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Q&A – 369 – Fordyce Spots, Ketones, Lung Cancer, Kidney Failure

8:50 – I have something called Fordyce spots on my penis. It is described as an overactive sebaceous glands or misplaced sebaceous gland. Dermatologist won’t treat them and tell you its just normal everyone has them.

23:04 – Miguel – I was reading some articles where there is a lot of discussion about ketones being the fuel for the brain. They talk about coconut oil being good for the brain because of this. Now, it appears that the liver has to process this fast to produce the ketones which go to the brain.

28:20 – Lee – Hello, i am from France, i’m almost 21 years old. I am very muscular , not gat at all, i just have a little fat on my belly and my tighs are touching, it’s nothing, and i eat really well, a lot of fruits , and vegetables,on the week end , and i always do a lot of sport for fun. But i can’t loose the fat that is on my belly and my adductors. What should i do?

30:29 – Noel – I live in New Zealand. I was diagnosed with terminal Stage IV lung cancer. Oncologist gave me 3-6 months.  gave me 10 ses radiation palliative no chemo. tumor on the left lung bigger than a golf ball it spread to one rib on the right-hand side. I get IV Vit C highest level  70gm. Plus apricot kernels.Cancer now spread to right lung too and another one on the rib. Changed to ESSIAC treatment. Please, can you help me I am desperate.

41:14 – Giedrius – re we going to have Level II Detox or Iridology class this year? Have few vacation days left for this year and would love to come back to Florida to see/spend time with you in the classroom

45:45 – Jo – I found out I was in 3rd stage kidney failure last August in a routine blood test.  Went to Nephrologist who did blood tests, sonograms. Everything fine. By January, stage 4 and he wants me to wait until August to see where it is. I have a new internist who is fixing my hypothyroidism and asthma. He thinks I should get another opinion. Then I found you and I’ve been on a 100% fruit fast for 5 days. Internist says it won’t hurt me. It has helped arthritis pain and energy. What do I do now?

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  1. Robert, what is you’re birthday? I would love to give you a Natal Chart
    reading in astrology

  2. Thank you.

  3. Thank you. How do we book the iridology consultation with you, Dr. Morse?

  4. I visited the Dr’s when I was about 21 with these Fordyce spots, was told
    the same thing, not to worry about them as they are normal, fast forward 5
    years and I’m approaching my 27th year and have many many lumps in my legs
    which were diagnosed as swollen lymph nodes and/or lipoma (had them since I
    was around 22) with at least nine in the left thigh and seven or so in the

    Problem is I wasn’t given or advised of any treatment and new ones keep
    popping up. Can anyone recommend herbs to help me cleanse my lymphatic
    system, I’m from the UK also.

  5. The Natural Way of Healing // 29th June 2016 at 9:46 am //

    Robert, you are one of my favorite human beings! I’m looking forward to
    meeting again with you sometime!

  6. Rosanna A (fitchickrose) // 29th June 2016 at 11:56 am //

    I need your advice, I was diagnosed with autoimmune gastritis this year, I
    also I have ibs constipation, I am a female, 5ft1, and 26 years old. I had
    a polyp removed from my stomach and my blood tests showed I have elevated
    enzymes from my pancreas and slightly evelvated liver enzymes. I don’t
    drink alcohol, but I came from a bodybuilding background with too much
    protein especially from dairy. I switched to a vegan diet, I have
    fruits,berries, green juices, brown rice protein powder, dates and soy.
    anytime I eat fiber, my stomach bloat so much. I have swelling in my
    stomach mostly at the area in between my ribs and it never goes away 🙁 I
    have to manage the constipation with senna laxatives and stool softners. I
    have been vegan for a month and I do not see improvement, I take
    supplements like l glutamine, fruit and veggie enzymes, and a few more, but
    never tried herbs yet. I started juicing cabbage as well. btw, keep up the
    great work, I can’t stop watching your videos, I watch them as I’m
    traveling to work and during my cardio session! I asked my doctor if there
    is a cure, he told me no and to just keep managing the constipation with
    laxatives, I don’t wanna live like this anymore. I don’t wanna manage my
    symptoms, I want to cure it for good. much love, Rosanna.

  7. nussknackerOnline // 29th June 2016 at 8:02 pm //

    Hi there from Germany.
    I have lung cancer stage 4 (tumor and metastasis in ribs fell) as well.
    since 3 weeks I’m on detox with fruits.
    should I change to Grape & lemon and what will be the dose; much as

    Thanx a lot and stay tuned

    • @NussknackerOnline Good luck, well done for what you are doing and keep us
      posted on how you are progressing – sending you lots of virtual support! 😉

    • Hello, do u know of John Bergman’s youtube channel? He recently posted a
      video on Lung Cancer. He answers questions, too, which is great. All the

    • Hi nussknackerOnline, YES, if you are able to switch to a red grape fast,
      do it!!! Would love to know more about your story. Can you find Hilde
      Larson’s facebook group called HEAL, THRIVE, and LIVE FREE! so we can
      communicate and encourage you!

    • CasparDavidFriedrichNietzsche // 25th July 2016 at 5:40 pm //

      best of luck man, may the force be with you! praying for your speedy

  8. Dr morse, can you explain to me why am I craving salt or eating green salty
    vegetables during this high fruit (grapes) cleanse?. What is causing that?
    Is it a bad thing to crave them?. I’ve been consuming more green juices
    with my grapes and I feel perfect that way. My skin and hair are a lot
    stronger too. My digestion also is getting better faster with it and you
    say greens slow things down. I do agree however that the fruit alone are
    very strong cleansers. I am also craving “eating” the actual vegetables in
    their whole form. 🙁 I can wait to end this string grape cleanse so I can
    eat them :)

    • +Haro my intense salt cravings disappeared now after I started consuming
      greens from green juices . I also feel so much better mentally!. I think my
      body needed minerals?. My hair also stopped falling and I feel much
      stronger now! It really made a huge difference for me and I continue to
      feel better everyday. I’m wondering why that is. My urine clear most days,
      sometimes very cloudy which I’m thinking if from kidney filtration?

    • +Sara ALSanosi
      Im glad youre feeling better. Cloudy urine can be caused from different
      things . Does the cloudyness settle to the bottom as sediment? (pee in a
      jar and see) As per Dr. Morse’s experiential knowledge it is important for
      our kidneys to be filtering out white (lymph) sediment to know we are
      ‘clearing’ or filtering metabolic wastes properly. We can easily confirm
      this one way or the other by peeing in a jar first thing in the morning and
      allowing for any sediment to settle. If there is none on repeated mornings
      the kidneys aren’t filtering properly or at all even. If no sediment then
      you must get adrenals up with herbs and glandulars (1-6 months depending on
      severity of adrenal burnout/weakness) and after adrenals are strong kidney
      herbs/glandulars for 1-3 months.

    • +Haro green juices really made a difference for me. When I used to eat just
      fruits I felt unbalanced and shaky. A lot of people feel that way too. The
      greens really help balance things out. The greens I’m consuming are very
      high in minerals maybe that’s why. My urine is cloudy most days. There are
      some mornings when my urine is not cloudy I’m wondering why that is. Should
      the urine be cloudy every day? How would u know that your kidneys filtered

    • +Sara ALSanosi

  9. Can someone tell me what he recommends at 16:27?

  10. Show Me What I Need To Know // 30th June 2016 at 4:50 am //

    I respect Dr. Morse and have bought many hundreds of dollars of herbs from
    the clinic, but I was *totally unimpressed with the lack of an answer
    regarding “ketones”*. “You don’t need to think think about these things” is
    completely avoiding a legitimate question. Dr. Morse did not show any
    understanding as to what arguments pro-ketosis advocates are making, much
    less refute any of them. There are a lot of people out there that would be
    interested in how a ketosis diet would be bad, when the argument is that
    cancer cells need insulin to survive. And “acidosis” is not a complete
    answer that provides any useful information. You can be vegetarian and in
    ketosis. So the question went completely unanswered.

    • To address any complaints, they must be written on either 5, 10, or 20
      dollar bills and mailed to: 555 W. 13th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401, thanks!

    • He probably has talked about it in other videos, so sometimes he just keeps
      it short. But he says that cancer cell is just a damaged cell. To me that
      implies that there is no need to kill the cancer cells or starve them out.
      Cancer is not a being who lives inside us and must be stopped. So why it’s
      a problem that a cancer cell survives and receives energy? It’s a weird
      concept by the medical community.
      Dr. Morse likes simplicity as truth is always simple. If you think too
      much, you may come to the conclusion that you need to avoid all sugars and
      stay in ketosis, but that seems unnatural. Humans love the taste of fruit.
      It’s so easy for the body. It would make sense to just follow the natural
      diet and not make it so complex. If something doesn’t feel right, it
      probably isn’t. We don’t need complex science to see the truth.

  11. There’s a difference between Ketosis (nutricional ketosis) and

    Keto-acidosis is a pathological metabolic state wich happens in T1
    Diabetics and can be fatal.

    Ketosis in the other hand, is the production of ketone bodies (BHB) caused
    by carbohydrate restriction in diet. These ketones, studies have shown, may
    have an antiinflamatory, neuroprotective, hunger suppressing effects (among

    Ketones can only be harmful if they pass +10milli molar in your blood, wich
    would be the case of T1 Diabetics and not from eating coconut oil or MCT in
    healthy persons.

  12. Hi Dr. Morse, Thank you for all the enlightening information!!!… My
    friend has MULTIPLE MYELOMA… what would you suggest him doing right
    now??? They are starting spot radiation on his bones…. We live in Arizona
    BTW… Any input from you is very much appreciated! God Bless you! : )
    Thank you, Nancy

  13. Could Dr. Morse tape an interview with a stage IV lung cancer patient that
    has reversed it?

  14. when dr morse talk about grape diet with lemon mix with water do we take
    them together or does we take the grape and the lemon the other days.if
    anybody knows it’ll be real helpfull.god bless you all

  15. i have fordyce spots it has ruined my LIFE!!! ; (

  16. age 21 no smoke have lung tumor for 2 years .what should he eat

  17. what should I do

  18. what should I do if he has lung tumor on lungs plura

  19. cemo session on cemo tablets

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