell you when anaphylaxis occurs as a result of an “allergen”? Why do some people die from this? What are some natural ways you can treat anaphylaxis immediately?

1:50:00 – Sylvia – Long Email. 45-year-old Hispanic female. High blood pressure medicine. Gallbladder removed in 2011. Liver enzymes elevated and was told to lose weight…

2:15:09 – i know u have talked about vitiligo many times but i have some confusions .u told about can i work on pitutary pls tell me and which type of fruits i can have. Doctors say that vitamin c rich fruits i cant have coz vitamin c reduces the melanin.pls tell me which fruits i can condition is getting worse day by day.vitiligo spots are increasing on my whole body.pls tell me the solution.pls pay attention towards my mail this time.i will br very thankfull to u.

2:21:13 – I have been  listening to many of your videos and just want to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge in such a sincere, simple and accessible way ! I am French and would like to ask you an advise about my mum. Profile : Age : 78 Chronic bronchitis and permanent back ache (ostheoporis on its way) What could i possibly do to help her recover her long lost health.

2:27:15 – Bryan – root canals, are they bad to have? If I got rid of my root canal in which case it was bad, would it ever be humanly possibly to regenerate the tooth back?

2:31:30 – Lisa – I had severe morning sickness during both my pregnancies called Hyper Emesis Gravidaruik and would like to hear why some women get really sick during the whole pregnancy and during the whole day and night. My weakest spot would be my kidneys although I’m now better.

23 Comments on Q&A 345 – Teeth Degeneration, Lyme Disease, Eye Color, RA

  1. I click the checkmark at 1:13:14 but he doesnt answer that fruits berries n
    melons question at that point…..

  2. I needed a dose of Dr. Morse today.

  3. Thank you so much for the videos! They help me stay on my journey to
    Wellville! :)

  4. What about brown eyes from birth? Should they be different?

  5. <3 <3 <3

  6. My mother is 76 and suffers with severe arthritis and fibromyalgia. I
    suffer with the same thing. Pain medication doesn’t always help and it’s
    just a mask. Severe lower back pain and almost every bone in the body aches

  7. I also suffer with stomach ulcer and diverticulitis along with fibromyalgia
    and arthritis.

  8. For someone who states that he is an out door man, he sure has wonderful
    flawless skin. I must say people talk smack about him being over weight,
    but I don’t see that, I see him as a healthy and glowing man. ….Love your
    work and all that you are Robert M.!

  9. Classic episode, Doc you had so much energy in this video. Thank you!

  10. Would Raw Apple Cider Vinegar be okay if you’re body is acidic apparently
    it turns alkaline internally? Asking cause i use it to help stimulate
    digestive juices.. Thanks!!

  11. I’m so glad I found your channel thank you for sharing your great work and

  12. This doctor is one of a kind. He’s very encouraging and stray to the point.
    I’ve spent tons of money with holistic and naturopaths and no results.
    Started looking at Dr Videos and others about the lumph system and now I’m
    moving fluids ad best ad I can.

  13. wauw I have Lyme disease. since 8 weeks stopped with all products with
    extra sugars added and also stopped eating bread and pasta. It has helped
    with the pimples on for head next to frequencyhealing and herbs also going
    to acupuncturist and inner child therapist. whenever been to them I sleep
    loads and have red knees and pain. sadly I don’t sweat quickly and after
    drinking ginger tea for example my organs can not handle it and my whole
    body gets acid. especially my stomach and intestins then suffer so have to
    take it slow. what kind of foods to eat best for adrenal and lymfehealth?

  14. Dr MORSE good morning , I live in London and I’ve been UNWELL FOR six years


  16. New to these videos… What is he looking at when analyzing/talking about
    the individual body parts/systems? Like how is he getting this
    information/detail on each part?

  17. I get some teeth problems too with all fruit, maybe b/c I have an extremely
    dry mouth, but I find just rinsing several times a day with water, parsley
    juice, and aluminum free baking soda helps the problem immensely. I was
    wondering if people with salivary gland problems have more tooth decay
    switching to fruit until the body fixes that problem? Not sure, just a

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