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Q&A-355 – Liver Transplant, RA, Fruits, Thyroid Cancer

A Talk With Dr. Morse, Marcie, and Attila

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5:02 – Matias – 8-year-old wrote a book “The Book of Life.”

7:30 – Article – Vaccine Hope to Cure Crohn’s Disease

12:12 – Susan – There is no word irregardles, its regardless.

16:34 – Liver Transplant – Immune system rejecting it.

21:16 – 31-year-old mom. At age 8, diagnosed with RA & Iritis of the eyes. Lost vision in one eye and trying to save the other…

36:19 – PutMeDown – Fruits are expensive. Especially grapes. If I eat a whole meal of fruit, such as mangoes or grapes, I will be throwing up and keeled over in excruciating stomach pain. Just watching you push the fruits in this video, makes me cringe. That would be horrible for me. Haven’t you ever seen someone with fructose intolerance? That is surprising.

40:32 – Sam – My Mum got cancer in the Thyroid gland and they had it removed about two years ago and she takes hormone pills.

42:43 – Lynnette – Does Dr. Morse believe a woman age 24 can still grow in height? How would he recommend to do this?

30 Comments on Q&A-355 – Liver Transplant, RA, Fruits, Thyroid Cancer

  1. No other truth in health. God bless you Dr Morse!!!!!

  2. I love you! I want to start my own business doing this.

    • +Phx Gloree it would be worth it because the money from my counseling would
      pay for the class, essentially.
      I live in Southern California of all places. and even here in the richest
      area near Los Angeles no one will want this. For 2 years no one wants to do
      this. And even on this ” helpful ” club… no one helps… dr. Morris is
      always talking about loving each other. how about showing a little love,

    • +Phx Gloree Fruits, berries and melons for the boy, Upper circ and brain
      and nerve. His kidneys and adrenals are down, prop them up. Get iridology
      pics of his eyes to get a thorough break down on what is broke down.

    • +Steve Smekar thank you! look up freelance domination with Danial dipiazza
      he shows you how to find clients different ways. ways that not a lot has
      caught on yet.

    • +Phx Gloree im on it, thank you!

    • Awesome let me know if it helps I still haven’t figured out what service to
      offer to make extra money.

  3. The 40 Year Old Vegan // 11th March 2016 at 10:06 pm //

    tear jerker 🙁
    love your heart Dr. M!

  4. always interesting, thanks

  5. I love you Dr. Morse! I watched one of your videos on May 21, 2015 and
    started on grapes that very day. I’m tenacious, so I thought I would be
    healed in a couple of months. Well, it took a little longer; my lymph was
    VERY stubborn, and kidneys refused to filter. I’m happy to report I’ve been
    filtering for a few weeks and lymph is moving. It’s happening. Everything
    is falling into place. I’m getting healthy. I’m still working on my
    adrenals/thyroid/pituitary/etc., but it’s happening. Thank you, Dr. Morse.
    Thank you so much for your passion and love that you share.

    • +Helen Perala Helen, I read Buhner’s book and I have his herbal handbook.
      Wonderful books. And I LOVE fasting. It’s difficult, but oh so beneficial.
      Here’s to your recovery – and your book.

    • +Helen Perala have you read Armold Ehret’s books? I think they are a must
      read, as well.

    • +inspirednow2 I actually have NOT read any Ehret books yet. Believe it or
      not, I ordered one from Amazon, I think it was Rational Fasting and it
      never came as they cancelled it. I will try again! In my eyes, there is
      very little else around that compares to THIS kind of ‘path’ we are all
      treading here. It paves the way for a more resplendent future I think!!! 🙂
      Either here or somewhere else…. x You have definitely inspired me to
      stick with the diet as I was faltering, I confess.

    • +Helen Perala Oh dear! I falter all the time. Fall down seven; stand up

    • +inspirednow2 🙂 xxx

  6. Dr Morse, you’ve taught me so much. More than all teachers, professors and
    people I’ve met in my life. I can’t thank you enough. You are such a

  7. Owen fox - Grounded Spirituality & Healthy Living // 12th March 2016 at 7:22 pm //

    use your mind carefully. we need to think, learn from experience, but
    overdwelling or blinding to the truth and thinking falsehood is not good.
    love u robert morse <3

  8. You have a huge heart Dr. Morse, thank you for being so passionate about
    what you do every day of your life. Humanity has a chance with people like
    you spreading your truth, experience and knowledge so generously, love you!

  9. LOL I love the country boy messed up English :D

  10. We love you too Dr . Robert Morse !thank you for all the years of your
    amazing videos you have done that have helped people tremendously :-)

  11. Anyone that can help me out. I’m 23 yrs old and the last time I got my
    menstruation was I think 9/10 months ago. I know my pineal gland is
    involved but what should I do? I was on the all fruit diet for a month and
    no improvement. I’m going all fruit again to heal my condition but should I
    get it checked out? The last thing I want is the hospital giving me
    synthetic drugs for it.

    • Parathyroid**

    • Charlie-Ann Arseneau // 21st March 2016 at 3:45 am //

      I’m in the same situation but for longer time (like 2 years without
      menstruations and 1 year on all fruits) and I now think It’s because of my
      sleep and my stress, I also live in an environment full of electromagnetic
      pollution (with lots of wifi around) which doesn’t help at all…

  12. The greatest teacher out there. Thanks Dr. M

  13. You made my day with that sign……((big hug))

  14. Thank you Dr Morse my God blase you .

  15. where can I get this eye wash

  16. At uni yesterday we were told that an baby was given a heart transplant
    early enough before their immunity matured (thymus) and they never needed
    anti-rejection drugs.

  17. i teach my kids all this stuff too!! Love you doc!!

  18. ❤️ :’) love you Dr M. Leading so much from you. You’re such a blessing.

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