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Q&A – 436 – Head Congestion, Premature Ovarian Failure, Mold Toxicity

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03:11- Richard – I agree with most of what you say, with a few major exceptions after many years of exploration myself. One thing I agree with is that cooked food is harmful in the long run. It even makes pets get human diseases. But now I'm really interested in how one builds muscle on a natural raw diet and I am looking for examples of people that have done it, and working on it myself. Antjuane is of course not one, but there may be some somewhere and I would really like to find out about them and communicate with them. I have no attraction to what raw paleo eaters have done, as I don't believe eating meat is a good idea. There is no doubt at all that eating meat, steamed vegetables and cooked rice/sweet potato has proven to get great results and produce incredible physiques, but probably leading to disease in the long run due to the cooked food and meat.

06:14 – June – I meditated on finding help regaining my heath and was led to your YouTbe videos. It has felt like a miracle for me. While watching the first video, I had this feeling that I knew you, and I kept asking myself over and over, where do I know him from? The feeling wouldn’t go away. I had to know where I knew you from…

38:23 – Emilie – I have done a lot of healing and changes since my last pregnancy and I am excited to finally be mostly raw. However my right eye still shows a lot of congestion in the head and ear. I am worried that I still have much cleaning to do in my head…

52:53- Danielle – I am 41 and I've had problems with my hormones and irregular periods for several years. I also have chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, etc. Early menopause runs in my family (mom & sister). I did high-fruit raw foods for years in the past and was much healthier (was even fruitarian for a couple years), but now I am only half to 2/3 raw for years. My period stopped almost a year ago, with menopause-range hormones. I know you've helped many women with fertility issues, but I wonder if you have helped any premature menopause/POF women reverse their situation?

01:06:22 – Eli – Dr. Morse, I've been following you for 6 years now, you are a wonderful soul and one of my favorite earthlings in the entire world. Unfortunately, I've been dealing with the same issues some issues that I am unable to rid of. Most prominent symptoms are derealization, anxiety, tension, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, white tongue, chronic fatigue and the list goes on. A fruit based diet has done great for me in regards to my energy levels, but the bloating and brain fog still remain. I am wondering if mycotoxins from mold in a chronically flooded basement can be the source of my issues. What is your viewpoint on mycotoxins and long term effect on the human body?

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  1. what supplement is he talking about before 2:10?

  2. Dr. Morse, where does one find alfalfa? I remember my mother always putting alfalfa sprouts on her salad when o was a kid but I don’t see those in the grocery store anymore.

  3. Can anyone give me some insight on wild rice? since it’s technically a grass and not a grain. I’m on a fruitarian diet right now, but I’d like to have some steamed veggies and wild rice occasionally. Thanks in advance♡

  4. How wonderful to see a new video! Thank you for the Uplift!
    Riding out Harvey Tropical Storm in Houston TX.

  5. Love that man!

  6. This is the kind of stuff that nourishes the soul! So much of what you said, and the timing – impeccable. Thank you for your generosity on ALL levels. Namaste.

  7. I love you so much! I am so incredible thankful you have come into my life…for all our sakes. Thanks and blessings!

  8. Thank you Dr Morse.

  9. Thank you..☺

  10. So many videos coming out lately! thanks for the great work <3 
    I convert the videos to mp3 and listen to them while working, I dare say I enjoy my work thanks to you

  11. God bless you Dr Morse and this Truth of the lymphatic system. May all beings be released from suffering and the illusionary concept of diseases. <3

  12. Explain how to start filtering the kidneys? Just dry fasting or is there a trick? Id like some directions…This seems to be the first step he recommends in the detox protocol. Where do I start? I just became a herbal healing member and would like to understand where I start…so many blends I’m confused.

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