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Q&A – 394 – Prostate, Insomnia, Bartholin Cyst, Exercising, Breast Cancer/Implants

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3:16 – “Father is 70 yrs young in uk…about 10-15 yrs ago had prostate removed. He is on blood thinning meds and beta blockers. He recently had a squamas lump removed from his head and is going to follow up with a bit of local radiation. When he gets a cold, it takes a while to shake off”…

29:38 – Sim – “Everyday I’m searching for what cause my total insomnia and I discovered that an intense stress can cause a mutation of a gene that totally prevent to sleep. I need to know if I have chance to heal, so can you please investigate and tell me if a gene mutated can be reverse?”

43:52 – BJ – I have a body balance kit that is like acupuncture but much stronger and more effective without needles or intrusion. How would I show a petro-physicist, who believes in chemistry mostly/only, the physical is the only thing, to understand quantum scalar biological healing?  How do you approach them when they never looked at it themselves and now their health is declining and yet he won’t use this balance kit because “it can’t be?”

50:52 – Olivia – “I have had a bartholin cyst for quite some time. If you don’t know what that is, its when the bartholin gland by the opening of the vagina is swollen. The gland is thought to secrete lubrication to the vagina.”…

55:37 – The Acid Eliminator – “Can you exercise while detoxing, being that your kidneys are filtering? When you are checking for sediment in urine, should you be able to see it right away or must the urine sit for a while?”

58:05 – Amy – Breast implants – “I am a breast cancer survivor who had bilateral mastectomies in 2012 and by folling my intuition and luck chose not to do chemo or radiation. Last year I was diagnosed with Grave Disease and have both Graves and Hashimotos antibodies. I have seen my antibodies drop significantly and my methimazole dose has dropped dramatically from following the detox with fruits, veggies, and herbs. My concern is that the silicone implants I have are not safe as I was told they were”…

34 Comments on Q&A – 394 – Prostate, Insomnia, Bartholin Cyst, Exercising, Breast Cancer/Implants

  1. Is the level 1 detoxification class available online?

  2. I am having unbelievable results with your Master Grape Juice Fast. I am
    following it exactly except that I am using Welch’ s grape juice instead of
    the Knudsen you recommended due to cost. I use your GI Broom with the Fab 4
    kit plus Parasite G. Would please do a video on which specific products to
    use and other tips you have for doing your Master Fast.Thank you so very

    • I didn’t know we could drink juice other than fresh

    • have to be careful doing a grape juice fast on cooked/pasteurized grape
      juice. personally i’d never do a fast on pasteurized juice imo.

    • Vynil- Could you explain why. I’m getting really confused on this topic.
      People who do the Master Fast say anything else is a waist of time and raw
      juice proponents say never touch anything cooked. I can’t tell if it’s just
      because people like to get all ra-ra about what they’re doing or if one or
      the other is actually less effective or harmful. I’m still too new to juice
      fasting to base things on my own judgement. Thanks for any input.

    • Sorry, I meant Vytil 🙂

  3. 4:06 “It’s just a little radiation. Aint gonna hurt nothing.” LOL dr. morse
    spot on. 🙂 That’s what they say about all the things they spray or use on
    us too. “It’s just a little bit of mosquito pesticide we must spray you
    with, aint gonna affect you.” “it’s just a little bit of flouride in your
    water.” “It’s just a little bit of mercury in your fillings.” LOL we all
    know better here ;)

  4. Pat your comment isn’t showing any more. Says 14 shows 6 comments. I really
    wish it was still on here I accidentally clicked on your profile and
    noticed all kinds of wonderfdwonderfdul videos. Now I have no way to get to
    it.Good job with the grape juice fast. Post some pics of the results! :)

  5. Do we need to pay for help? Roots

  6. I’m not sure I understand your naming algorithm or whatever. It kinda
    messes me up lol.

  7. Valerian root tea is good for insomnia.

  8. Cold and flu season makes me laugh up a storm

  9. TheRawFruitarianGoddess // 6th January 2017 at 6:25 am //

    I am always excited to see a notification for a new video <3

  10. Always such a pleasure to hear Dr Morse. I am learning to incorporate the
    MASTER FAST SYSTEM of Concord Grape Juice and Lemons with Fasting at the
    moment and find the hunger issue is not nearly as bad as I had thought it
    would be. This steps in to PLASMA healing and if people want to learn about
    the DESIGN OF THE BLUEPRINT OF LIFE…I highly recommend the work of DAN
    WINTER on You Tube. His website can look confusing but is STEEPED in all
    the stuff we need to know. That and Dr Robert Morse, you have your answers!
    Happy New Year Robert! We all love you so. x

  11. Btw Dr Morse, I feel it’s a good sign to get colds and flu’s as it shows
    things are MOVING!!!!! I haven’t had any such thing for years until I began
    The Master Fast and now I am getting rid of so much gunge it’s incredible.
    So to me it’s a good sign. ONCE healthy of course, no need to catch
    anything as such. ;)

  12. Is there anything ẃe can do about all the chem trails there spraying on us.

  13. what are the best herbs for depression? i started taking golden seal and
    the next day my depression is 90% gone that i had for almost 2 years. what
    are some other proven herbs for golden seal?

  14. this is my 5th year all raw!!! before this, i dated a guy with an ego
    defect. he had been divorced in bed for years and very frustrated. the 3
    yrs i befriended him, i tried to make love several hundred times. each he
    tried to respond to his body, he would have some kind of a shakey breakdown
    like anxiety, turn down, possibly cry, and then proceed to take his clothes
    off and ly down as if waiting for a diaper change, like on his back,
    sometimes making loud screaming noises. he would also pretend to be
    sleeping all day, the one day he had visitation with his kids, and then
    leave them weird “snacks” like he had as a baby and not answer them
    knocking on his door saying they were sick. i am experienced with ill
    people, so i was very nice w/ him each and every time. he would rile up and
    intend evil things on me sexually as if we had been lovers before or
    something, he admits he had never made love w/his wife either, although at
    the time i had several lovers per year, maybe 2-3 per year or so and
    generally very affectionate. does anyone know what is said about the ego
    when someone intends like evil to make you feel as frustrated as they can
    because they are the one who cannot let go of being frustrated? i mean, a
    person who is hungry looking at the food and then tries to convince you
    that you should be too? is this like the monk who worshipped his tea at the
    top of the tree and died of dehydration?

    • He had to shut down his heart chakra because something/one hurt his heart
      more than he could take and still survive. He has a sort of PTSD now where
      he goes into a catatonic survival mode whenever anyone needs his love. The
      bizarre theatrics are his spirit trying to kick down the door to its
      prison. It gives him cognitive dissonance. He wants to let it out, but he
      can’t. He could benefit from a low fat raw diet and a liver cleanse, a
      juice fast and a journal, or LSD/psilocybes.

    • your ego construct cannot experience the heart center. how do you know it’s
      awareness? ty

  15. Nice video! I’m loving this one!

  16. Adrenal glandulars and ubiquinol cured my chronic arrhythmia before I went
    low fat, low sodium and didn’t need them anymore.

  17. You are awesome Dr Morse….

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