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Q&A – 447 – Klebsiella Pneumonie, Omega Fats, Coconuts.

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00:53 – Andrea – My husband would like to know if there is a protocol for klebsiella pneumonie?

09:21 – Janelle – First of all, I am eternally grateful for all of the teaching and encouragement you give everyone for no payment. You are a blessing. My name is Janelle and I am a 53 yr. old female. My mother was raised on a reservation and the food they received was all commodities, dried or canned food. She passed away from Alzheimer’s. I also had my spleen removed at the age of 13 because it was "eating my platelets" according to doctor. I have been depressed since the age of 14. Have been antidepressants.

13:54 – Jimmy – I got a question from one who has been on only fruit for a couple of months..she said that she did a test of the omega fats 6 months ago and the ratio was 1,5:1 which they said was really good…now when she has been on fruit she did a new test and the omega 6 had risen to 6,7:1 how can that be? She feels good

19:13 – Michel – Could you kindly advise your stance on coconuts, especially fresh coconut, coconut oil and coconut water?

7 Comments on Q&A – 447 – Klebsiella Pneumonie, Omega Fats, Coconuts.

  1. First. Love this channel. Just ordered more healing herbs

  2. I love the colorful shirt ! 🙂 ❤️

  3. The last time I told my doctor to become a carpenter, he checked my blood-pressure. I hope you don’t mind a funny comment once and a while.

  4. Dome homes… You are the best!!! Hoka Hey! Master Brother…

  5. Dr morse or anyone else know if chewing gum is okay during a fruit detox?

  6. Yes, the shirt, indeed, he wears it well.

  7. this pseudoscientific quack doesn’t know what he is talking about. pneumonia is microbial not some magic voodoo detox. this man is dangerous.

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