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Q&A – 358 – Kidney’s, Limited Scleroderma, Blood Moles

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3:04 – Jean-Michel from France. Trying to understand how can the Kidneys filter the lymph? – Eye Review.

46:47 – Paula – South Wales. Diagnosed 6 months ago with limited scleroderma.

1:00:03 – Kathy – I have quite a few blood moles on my body. No doctor can tell me what this means and what causes blood moles. I was wondering if I should use the drawing salve on them.

1:06:10 – Denise – If we have bad gum recession on a few teeth, will the gum tissue regenerate and grow back, covering the bone and roots again and the recession stop? If teeth have acid wear. If the acids have eaten away the enamel, will the enamel grow back?

1:12:50 – Ilirjana – I am worried because lately when I wake up in the mornings I see my hand fingers swollen (only the fingers!) especially the small one. I have dark color in the area between upper lips and the nose that is always the same.

1:23:18 – Closing

19 Comments on Q&A – 358 – Kidney’s, Limited Scleroderma, Blood Moles

  1. Thank you Dr. M! always such a joy whenever I see a new video.
    Thank you for your continued love for the human species, and your dedication to teaching us to heal ourselves. you are a gem, and a true gift from the Most High.

  2. I love your glasses!

  3. Thank you for all you do! I love learning from you and spreading your teachings.

  4. Such an added bonus to these videos, that when scrolling down, we our met with others with such Loving hearts. Such great energy this channel has and in the comments coming from all over the world!

    We are healing the world! Rejoice in this moment with me!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love you too, Dr. Morse.

  6. 00:00 You are the individual expression of god.
    03:10 Jackfruit, Orange, Coconut.
    04:25 Kidney filtering Lymph.
    38:10 Eye (iris) analysis.
    46:40 Limited Scleroderma.
    01:00:00 Blood Moles
    01:12:40 Hand and feet swollen + other questions.

  7. is the black salve for oral ingestion?

  8. christos georgiadis // 6th April 2016 at 6:24 am //

    That intro!!!! 😀

  9. Thank you Dr. Morse! You help so many people and talk of so many enlightening, revitalizing and empowering secrets of life and health. I hope one day I will be able to see for myself all the things you know about life+health+spirituality.

  10. thank so much Dr Morse for answering questions and doing my eyes! hard to do it on oneself! easier on others!amazing!

  11. What do “healing-lines” look like, please?

  12. What is the exact chemical conposition of sediment?

  13. Wow. Wish I’d found out about this man years ago.

  14. Regarding receding gums. I had a huge problem with receding gums due to some inconsistent dental hygiene and then over-flossing. Really deep pockets around the teeth, which were movable by gentle touch. I was diagnosed with severe periodontal disease and was told I probably would not have the affected teeth for very long and that this would precede a sort of “domino effect” on my other teeth; one after the other.
    Coincidentally, around this time and for other reasons, I adopted a rather strict diet of fruits, vegetables, fresh juices from both, no meat, dairy, soft drinks, candies, coffee, anything process or caffeinated, and drank only pure, sometimes distilled, water.
    After a period of time, my checkups showed that these deep pockets had disappeared. My gums were tight and healthy to a degree that my dentist had not seen before. Day and night difference. I still have all my teeth 30 years later.
    Along with that, skin tags disappeared, moles faded, complexion (including seborrheic dermatitis, a lifelong problem) cleared up, muscle tone improved, increased energy, etc. Not _mere_ coincidence, in my opinion and long experience.
    To make a long story not too much longer, I am a _firm_ believer in tissue regeneration and the body’s, largely unexplored ability to cure and heal. I’m working it and it’s hard not to share it.

  15. New sub here :). Thanks for such helpful videos.
    Ps your skin is amazing, glowing.

  16. Phoenix Chastaine // 10th June 2017 at 5:38 pm //

    @30:18 – that’s actually a fairly brilliant way to put things… The precision of the Western mind or western gestalt, if you will, is phenomenal (literally), no doubt. However, it is also a stumbling block, partly a result of language, which relies in exactness, the can make it difficult to get folks even mildly willing to comprehend energy *beyond* the phenomenal. Philosophers don’t fear atheism the way that the religously rutted do. Plasticity of mind is a good thing because some door, some where, will remain open. When all the doors of the mind are locked to rigidity, there is no consciousness and why some spiritually ascending folk refer to these folks as ‘dead’ who must be ‘born again’. It’s just a metaphor to explain a very real process.
    The exacting nature of Western theory and ideological paradigms, which lead to remarkable technological progress and improvements in the quality of daily life, are rooted fundamentally in the exacting nature of scientific discipline. The problem and irony is, it tends to lend itself, much like dogmatic religion, to a guilt by association for those who live beyond or go beyond the mind. IOW, anything that cannot be observed at the micro or macro level is ‘false’ or non-existant. On one hand this is good because it filters out the rain man, the con, the quack, and the spiritual thief, so to speak. A group that consciously exploits, abuses, and manipulates the hopeless, the desperate, and the ailing for their own material gain. A pox on their houses! A slimier lot of weasles you cannot find, next to human traffickers. However…

    Their existence does not, despite what the rational mind insists on, by default mean there is no reality beyond the phenomal world. It places a bit more burden on those of us some romantically refer to add ‘spiritual masters’, but so be it. Then it is just a matter of remaining compassionate to the mind spewing is fears and doubts at you till they run out of steam, fatigue themselves in that state, and wait for a door in their mind to crack open just enough and long enough for a bit of light to shine in. Their own bulbs will turn on, an internal expansion of consciousness occurs, and a paradigm shift happens that defeats their ego just long enough they take control of their experience, rather than it remaining submitted to external and rigid insistence that the material is all there is. That there are only 4 dimensions,(if we include Time, and we do), and nothing else. That you are just a body and nothing more. That’s a one way road to dead end alley and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t in some way tormented by that or incredibly unhappy, unsatisfied, and profoundly depressed by their sense of alone so, to the point of reckoning all Life as useless futility. Consumed by shadow, it takes great patience and effort over long periods sometimes to pull them out. But it can be done, so, imo, ‘should’ be done.

  17. Love you too man!

  18. Oh yeeas…wish I’d found this rare gem of a man with his knowledge prior to the medical treatments I’ve gone through. NOW, I’m in control of my health!

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