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17 Comments on Q&A – 501 – Time Stamps Coming Soon (5-23-10)

  1. Dr. Morse is an angel! Awakening the light embedded in each of us souls. we continue, creating a tsunami of love, humility, health and a New Earth. sending love especially to you!

  2. So excited another video.!!!! Dr. Morse is amazing. !!!! So blessed to have found him when I did. ! Amazing !!!

  3. Wow, 99K subscribers and counting!

  4. Awakened Heyoka Seedz // 22nd May 2019 at 9:09 pm //

    Could go for another Hug Doc!!! Most Love Brother ⚡♦️⚡

  5. Not that I would ever recommend anyone taking their own life. That is an intensely personal decision. However, back before I was introduced to Dr Morse I was sick and suffering from depression. I researched the subject and learned that nitrogen is perhaps the most gentle, painless and effective way of accomplishing the deed. You breathe as normal, fall asleep in 10 to15 minutes and then you simply don’t wake up.
    For what it’s worth.

  6. If we kill ourselves now then we will never return since this earth is ending 4 big cycles here..if one ho after a light you go after the fake 7 heavens or holograms like nirvana..shamballa..avalon..etc..go into the dark it means you are the light…

  7. hindsight, foresight, insight..integrity….the Christ says “I have come so you can see God and Live”… will you see Him…you won’t have eyes….you don’t see him you REALIZE him….with your integrity….your realization…the place that exists before you speak….before you move your arm out it goes through your “rational”, that is where He reigns…where He lives In You….when you SEE that you won’t want to take your life…you will want to ONLY live IN Him and He IN you……union

  8. Just when I needed a video. There he is.

  9. Can someone tell me what he correct names are that he is mentioning? I find nothing under “Fubi Quan” or “Egg Masters” probably spelling it wrong lol

  10. At 22 min in volume starts cutting in and out

  11. Putting our souls (us) into the human body is equivalent of putting the power and light of the sun into the body of a gnat. It is dialed down so much that we have no clue how powerful we all really are.

  12. So that’s why my uncle with the problem migraines ,,,he was also the heavy milk drinker in the family…his lymph head to toe could probably produce cheese .

  13. To be aware of self wisdom , you know your everything and nothing , Love is Key < )O(>

  14. Such great knowledge about how life really works. When people understand that they will keep coming back again and again until they have learned and grow, then maybe they will actually start living differently. They need to get that they will keep coming back and maybe not as human but as a subway rat or worse. … …

  15. You are not your body or your mind. Tell them Dr. Morse.

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