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Q&A – 458 – Floating Kidney, Type 1 Diabetes, Herpes, Protecting Teeth

03:16 – Malin – I have a problem that is really painful. Floating kidney.It has fallen 8 cm and also twisted,got this after a renal failure. I feel the kidney pressure to my ribs…

13:11- Aashish – My name is Aashish Kewalramani . I am 15 years old. I stay in India . I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last year on 4th October 2016. It was very devastating for me and my family .I was prescribed 62 units of insulin per day during my ten day hospital stay .But I was determined to heal myself naturally.

27:57 – David – How should I get started in order to start my journey in healing myself from herpes. What specific kits, herbs, and/or step-by-step protocol should I take to effectively tackle my problem? I currently have your "Heal All Tea." Will only this tea, itself , with the help of eating grapes get ride of my herpes completely l00%? Or do I need to get deeper in the sense of implementing other herbs as well?
54:35 – Namasthe Guruji.You got lots of fans in India.This is Shri ,33 male,6 feet tall,104 kgs of body weight, sedentary Lifestyle, 70% of my diet was indian non_veg curries,fast foods and white rice,My health issues are_ 1.varicose veins,My T3,T4,TSH are normal,2. burning sensation when I pass urine and stools but only when consuming spicy Indian foods, 3.a simple cyst of 1cm in my right kidney(2 years back i passed 1 cm kidney stone from right kidney through my urine using homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines, 4.tailbone pain after driving about 50 miles on my bike.

01:07:31 – David – Please advise re protecting teeth on a grape juice fast. Will the acids from grapes not destroy the enamel on teeth?

01:13:12 – Guylaine – Here is a picture of my before and after 10 months into this journey. I am 100% raw – fruits botanic fruits and herbs. Sense 12/11/16 – my skin was very dry and I was tired of being tired. It's nice to have real testimony of Wellville.

01:20:24 – Chantal – my mother angele is 56 & 5 feet tall – Born with 1 kidney – double female anatomy – smoked for aprox 30 years of her life- nowquit- she had carbon monoxide poisoning a few years ago- Recently she is having EXTREME vertigo. She has been having them for 4 months-A few in the first 2 but just recently they are so bad she has to crawl & it makes her throw up they can last 1-2 hours. She complains of ear & head feeling very full -THE DOCTORS want to remover her INNER EAR, whats your take?

01:26:22 – Karla – My question involves candida overgrowth/SIBO/parasites and how it could contribute to autoimmune diseases. I think I have some candida overgrowth symptoms, such as white coated tongue, bloated feeling after eating, moody… Last year I had sinus colds every month. Stopping dairy seemed to help that. It probably didn't help that I was following a high protein, high fat diet during pregnancy/breastfeeding prior to that (Brewer's Diet)? Right after our baby was born, I started trying to get healthier (at age 43) so if we can have another child, we could

01:45:48 – Maria – what is your opinion on using sodium thiosulfate for a detox? Some people talk about this type of detox on YouTube and have had good results as far as cleaning everything out good and bad. People that have done this detox highly recommend replacing your good bacteria, vitamin/minerals everyday when taking this Sodium thiosulfate at night for 4 weeks

01:53:49 – Jess – You are God's gift to this hurting world. Thank you for giving the hopeless, HOPE! We love you so much I have low normal range platelet levels and so have put myself on your spleen formula as well as kidney and lymphatic 1. I would like to also work on my bone marrow, is there a formula you have that would be good for my bone marrow?

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  1. I was on a juice fast/feast for almost 3 weeks and one day i messed up ate 2 many solid foods and heavy foods like breads, nuts, seeds, dips and crackers i got carried away. Next few days have been hell, severe stomach diarrhea and stomach cramps, headache, feverish symptoms, it felt like everything i drank would fly through me and my body wasn’t absorbing anything and both liquid and solid would pass through the anus then the next day the diarrhea seemed to have calmed down after multiple trips and with some herbal teas and activated charcoal, oregano oil, ginger, and a few other teas then i decided to eat some bananas and prunes in the afternoon but it wasn’t doing it for me so i made some veggie soup with herbs n spices and notice more headache and stomach cramps all night until the severe diarrhea came back the following night middle of the night now and the stomach growling has been unlike anything i ever heard. I’m scared i messed up my ability to digest food, so far im staying on teas and liquids because i am worried to try anything else. I would like to know what i can do from here. My plan is to water fast or dry fast after i get better then slowly introduce fresh fruit like mango or a light juice more varieties day by day. Would this be wise or what would you recommend? i think i got some food poisoning or a really bad bug i believe activated charcoal helped too who knows :/ no vomiting so far though. I believe ginger helped as well and i think my body is not doing with with juices or sugars too so i am trying to only do water and teas for now if you have any tips or experience with this please feel free to chime in thanks. I never had problems before and haven’t been sick for years just thought id try a cleanse :/ I am scared to fall asleep cause i leak quite often everything is coming our through the backdoor and little urine.

    • Not a good idea to break a fast with the improper foods. I did the same thing after grapes for 2 days, ate some rice. Lots of cramping and gas afterwards. Best thing to do is go back on fruit and berries. If you need bring in some salad or cooked veggies. Dry fasting is something to do after you have been on detox for a while, like being on a fruit fast.

    • Thanks yeah i know i decided to have some coconut yogurt and mango and that lead me to more “denser” foods and cravings i wasn’t thinking properly. I have been vegan/raw vegan for years and i was generally healthy i just felt I’d try a juice fast as i only done water fast before. I’m currently just on teas should i progress to a water then dry fast as i feel better for the deepest cleanse and healing?

  2. StarShine LoveLightLover // 27th February 2018 at 8:09 pm //


  3. Treat your brain with respect and turn off Faux. You can do better than their lies and propaganda. In fact, throw your tv away.
    Love the idea of a movie of patients/people showing their journey. I have a subcutaneous tumor I’ll photograph, as I expect it to disappear with time.

  4. Would you eat grape seeds on a grape fast?

  5. ♥♥♥ Thank you Dr. Morse ♥♥♥

  6. Dr Morse. I would like to contact you but Im from Slovakia. How can I get answer like that exactly from you please? I just wish a tiny bit of your time to answer me. Can it be email, phone call or i have to send letter to your country? Please Thank you 🙁

  7. I have amalgham fillings
    Can i rinse with baking soda?

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