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  1. new video, yier!

  2. Are you familiar with micro-dosing? I just heard of it from a search on herbs, lol. I’m curious if you do and if so, care to speak on it? It sounds progressive but I’m a little afraid lmao..

  3. I think you mean Q&A 391!!!!

  4. I simply cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and all of your knowledge you share.  I am amazed at how much I am learning from you…totally awesome knowledge 🙂 Bless your soul for your on-going love to everyone willing and eager to learn…and evolve <3 I am unwell myself..however now that I have found you...I will be better 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  5. Thanks Robert we atre digging deep here in Denmark

  6. Much Love Dr Morse!!

  7. Microdose acid, not dandelion.

  8. TO BE CLEAR i love dr morse and i am not a gay 🙂 love you ROBERT you can’t imagine what influence you have had on my life

  9. 2:13 Louis – Armpit acidic body odor, hay fever, hair loss
    8:23 Cherise77 – Grandson lacking bowl movements since stopping breast feeding, born with rotated intestines
    14:13 Alex – Type 1 Diabetic, fungus leading to memory loss
    26:16 Melissa – Dialysis, kidney failure, hypothyroidism
    41:46 Ian – Preventatives to keep cancer from returning
    47:57 Brian – Teeth/mouth care
    56:14 Canada – Libido
    1:03:56 Soul Rider – Parasite, low white blood cells, kidneys hurting on paleo diet, burning anus
    1:19:30 David – Comparing Views on Diet and Fasting
    1:33:21 Vince – Can HIV/AIDS be cured with nutrition while on Meds for this condition
    1:35:28 Silvia – What causes Down Syndrome and how to heal it
    1:43:37 Annieh John – Ovarian Cysts, facial hair, PCOS, HPV, Hypothyroidism, Mood Swings, Depression
    1:50:05 Owen Brown – What is the Fastest way to reverse Herpes
    1:52:39 Rome21 – Male Reproductive problems, shrinking penis, spider veins, erectile dysfunction
    1:59:02 Nima – Bodybuilding, Type 1 Herpes

  10. If it were not for this man I would be seriously breaking down now in life- he is the light illuminating the paths ~ so much love and blessings that we do have way out of hell xo

    • Abel, he has given me a framework to treat myself and my son- so when the weaknesses surface- I know how to treat our systems not dependent on symptomatic treatment modalities unless emergency of somesort…balance — we are still a work in progress…moving deeper into our tissues

    • Abel- I have been 2 years moving into fully raw- clearing a pituitary tumor- and all the lymph blockage- seems like lots of down endocrine glands- i can see my body clearing-my son is showing Autism- but I have already had him on protocols for 2 years and no vaccines- and I know his weaknesses so I have a strong guide here to navigate the storm so to say and not fall victim into the system…this is what im getting at- and when anything comes up with our children it shakes us to our bones so I have deep gratitude for Dr.Morse and all who contribute to assist… I am glad you have found him – blessings

    • Abel, as well-check out some videos on Iridology so you can learn to read your eyes and your son’s…every bit of information and knowledge- self empowerment helps- keep building –

    • Abel, I have a health update to share with you- I had an pituitary adenoma and its now gone– just wanted to let you know – blessings

  11. Is this one new? Why 342?

  12. Does anyone know if Morse has acknowledged the Master Fast System by Gino Di Serio in any of videos? Morse is the man, and I love hearing his judgement on things 🙂

  13. Thank you Robert and team, simply the best. 🙂

    • Trish Holbrook what did he help you heal?

    • Abel Alvarado Have cleared up various symptoms from inflammation, small lump in the neck, head fog, discharge from ears, bowel problems.
      Now have unbelievable clarity.
      Dr. Robert Morse also talks about stepping back from your mind and observe, takes time to learn and difficult to explain, but a pleasure once you have the ability to do it. 🙂
      Learned correct food combining, importance of herbs and the lymphatic system.
      For new viewers I recommend staying with this channel and putting some quality time in, something you won’t regret.

  14. You rock! Thank you!

  15. is this the same “nima” from jamesdestroydiseases?

  16. everyone heres awesome haha

  17. You have a lot of people in their 20’s because people are waking up to the truth that yourself and others including myself are helping spread 🙂

  18. Love this guy

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