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  1. Love you, Dr.Morse!!!

  2. Hello dr morse I have ordered your healthy pituitary pills, since my last comments about me being 17 and 5’2.
    So Thankyou and I hope I see results

    • Do you know how tall we should be? In another video, Dr. Morse said 5’5″ for a woman, it is the pituitary. That doesn’t seem tall to me. I am 5’5.5″ and I don’t consider that tall… just taller than some.

    • shawnanagins775 what do you mean ? I didn’t say I was tall ..

  3. SaúdeVC thaismelo // 25th July 2018 at 4:01 pm //


  4. Yes! Another video, thank you Dr Morse, love you guys!

  5. The craziest thing about all this… human beings ARE these people we call “doctors”; simple people that went to school and learned a little bit about something; some got better grades than others; some payed attention, some didn’t; some are good people, some aren’t…. still JUST human beings with individual ideas and thoughts… “in charge” of your life?!
    I don’t think so! LOL 🙂 Only we are in charge! YOU. You ARE what you eat. Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food.
    Peace in & Love out
    99% of “medical doctors” know diddly squat about nutrition!!! So they shove a “dietitian” in your face, yet this person also knows jack squat about nutrition!!! Aye! If only the world would wake up and see the truth.

  6. We are frugivores – zero proofs. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure show adrenal/kidney strength – can’t find this anywhere. We don’t need protein – evidence shows the opposite, people that don’t eat protein lose muscle mass. All vegans that body build eat vegan forms of protein. No frugivores have any kind of muscle mass, i lost all mine on this diet. Dr. Morse sounds great but my real life observations have shown the opposite, it is a detox diet.

    No one has tested the “sediment” that comes out with kidney filtration, Morse is assuming it is mucus. I filtered after eating scrambled eggs. My blood pressure is 117/58 on a raw butter, raw eggs and grass fed meat diet with fruit. According to morse this will mess me up good but i have gained back 10 lbs of the 20 lbs i have lost. I wake up without feeling stiff, my brain feels clear and i feel balanced, so what gives?

    There is zero evidence of ANY tribe having ever eaten a 100 percent fruit diet.

    • Don’t waste your energy on these imbeciles. Raw eggs and raw butter ….enough said lol

    • You’re probably malabsorbed. I see the opposite. I hardly eat anything and I sustain energy and power and grow spiritually. People around have no clue why I can go without “food” for so long. I believe I don’t need “food” that’s why. 🙂 I train myself. Fruit is the best food for humans. The least obstructive and the most nutritive. When you detox you can become weaker but then you come out of it, you will see the power coming in…

    • I also feel like becoming a breatharian. I feel it within me.

    • Sungazing all we use food for is to get the suns energy. We can just bypass food and go straight to the source. People also question my ability to survive without food if only they knew about my dry fasting endeavors but I don’t mention it because it would be too much for them. When they raise themselves spiritually they will see the truth until then its those folks who need our love the most so they can elevate quicker.

    • I’ve been guided towards that since my awakening. I feel it too lots of work but one day. Check out metatron and galactic council books by Robbie Mackenzie on Amazon. Beautiful books and wonderful guide for our spiritual evolution.

  7. May we learn to love our enemies and transgressors

  8. Fat shill = Robert Morse

  9. Socialism does help people – Neo Capitalism doesn’t ! Please Dr Robert Morse lets just stick to your golden info on health please.

    • He’s using 1950s consciousness to define “socialism”. He doesn’t even know that America is already a democratic socialist country. What does he want, a return to no minimum wage, no welfare, no medicare, no social security, no libraries, no fire departments? All these are SOCIALIST programs, and they are very popular.

      This just goes to show that everybody is fallible, probably has some glaring flaws, even, but can still offer a great deal.

  10. At the end of the day meat poultry and fish are the biggest harbors in bacteria and parasites. Plus putrify and absolutely stink within the colon. Maybe fruit only is a “detox diet”, but going back on meat is just gonna cause the exact same issues you had before

    • divine consciousness // 25th July 2018 at 8:10 pm //

      you need to wash it and cook. same as fruits. if you dont wash it you will get bacteria and parasites.

    • divine consciousness you wash meat. I’ve been chef for 10 years and in all the restaurants I’ve worked I’ve never seen meat being washed lol

    • I’m sorry but that is false. Parasites can survive frozen and in cooking temperatures. Look up a bit more about parasites. Washing does not prevent it. When the parasite eggs are in the carrier that is when they hatch and thrive.

  11. Adventure Spirit One // 25th July 2018 at 6:17 pm //

    Dr Morse…I love you, and I believe in detoxification, but do you think it’s normal to get a sore throat from a bite of dairy? I’ve heard you say before the goal is to clean out enough that you don’t have blowback when you cheat. There is no part of me that thinks perfect health is in state when a bite of dairy would cause a sore throat? I’m so confused by all of this and all the conflicting views and beliefs about what to eat to heal. I get reactions from food too sometimes, but seriously, once detox is done what is one to eat? Fruit forever? Why can other people eat cooked food and live healthy long lives but others have to eat exclusively fruit to keep symptoms at bay? How are we healed if you have to avoid it forever? Gaaahhhh losing my mind over food

    • Yes, completely normal. He has a story where while being a fruitarian, he craved some ice-cream (malt), and had some–the instant he had his first bite, he had a sore throat and mucus. Your body is now becoming clearer on what is food, and what is not. Dairy is not food for the human species. After detox, raw vegan or 80% raw 20% cooked vegan. Others simply have stronger genetics so can get away with more and for longer… But it always catches up to them…

    • Maathue ChristosHUH // 25th July 2018 at 11:24 pm //

      Yeah, that’s what happens with addiction. Consuming the lactation of another creature isn’t even rational, but that casein and hormones will get you addicted. Eat vegan ice cream if you need something like that but dairy isn’t necessary.

  12. StarShine LoveLightLover // 25th July 2018 at 6:27 pm //


  13. This guy is a money making scammer. Sad but true.

    • I have eaten tons of fruit for the last 7 years and my teeth are in the best shape they have ever been in, probably because I gave up refined sugar. Also my hair is thicker now than it’s ever been. Saying ALL fruits are bad for your teeth just shows how uneducated you are. Yes dried fruit and the lower ph, unripe fruits may not be so good for the teeth but I am yet to find anyone that has gotten teeth issues from eating ripe, higher ph fruits like melons, mangoes, papayas etc.

    • Vibin’ Panda My point was teeth falling out due to malnutrition not acid erosion.

    • Hey EVERYONE ! This guy knows the truth. It’s his name after all so he must know things that we do not.

    • Yeah if you just do nothing but fruit long term then you are going to be malnourished because fruit is not nutritionally complete but it’s not meant to be done long term, it’s a short term protocol to help people get rid of their health issues, that’s what this channel is all about. A healthy diet should contain lots of fruits AND vegetables. This is common knowledge and there are tons of studies to back it up. Your carnivore diet is not a healthy diet.

    • The Truth I’ve been 100percent vegan for 35 years & never felt better. I’m 73 years old & taking not a single medication. Blood work perfect. Heading towards Fruitarian. Almost there. Never took Dr Morse’s herbs.
      He is 100percent right

  14. Awakened Heyoka Seedz // 25th July 2018 at 9:11 pm //

    I love you too. Swords are always sharp. ⚡♦️⚡The passion is contagious. Truth Warriorzzz

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