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Q&A – 402- Master Fast, Tongue Cancer, Leukemia

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01:00 – “After last email when I asked about the masterfast system etc… I ended up trying it out for a week. Results…The ‘psyillium pudding’ has gotten out a lot of mucoid plaque which is great. The downside…the grape juice. I only had about a litre a day but after a week, this last weekend I’ve felt very crap, my energies have been very bad, due to detox maybe.”…

04:16 – Kim – “I had a biopsy on 28/12/16 which confirmed tongue cancer which has spread to one of my neck lymph nodes which they want to remove. Treatment is to cut away half of my tongue, skin graph from my arm which will then be placed on my tongue…”…

19:45 – Abubakar – My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in June 2015 and has been on chemotherapy  since July 2015 in London. I have watched some of your videos and other videos regarding effects of chemotherapy and the need to be natural. My family relocated to the U.K. For the treatment. Currently she is in the 3rd cycle of the maintenance therapy. Currently on dexamethazon for 1 week a month, gabapentine, methotrexate and mecaptapurin.(not sure of correct spellings of the drugs). She was just asked to stop monthly Vinchristine last week. Currently she has leg pains that keeps her up all night crying from pain for the past 4 nights.

38:32 – Lisa – “What is disembodied being, a shape shifter, and why do say “We’ve been visited and have been occupied for quite a while? In spite of Trumps bigotry, sexism, racism, bullying, materialistic focus, what is it about him that you and the many spiritual people that Hilda refers to, believe makes him a positive change for the world? What “type of species do you mean are leaving the planet in groves and why? What so you mean we’re working now on the “in-breath” of God?”…

32 Comments on Q&A – 402- Master Fast, Tongue Cancer, Leukemia

  1. Bubber Ducky (*Quak*) // 2nd February 2017 at 4:28 pm //

    Hm.. Interesting.

  2. I notice something similar on the MF. I had to add green juices after a
    while because i was just feeling “off” energetically. I don’t know if its
    related to “detoxing” but that feeling doesn’t happen when i detox with raw

    • Do you use tinctures that are required for MF? They shoul be providing
      required energy for your glands and organs (especially Gland Tonic,
      Endocrince, Adrenal and Longevity)

  3. People have to understand that altering mother nature’s fruits is no good.
    Thanks for speaking on it once again as the topic keeps resurfacing. I feel
    wonderful on raw (non hybrid) grapes and getting out loads of mucus from
    the sinuses.

  4. What’s the email to ask a question?

  5. 12 inch diameter, ouch!!!

  6. <3 thank you <3 the second part is amazing

  7. good stuff

  8. Cold sores are because of the small pox vaccine, I never knew that. Does
    anyone have any more info on it.

  9. My mother has been diagnosed with Gliobastoma 4. Is that treatable?. She
    underwent Chemo and radiation and bone marrow was affected. How to make the
    Bone Marrow to produce healthy stem cell again. Please helps me

  10. Please-what’s the name of the black salve ?

  11. Someone please take me to where the akashic records are kept.

    • celtic gaia tarot and spiritual wisdoms // 2nd February 2017 at 7:21 pm //

      Michael think there may be meditations on you tube some are good some not
      as good

    • I’ll search for them and tune in. I’m fairly new to this knowledge but I’m
      advancing rapidly. Is it something you’re able to do?

    • You know I have done a lot of meditations and I do birth charts which are
      the personal records I guess but I have a problem with discipline and a
      unruly mind. I am on it though booked a mediation course this weekend .

    • celtic gaia tarot and spiritual wisdoms // 2nd February 2017 at 8:52 pm //

      Oh that was me that put the previous reply my son was signed in but the
      birth chart is a personal record and the tarot when done in depth

  12. N.A.S.A. = Never A Straight Answer. Great video Dr. Morse!

  13. please talk about the GOD worlds! I get it my mother was into the GOD
    worlds and she talked about it alot to me when I was little. I have 2 eye
    guides-I was told when I was little I was a healer by the blue that was
    seen from my hands at 11 years old/been in healthcare for 25 years.

  14. we love you so much…your a gift xxx thankyou

  15. Dr. Morse is NOT recommending the MFS. He does not recommend cooked grapes
    which have no living energy whatsoever. It’s a spin-off of what Dr. M is
    doing but it’s the poor mans way. The guy who runs it has copied his herbs,
    his protocol, basically everything and then added in a ‘pudding’ that is
    based off of the GI broom. He also is a nasty nasty individual and
    dangerous, if you ask me.

    • Plant Based Perception // 2nd February 2017 at 11:59 pm //

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Why don’t you join the group
      and read the testimonials? People who have been on Dr Morse’s protocols for
      months and months are getting way better filtration and MP releases in
      shorter time periods. Don’t knock it before you try it. Plus, the guy who
      runs the show just tells it like it is. No fluff. He rubs a lot of people
      the wrong way, but those people probably prefer political correctness over

    • He provides no facts of any kind. What are the facts? Dr. M has a degree
      and actually knows chemistry. Gino has none and can’t explain his methods
      with any kind of coherency. I have already joined the group and
      communicated with Gino a lot. Most have already left or been kicked out.
      He’s a nasty person and ego-centered, everything Dr. M does NOT stand for.
      He is not out to help anyone but his own cause as far as I can see. I am
      all for people healing but I do not think someone who is blatantly copying
      Dr. M should be making money hand over fist selling the same type of herbal
      formulas. Basically exact copies. That being said, we may disagree but
      whomever you are – I hope for your healing journey and I hope you turn to

    • Plant Based Perception // 3rd February 2017 at 12:31 am //

      Glad we can discuss this without getting nasty. We are on the same team.

      From what I know, Gino has done Dr Morse’s detoxification school course so
      he is at least somewhat ‘qualified’ – whatever that means. We both know
      that people can be qualified and still not know what they’re talking about.
      That being said he is not as experienced as Dr Morse in dealing with
      clients, without question.

      With regards to his personality – yes, he seems to aggravate people
      (initially me as well) with his blunt messaging, but that shouldn’t
      invalidate the system itself. You’re somewhat shooting the messenger by
      critiquing Gino instead of evaluating MFS as a whole. Can I ask – have you
      tried the full MFS following the entire protocol?

      I agree in part with what you’re saying about the herbal formulas because
      Gino has used Dr Morse’s template for some of them (not all). Gino’s are
      stronger and cheaper, but Dr Morse deserves more credit for the composition.

  16. I have done over 100 days on the Master Fast over a few different periods.
    There’s nothing like it. It is tough but it’s not meant to be forever –
    it’s super intense detox and you don’t feel great all the time. Once you
    get back to eating and balance out after a few weeks you can feel the
    difference though. If even fruits aren’t quite doing it for you right now I
    would recommend giving it a serious shot.

  17. I wonder what dr morse thinks about ayahuasca? Ive done it twice in my life
    and ive felt those realms that hes talking about. It was insane. Outerbody.
    Astral projection. It was very alien like. Not from this planet

  18. I have listened to you with such admiration and respect for a whole year
    now. You only display your weakness in supporting Trump the man.

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