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Q&A – 400 – Master Fast Programs, Eczema, Lip Discoloration, Misophonia

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3:43 – Jure – What are your thoughts on the “Master Fast” Program by Gino Di Serio. As I understand, it is a combination of pasteurized grape juice mixed with lemon juice fasting with herbs and some days of dry fasting, a lot is based on your work.

12:34 – Beatrice – You helped my daughter Ocean. Her eczema is now only on arms and legs and going though the waves you were talking about. There is a purple colour to her skin and yellow sticky stuff coming out of sore spots.

19:24 – Teresa – I have a questions regarding discoloration of my lips. 2 years of having problems initially with my bottom lip chapping and then peeling and would use natural base lip balms. Now I have a dark line that with pink acid looking discoloration towards the inside of my lip. I have been eating fruits 10% cook with your kit. Any advice to help?

26:55 – Miguel – I’m a 46yr old and Level 1 graduate who just started filtering after 11 months in kidney, adrenals, and other protocols. Now one area that hasn’t changed for me yet, however, is I still notice that I get brain fogged when outdoors in the heat while in the shade. However, when sunlight hits me directly, I feel a bit more awake just as if I were indoors with the AC.

33:50 – Katrina – I have diagnosed as Misophonia, an emotional reaction to sound. Have had it since I was about 10 years old and it has a very negative impact on my life.

40:17 – Andre – I am a 24 year old male living in Melbourne, Australia. I am studying nursing and I am considering studying natural medicine instead, as I am increasingly getting turned off western medicine from what I am learning. Are there any areas of nursing that you recommend?

27 Comments on Q&A – 400 – Master Fast Programs, Eczema, Lip Discoloration, Misophonia

  1. #400. Wow, Dr. Morse. Thanks for your incredible sacrifice and commitment. Sending lots of love.

  2. Morse The Great!

  3. Dr. Morse, every time I eat fruit, I get very sleepy and tired. What can I do?

    • Fruits are NOT stimulants that’s why. They take you back to your natural, magnetic energy which is far more vital but it takes time for your body to adjust from stimulants (ie: Proteins) to Alkali’s ie:Fruit. In time you will have heaps of energy but a focused WILL and PURE INTENT is vital to succeed! Good luck Tammy. I do know how you feel as I have been on caffeine for many years and having to come off that is awful. So tired, as you say. I know the fruit will work for me if I just STICK AT IT.

    • Tammy Condra, you may be feeling that way because the fruit is working to encourage wastes out of your cells into your lymphatic system. I would take a kidney formula to encourage your kidneys to get rid of those extra wastes and an adrenal formula for your energy… and also rest and continue to eat the fruit.

    • its because your entire intestine is clogged! no body tells you that because they haven’t learnt how to detox properly yet. its the full MFS protocol that gets that out!!!! I used to fall asleep after eating a blimmin carrot until I found out the truth about whats inside of us. I’ve got at least 30 pounds of MP out of me and I’m only 55kg!!!

    • Same here with the caffeine. But due to resulting health issues I have finally stopped and have recently started eating raw fruit. I have also ordered Dr. Morse’s Fab Four herbal tinctures. I am really looking forward to experiencing GOOD HEALTH and natural energy for a change.

  4. Best doc ever, love you <3

  5. Dr. Morse is Da Best! Love his Energy! Namasté <3 <3 <3

  6. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 30th January 2017 at 10:32 pm //

    Love you and bless you Dr. Morse. Thanks for doing your inspired work and keep being the beautiful soul that you are <3 Keep purifying your body mind spirit!

  7. Lots of love for Dr. Morse 🙂

    The thing about Master Gino’s fast is breathing, not only grape-lemon juice. So the energy level of your body is determined by more than only food or juice.

  8. Dr. Morse: toning vaginal walls since the 70s

  9. I think people are too hung up on raw or pasturized grape juice on the Master Fast system. Gino even says that other dark juice will do. He says that Concord grape is the best and for half the year these grapes are out of season and so you would have to use pasturized. He says not over think it. Try other ones such as prune and cranberry too. See what results you get and share them.

  10. yes…we know you are busy and appreciate you!

  11. wow! The mysophonia case. Reminds me of my experiences with panic attacks and anxiety. If I heard a loud sound like trolley carts moving down the sidewalk I’d immediately think the world was ending. It sounded amplified and like it was all around. IT was horrible. Scary times. I don’t experience that anymore. Thank god for dr. morse. He’s the real MVP 🙂

  12. you are amazing young man. You look great. Lots of love and thanks for keeping the video’s coming.

  13. Love you Dr. Morse <3

  14. I tried out the Master Fast cleanse (which is good) but found that a much better solution to the pasteurized grape juice on the Master Fast system I’ve found is buying in bulk (for big discounts) concord or coronation grapes when they’re in season and freezing large quantities. I then either juice or make smoothies out of the frozen grapes for the next 3-4 months and can mix with lemon juice. . .there is just no comparison between raw (best) or frozen (2nd best alternative) and pasteurized (most of the value gone). If you really want to compare apples to apples to get some “reality” around this – drink a glass of freshly squeezed grape juice with a glass of pasteurized grape juice and just notice how you feel after. . .it’s night and day difference.

  15. Fullyrawkristina is a very good youtube channel as well if you want fully raw food idea’s 🙂

  16. what i see, is that mfs enables alot of beings with less funds to reap health benefits,.pasteurized or not it beats a blank. May All be Well an at Peace, Much LOVE.

  17. I have been addicted to watching your videos since I first stumbling upon them.. What a blessing you are! Peace and Love

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