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30 Comments on Q&A 500 – Working on Time Stamps

  1. I love dr. Morse . He saved my life!!!! Stage 4 kidney failure. Reversed !!!!!!!!!

    • +Itsme I fast from 6pn to 2 ot 3 PM. I eat 1 whole bag of grapes 1 container of blueberries. I container of strawberries1 bowl of watermelon or cantaloupe and 1 orange and 1 or 2 lemons a day. Also I have 1 cucumber and 1 to 2 avocados. Some of this fruit is blended in a smoothy. I cant eat all of it theres no time so I drink it

    • +Steve Bailey Hi Steve. I wasn’t sure if the “6pn” typo was 6am or 6pm. I’m guessing you fast from 6am to 3pm? Anyway, congrats man!

    • +clive mossmoon I fast from 6pm in the evening to 2 or 3 PM in the afternoon the next day usually about 20 or 22 hours. Everyday. I worked myself up to this amount of time slowly.

    • +Steve Bailey Ah, thank you, that makes more sense to me. Why did you decide to challenge the medical doctors if I may ask?

    • +clive mossmoon I knew there was truth and healing a natural way out there i just didnt know what or where . I still see all my team of drs. They don’t know everything I’m doing just know that my kidney disease was reversed also type 2 diabetes , high blood pressure sleep apnea. I knew I wasnt going down the road of transplant and dialysis. I’ve always known healing was in the food. I just didnt know what food and how. I searched and searched and prayed. And i found dr. Morse.

  2. Prolific Protocol // 2nd May 2019 at 3:15 am //

    Two videos in one day? Stay blessed Dr Morse you the man with a plan!

  3. thank you for the message! many thanks and much love

  4. Pfft! I sent an email well over a year ago and he ain’t ever read it, I guaranfuckingte it.

    • Cameron Schotter I’ve been doing the wild blueberry smoothies for 16 months now, but per Medical Medium always combined with bananas, oranges, cilantro, barley grass juice powder and spirulina. A heavy metal detox smoothie. No results I can notice.
      Do you add anything to the blueberries?

    • +Toni Weel just be careful not to go too strong until kidneys are filtering. With herbs. Sounds like your doing really good. I would quit the cooked food at night. Just do a nice salad with vegetable fruits. Like cucumbers and avocado. That always helps me . Make my own dressing with lemons and grapeseed oil and parsley
      Organic Frozen fruit is ok if thsts the best u can get. I would do my smoothys with only fruit for now
      A good detox cleanse smoothy for every once in awhile is raw beets raw parsley and dandelion greens
      Do what u can what ever fruit u can do and get .

    • Spiritual Wave Rider // 2nd May 2019 at 7:53 pm //

      I AM Spiritual Wave Rider- I watched many many of his videos to learn the protocols, while waiting to see if my email might get answered. I tried to include lots of different health issues in my email that I experienced throughout my life, minus details of my ripping experience, which has greatly impacted my health in a negative way.

      He really does provide all of the information in his videos on how to heal/regenerate every cell in the body: 1. Get the lymphatic system moving via fruit detox, herbal support, & sweating. 2. Support your bodies natural healing abilities; do not suppress or excite your cells (i.e., glands, organs, etc).
      3. Detach from the Universal Mind & conditioned emotions to become the observer & spiritually sore. I definitely don’t have this all figured out, but awareness is power! Much love & light!

      P.S. I researched the herbs in his formulas & was able to get my herbs from someone that the Universe brought into my life who has an herb shop & is following Dr. Morses protocols. There are no coincidences. In fact, the Universe brought me ran 2 people in a small town on the Oregon coast who follow Dr. Morse when I began seeking deeper whole body, mind, & spirit healing, growth, & restoration. Reminder to self: When we ask, we shall receive! ♡

    • +Toni Weel you can do it!!! Your already doing so great. Stay strong . You will ne amazed at the results.

  5. Whaaaaaat? 2 in one day?? Woohoo! Thanks so much

  6. Happy 500th video!

  7. Rosemary Carrell // 2nd May 2019 at 6:06 am //

    How do you get rid of inflammations.

    • Cameron Schotter // 2nd May 2019 at 6:17 am //

      clean the lymphatic system through diet, herbs and fasting by allowing the kidneys to drain it. Love, that is literally all dr morse speaks about. inflammation is the bodies reaction to acid damage, inflammation is a good thing, its your body protecting you. inflammation is not the cause

    • You need to buy all his expensive herbs because the fruit diet is deficient

    • Cameron Schotter // 2nd May 2019 at 7:01 pm //

      +Henrik N or you could buy herbs from someone else… his herbs really arent expensive comparably.

    • +Cameron Schotter Why would I buy herbs? My diet is not deficient. I eat 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 banana, 200 gram berries, 1 carrot, 1 tomato, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp flax, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp sunflower seeds. 250 grams broccoli or green cabbage. 560 calories from steamed lentil sprouts, 3 potatoes. a little bit Kelp to get iodine. 1 B12 pill. All this in 1 day is about 1750 calories. Why would I need to buy herbs? And how do you know his herbs aren’t expensive comparably? Nobody else makes his specific formula

  8. Spiritual Wave Rider // 2nd May 2019 at 8:28 am //

    I AM Spiritual Wave Rider (aka. Annym Awakening). Thank you so much for taking my email & helping to answer my questions. I dug into your videos over the last few months & have been continuing to learn so much about regenerating every cell in my body & spirituality.

    I have also been taking note to the CPS stories/attacks that many parents, like myself, have experienced. It seems these dark forces are working overtime. Is it karma and/or has our planet been taken over by parasites?

    As for rising above this all & letting go, it is difficult when it involves one’s offspring, but I’m working on connecting in love, while detaching. I really don’t have this down at this time. My email actually said that I once was deep in religious & intellectual (i.e., higher education) indoctrination, but the ripping took care of all of that ;)!

    Many speak about how we create our own realities, but I don’t want to create any type of karma that binds me to stay here, however I do want to experience more joy & to restore my family. My offspring are currently 2, 5, 10, 15, & 17 & false allegations were used to rip me from one end of this planet to the other & so much destruction has been caused in my relationships with my offspring, extended family, & former friends.

    Currently, I am seeking within myself, answers to my questions, as to what life lessons I am here to learn, what karma I must burn off, and/or how to rewrite my story and shift into higher dimensions, so that I can fulfill my purposes here on this planet to experience & spread joy to other survivors of this for-profit CPS & “family court” state sanctioned human trafficking that is destroying one family after another.

    I would love to help end this form of legalized human trafficking, as the observer, if this is what I’m here to do. I have a major passion for natural health & healing, as well! I want to regenerate all of my cells & break free from this 3rd dimensional body/mind, emotions reality to truly be- I AM.

    FYI: Yes I experienced irregular cycles (e.g., clotty menses, spotting a week plus prior to starting), bruised easily, insomnia, hair loss, & had warts all over my hands as a child, etc. I also did have tail bone injuries from gymnastics, a lower spine crack injury, slight scoliosis in upper back, etc. 😉 I definitely knew that my miscarriages were not normal, but thought it was crazy that several specialist were telling me they were.

    My email was from January 30th & it’s been quite a ride since…I just got my new herbs 2 days ago & am currently taking adrenal/kidney, pituitary, thyroid, endocrine, parasite, stomach, upper circ. tinctures that my friend from a local herb shop has been working on perfecting to make them as close to yours as possible.

    I researches Dr. Morse’s herbs & first started with a couple of months of taking the adrenal/kidney, parasite, stomach & endocrine tinctures & then added a thyroid/pituitary glandular a month ago, which really helped with my sleep & monthly cycle. The new herbs have the parathalmus herbs included, but I think I truly need the GI Broom & heal all tea.

    Eating mostly fruit, grounding & the sauna has really been helpful!!! It is time to get more disciplined & go for the grape fast now that I got my new herbs! I would not be where I am in my healing jouney, if not for your amazing videos Dr. Morse! Thank you! I have almost given up many times, as this ripping really has been painful, but the Universe has continued to provide me with just what I need! Much love & light!

  9. Keep em’ coming Doc! Great to see you! Much love!

  10. It’s very helpful to put the questions in the description!! Please!
    Like so he sees it 🙂

  11. Dr. Morse, can you speak to how Terry Wahls, cured her MS by eating Keto? Is there any one diet that is right or wrong?

  12. Love ya man you have helped me so much. I know that if I had went the doctors I would not be here. Many of my friends thought I was crazy but it has been over 3 years with the right way to concur the Breast C. It is not gone but Im not Dead.

  13. Have a brain tumor causing seizures, severe headaches, nausea. Trying my best to do all fruit. Not much of an appetite. Can’t afford all the herbs I probably need. Can’t get hot or will trigger seizures, as many other things have been triggering seizures. No longer working, I really do need some help with this. Thanks for your videos!

  14. Maybe someone here can help…I have been having pretty bad brain fog, but what is weird is that I have nearly no other symptoms accept for minor clues. I used to be able to hear my internal dialogue, think quick, musically talented and creative. These things went away when I was a child (now 25+ yo). But now I have pushed away friends, family and goals, because I can’t think clearly and make decisions. Can’t express myself truthfully either. I get anxiety when in confrontation easily. I guess fruits, berries, melons and herbs will have to be incorporated. Not easy for me, but I’ll try. Live in DC area

    • I have eye floaters, swollen lymph under my neck, I wake up after 4 hours, I think I have constant ringing in my ears though its manageable. Also my mind always seems tired like I don’t want to think. Other than an appendicitis few years back, no other crazy health issues.

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