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  1. Love your videos. How do we send you Questions to read on YouTube.

  2. Keep Playing Playa!

  3. We have to start u a patron account to donate to Dr Morse and get more utube videos xoxoxo

    • Please can you help me get in contact with him ,am in Cameroon African I have a kidney problem and I don’t want to die please in the name of God

  4. Garden Of Origins // 12th July 2019 at 8:48 pm //

    Blessed to be alive today ! Connect with us @gardenoforigins on instagram! I am healing my acidosis (fibromyalgia) while we transform our Canadian property into a permaculture food forest!

  5. By far Your products out does most of all ones, Been Censored our channel and other sites , too much truth for the top dogs , All we can dew is refer to your site now . < )O(>

  6. Yipppppeeeeeee! Friday at work just got bazillion times better! Xoxo

  7. Measles has many strains, which can be tested. All of the cases are of the laboratory created strain! This is why they will not do the tests to determine the strains in any of the recent “outbreaks”.

  8. Great video sir.

  9. Heck yeah another vid! These vids help keep me detoxing.

  10. Love you Robert God bless you I’m 17 years old and I’m a raw vegan I’ve read your book Detox Miracle and Arnold Ehrets’ “Healing system of a mucusless diet”. My meat eating family (my brother has psoriasis plus he’s too thin) (all the other members are overweight, my mother has cellulitis) think I’m unhealthy and crazy.. Lol

  11. Much love and respect to you Dr Morse <3 <3 <3

  12. Blessings Dr Morse thank you for all the information and for being a awesome person. God bless you and your team.

  13. Please share your healing experience

  14. I love your ethical nature most of all, Dr. Morse!!! Bless you…I do think you should be on omega 3 fats though 🙂

  15. Also sleep on an inclined bed to drain the kidneys and the lymph much better. Just take a look at inclined bed therapy dot com. The results are amazing to say the least!

  16. With fruit only – i have seen people end up with low sodium and potassium levels. One client ended up in hospital due to this and his kidneys had gone to sleep on him. Obviously i lost him as a client but how do you get around this? I found that i can’t just go around recommending a pure fruit diet to everybody and anybody…

    How do we get the sodiums and potassiums on an all fruit diet?

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