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Q&A – 482 – Hormonal Birth Control, Stage 2 Kidney Cancer.

05:21 – Suzanne – I am 27 and stopped taking hormonal birth control a couple years ago. I am hoping you can help me and the other ladies out there who love your videos and tell us of a safe herbal form of birth control?? You mentioned creating one to have in your store in one of your early videos but I haven't seen one yet. Could you tell us what we could use? Maybe one herb/herbal combination for monthly preventive birth control and one for safe early abortion? In terms of my health, I have been on a vegan diet since last summer, mainly gluten free. Bacterial overgrowth/fungus for sure. Heart murmur and maybe arrhythmia. Lots of mucus my whole life and the mucus that comes out of my nose has been yellow/green for the past couple years. Post nasal drip. I suspect I have hypothyroid and am cold all the time.

37:27 – David – My friend Stefan Ski recommended your advice . My mom has stage 2 cancer in the kidney. He said you have a great kidney detox program? Would you be kind enough to send it over please? My parents are very conventional and will not listen to me about NOT doing chemo. I have tried to talk to them about holistic options. My 2 sisters are RNs, and they are agreeing with the chemo. She will have to do chemo for 8-12 weeks.

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  1. Quick summary: eat only fruit, or fruit juice, and/or starve yourself, and buy Dr Morse herbs and all your problems will be solved

    • He’s following the same concept the father of medicine HIPPOCRATES did
      Are you calling Hippocrates practices bullshit? You’re ignorant

    • He’s talking to very very sick people who are at the end of their ropes.

    • And allopathic confusing contradictory methodology is less ridiculous ? Life in all its complexities at its root is simple. Just like when you feel sick , you often dont want to eat or move. Your body wants to keep things simple to deal with its ailments. Morse carries that in all of his teachings, and accounts with his herbs the vast amount of chemical exposure and genetic deterioration humans have been exposed to. Morse lives in an RV, he isn’t in it for the money, he purports his herbs because they’re an accumulation of his life’s work, and he believes they’re the best there are.

    • He’s referring to the people suffering from chronic debilitating sicknesses.

      Im following his protocol and have been getting better.
      It hasn’t been easy by any means.
      But if I don’t do it nobody can do it for me. I was so sick I was forced to leave the job I so loved.
      I hope you never get so sick that you’re forced into drastic measures as this.
      But even though I’m better, I’ve seen an incredible change in my complexion and energy.

    • He can’t just share cases online freely. Doctor-patient confidentiality, plus the FDA would go after him for using the word “cure”.
      There are social groups full of testimonies, as well as the grapegate website.

  2. Godbless Robert. See you in a few weeks time

  3. Thank you for all your help, Dr. Morse!!

  4. Always a clear angle uncovering the cancer industries agenda in their complex puzzle….

  5. My wife and I are willing to experiment with your birth control formula! Reply to me!!!!

  6. Allright then, Dr. Morse, Im wanting myself a shirt like that. He mentioned where he shops for them once. Anyone knows, I owe you a beer, er, a dark red seeded watermelon. Thx&Bls

  7. Awakened Heyoka Seedz // 19th September 2018 at 9:38 pm //

    It’s getting very intense. Im right up the street from Dr Morse. Best advice. Detox. The time is now to be light. Because thats what we are. Light beings.

  8. How to restore bacteria from antibiotics ? Ive never heard Dr. Morse recommend probiotics or cultured vegetables etc.

    • best remedy for your issue is this: stop killing them (stop doing antibiotics). they will restore on their own because nature doesnt waste energy and what you eat produces energy and waste- that waste provides energy for the bacteria as they feed on it.

    • God and bad things are everywhere even in the air. Depends on the terrain you prepare if God or bag ones grows over the other. Maybe

  9. I love you Dr. Morse unconditionally for restoring our health and teach us the understanding of human biology and how to fight those artificial deasises and the rest of the bio and chemical attacks on our health!!! <3 <3 <3

  10. “Humility in your heart”…that’s good stuff. Thank you, Dr. Morse!

  11. I experimented with the birth control formula …I didnt work

  12. Keep an open mind, but don’t let your brains fall out. It takes scrutiny, skepticism, and ultimately proof, in order to find the truth. I went with theoretical science, and lost. I kicked the Paleo problem, and saw practical science with Dr. Morse. Then I knew it was true.
    Also, it keeps coming back to me over and over as I do it, and see others doing it- the biggest obstacle to discovering the truth is thinking we already know it.

  13. 21:20 may Lugol help meanwhile ? Thanks

  14. Anyone know Which herbs raise strogens and should not be used in men if possible? Thanks

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