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Q&A – 496 – Adenocarcinoma, Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer.

01:59 – Crystal – Just a few weeks ago, it was discovered there was a new growth that happened after 2015 and it is 7cm in size and a recent biopsy determined it is cancer (adenocarcinoma.} They don't know where it is coming from. Patient is willing to change the diet to a vegetable and fruit based diet. Bowel movement very frequent like every hour and needs to take warm baths to feel more co mfort ab le…

21:32 – Birgit – All my problems started in the year 2007. I had breast cancer in my left breast. After lumpectomy I received 6 weeks of Radiation and they gave me Tamoxifen. In 2008 I had cervical Cancer. They took all out and now they gave me ARIMIDEX for the following 5 years. 2015 I had thyroid Cancer and they took my whole thyroid out, including my parathyroid glands. My life became very hard because I have these calcium cramps because my body can't produce calcium anymore since my parathyroid glands don't work anymore…

46:07 – Sarah – My question is for my Dad. He was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was jaundiced. The tumor is pressing on his bile duct, not allowing it to drain. They did a biopsy, and put in a stent to allow the bile to drain. After the biopsy they said, maybe chemo to shrink the tumor, and then surgery, the WHIPPLE (which sounds absolutely dreadful, ugh!) He was also diagnosed with melanoma this year, and was in the ER for kidney stones. He's also had Grave's disease his whole life. Lots of digestive issues, constipation, always tons of gas and burping. So, clean up the bowels, fruit for the lymph system right?…

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  1. I just love to see this channel grow! #heroesJOURNEY

  2. WoooHoooo! What a way to end the work week! Happy Happy!!!! Xoxo

  3. Julie Brendmoen-Crow // 8th March 2019 at 11:20 pm //

    Hey Dr Morse 🙂

  4. First 2 seconds of the video and i ve already clicked like m, only because this man saved my life 🙂 big hugs Robert!!!!

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