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Q&A -396 – Fasting, Spine Disease, Lung Cancer, Pulmonary Hypertension

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26:48 – Danielle – From New Zealand. Grape/Lemon fast to dexot. Denture pain for the last 4 years. Can’t eat solid foods.

40:38 – Josh – Hello Dr Morse, 1stly thank you, your videos got me through the 1st stage of my healing journey which wasn’t an easy one as you are about to find out.. I am a 24 year old male with numerous spine disease diagnoses and an auto immune diagnosis, i have never accepted these names of course, but the medical terms were scherumanns disease, kyphosis, mild scoliosis, defects in the spine, no spinal fluid and certain chiro practors would call it AS, also diagnosed by medical doctors with fibromyalgia which of course you no all of these conditions is just head to toe acidosis, my problems started when i was around 16-17 with my back and then it all just got worse from there, so i imagine i have been acidic for a very long time before that and i am 24 now, come from a background of eating take a ways every day for years, vegan for last 2 years but still eating junk, i recently did a 90 days grape juice and lemon fast with tinctures and wow, lots has changed but it pushed me to far mentally for my 1st fast digging that deep and left me like a skeleton with different problems that i am now ready to tackle!…

01:21:21 – Emilie – I am trying to help my very deer friend from Quebec, Canada. Her name is Monique. 2 years ago, she had lung cancer and she had her 3rd lobe on the right side removed. In September 2016, they removed a tumor that was ¼ of the size of her brain. She also has a mass in her breast right now…

01:29:22 – Sandra – Hello it has been great watching all of your videos. Such a great education. I actually have a background in Dentistry, along with communications and chemistry. I found out several of my family weaknesses through my kids and their health
through the years. Mainly Pituitary, Adrenals and Para thyroid. Different cases for each. Planning on getting them on a regime. I really wanted to know your thoughts  on vitamins. Are they really necessary to take? I take Melaleuca  which tend to have magnesium sterate in them. In your opinion are they necessary to take? Or what is necessary vitamin to take?  Also what do you say about spiking of blood sugar when eating all the fruits, berries and melons?  Last what about spider veins your thoughts?

1:42:39 – Jacqueline – I have been watching your videos for a good while now very informative stuff. I would like your opinion or thoughts on these diagnosis I received recently. Pulmonary hypertension, PFO in heart what’s the best route to take for dealing with these problems. Is surgery the only answer for a PFO. Heart specialist says I need to have a patch put in for this whole diagnoses.

1:48:34 – Reuben – I knew I found this channel for a reason. I have been tying to lucid dream and eventually Astral project for about a month. I have made a bit of progress and have managed to control my hands and then fly in a separate dream, but still far from complete control…

48 Comments on Q&A -396 – Fasting, Spine Disease, Lung Cancer, Pulmonary Hypertension

  1. God bless you Dr. Robert Morse! ❤️

  2. Anybody doing a hybrid masterfast ?

  3. DAN WINTER does a whole TALK on Kundalini and Spinal Fluid on You Tube!
    (all about how to study BLISS PROCESS) of which the Spinal Fluid is a big
    part. Thanks for another great talk Dr Morse.

  4. What’s you guys’ opinion on the amazing liver cleanse?

    • Tom's Guitar and Garden // 23rd January 2017 at 8:14 pm //

      ive had great success with liver cleansing but i was in big trouble. If you
      are in a less emergency situation it might be a good idea to do the lemon
      and olive oil flush a few times over the course of 6 months or so. But it
      can really help a congested liver 🙂

  5. whoaaa just realized dr morse sounds and even kind of looks like jeff

  6. great stuff as always Dr.Morse

  7. This is my first winter on a raw vegan diet and I’m freezing extremely. I
    always enjoyed the cold, walking barefoot in the snow, taking ice cold
    showers, but now I’m just freezing all the time. Is there anything raw I
    can eat that will heat me up? Or should I even eat something cooked
    occasionally? This winter freeze makes me kind of depressed, because I just
    wanna stay home and not got out and go for long walks like I used to with
    my junk diet.

    • All of this helps, but only temporary. I’ll try drinking hot water the
      whole day.

    • try eat more also.

    • I’m curious…what about adding some nuts? To add some fat to “protect” the
      body from the cold…The body will burn it to keep its temp. right on point
      if it’s cold outside…I don’t think that a big salad with peanut sauce
      diluted and spiced up it’s so bad for us…Thoughts??

    • Thyroid is controlling your body temperature. Adrenal glands (medulla)
      produces hot hormones that also affects our feeling of inner temperature.
      One of both of those glands may be underactive. Build them up with good
      herbal formulas (or some other healing modalities that you find effective).
      Pituitary controls other endocrine glands so be sure that it’s working
      properly. Good luck !

    • FartyPock4Million it doesn’t hurt to eat cooked foods here and there to
      have some balance.

  8. Anyone know how I can get kidney filtration?

  9. Dr morse truly is a beautiful soul, so caring, so wise, and above all he
    loves sharing his wisdom and knowledge, which I am always eager to listen
    to. Thank you. For making me understand how the body works which then
    enables me to keep myself well and help others also. Truly inspirational.

  10. 38:47 why not try very astringent herbs for his mouth? pull it from the

  11. Any one knows how to write a Q. to dr.Morse?thank u

  12. so fungus causes the food cravings? cause man o man i got some serious food
    cravings on my grape juice fast right now.

  13. eating oranges and bananas, its really nice, but damn its hard to keep it
    going. good luck beings!

    • i know. but today is it time for some mushroom cubensis :))!!

    • I feel it is a bad combination. I like apples and bananas mixed, and get
      not tired of it.

    • I found that supplementing with minerals and drinking herbal green tonics
      helps a lot in staying stable in the raw food diet. Also you can balance
      out with some fat in your salad like sprouted nuts and avocado for
      additional density and groundedness.

    • does morse recommended this?

    • No he doesn’t, actually, especially in the detoxification stages. Nuts and
      avocados can be used very sparingly once the detox is complete to ground
      yourself but they are not detoxifying foods and any kind of protein is
      going to harm you if your body is already too acidic. Dr. Morse has many
      videos specifically stating that he does NOT support supplements and
      especially minerals, as isolating chemistry only serves to hurt the body.
      You may feel better using them, but that is only because they have a
      stimulating effect on the system, and we know that’s not good. Green herbal
      tonics are absolutely necessary for getting quicker and better results, so
      that is something you could follow, and also keep in mind that all herbs
      have vitamins and minerals already in them, so there’s another reason that
      supplementing isn’t necessary. He’s really only addressing the raw food
      diet as a whole, which is not what doctor morse is helping people with –
      he’s helping people to detoxify and to learn that we are fruitarian beings.
      Also, I should note that as far as the nuts go, sprouting as he said is
      definitely the way to go, but I know Dr. Morse wouldn’t recommend them
      until detox is complete.

  14. I would like some advice. I’m on morse’s protocol but don’t see much
    results after 3 weeks. I’m going to be more patient lol but thinking about
    doing the master fast system, does anyone have any expericence with it?

  15. All right no supplements…How do I get B12 in then?? Berries?? Kinda
    reluctant…TEACH ME PLEASE….Vit. D through sun exposure all right I’ll
    load up the liver of it in the summer…..DHA ? I’m currently taking 1000
    mcg B12 in spray (Methylcob. and gonna switch to Cyanocob. to try) ; Vit.D
    1000 IU from irradiated mushrooms; 250 mg DHA + 150 EPA both Algae derived.
    I might not even be absorbing these cause I’m kinda fine..but not really
    meaning that I can see from my eyes some sulfur in the bowel area and some
    lymph stagnation pretty much everywhere along with lymph nodes blockage
    going on…I can’t full blown detox right now so I’m still taking those
    supplements to be safe…sounds stupid as hell to me cause it’s like
    filling up a closed bottle right…It’s winter and there are 0°C outside so
    I’m doing my best to eat more raw as I can but not 100% …Fruits and
    berries and big salads with some nuts and peanut cream….

    • Nothing but 100% concord grape jc, combined with lemon jc., Herb
      tinctures(a must),cillium pudding, combined with periods of dry fasting.
      Visit “master fast system” FB

    • What you need to understand about B-12 is that it’s not something you get
      from eating food. B-12 is made in the body as a result of alchemical
      processes of bacteria. Doesn’t have anything to do with eating foods that
      supposedly have B-12 in it. You’ll be fine, trust me. Definitely way too
      may supplements in your question. You’re wasting your money and they could
      all be contributing to your sulfur problem. The body has an amazing ability
      to re-balance itself once you begin cleaning it out. Any deficiencies you
      may have are due to mal-absorption in the gut wall, so even if you take
      supplements you won’t absorb them with all of that sulfur and mucus
      blocking your body from utilizing it. Always remember – cleanse and
      strengthen – cleanse and strengthen.

    • Excellant advice. Nutrition is quite a dynamic issue with even all of the
      experts having different opinions. Go with what gets results!! Go with

    • Absolutely – Mother nature always rules the day! Thanks!

    • i have SIBO. and guess what no b12 lvl problems that is because bacteria
      make it for us.

  16. The New Age Religion is also a government created Psyop Dr. Morse, has
    paganism all running through it, just like the bible. Although all holy
    books have some element of Truth still remaining intact. In the bible. it
    is some of Yeshua’s words that have not been changed, but some he did not
    say and did not do, of course, all as a means of control. You cannot
    “upgrade” your DNA, except through the Divine Love of God, which is True
    ascension. At-onement with God, meaning receiving God’s Divine Love in a
    constant state. A constant flowing state.

  17. The New Age Religion is also a government created psyop Dr. Morse, has
    paganism all running through it. The alien agenda, also a government
    created psyop. It was not True bi-location. This is going out of body. It
    is not achieved physically. Any person can be pulled out of body by other
    spirits. easy peasy. In spirit body, you can see 360 degrees all around

  18. We appreciate you!❤

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