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Q&A – 508 – Benzodiazepine, Anti-Depressant

I joined to find help. I have been on benzodiazepine and at least an anti-depressant for the past 23 years. They have tried over 25 different psych drugs on me in different combinations. I finally woke up to the health damage this has caused and found out that I cannot just stop them. I’ve been tapering so slowly. Trying diets and herbal remedies and am only feeling worse than ever. No doctor will help. I’m hoping to find help here.

My son also needs help more than I do. My eyes have really been opened to the evils of psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry…especially this past summer when a hospital literally attempted to murder my son via forced overdose of a neuroleptic and benzodiazepine injections. Thank God I saw him before he died. He was left to die in isolation for 14 hours. By God’s Grace, I was able to see him before he died. Nobody was helping him.

This is what my husband and I witnessed:

Upon entering the room, we see: my son seated, completely rigid, beet red skin, every muscle tightly flexed, back arched, head thrown back, profusely sweating, eyes rolling back in his head, white foam pouring out of his mouth. Every time he struggled to breathe, I heard gurgling sounds. He struggled so hard to get air. I held his hand and said I was there. He desperately tried to talk with white foam and agonizing groans came out of his mouth- every muscle tensed- struggling. This is when I noticed his jaw was clenched tightly shut. He could not talk. Med tech with towel, constantly wiping up white foam pouring out of his mouth. Then, as I looked at him, his right eye began to spontaneously bleed in two places, filling his eye with blood. I asked what is going on. I was told by the nurse to leave. I refused to leave and insisted he get medical help because he could not even breathe. Finally they ended up rushing him to ICU only because I insisted they help him.
ICU Documentation: “patient arrived with respiratory failure, kidney injury with rhabdomyolysis (Severe muscle damage), Leukocytosis, dehydration, abnormal EKG’s, Clozapine withdraws (that was forced on him) and more. Labs all completely out of whack and vital organ failure. They had to work on him for 48 minutes to get him to breathe well and to keep him alive. They put him on a bi-pap machine to push out fluids and heavily sedated him with Precedex and Ativan IV drips. He was near death. The psych floor was just letting him suffer for at least 14-16 hours- waiting for him to just die.”

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  1. Christians Liquid Crystals // 24th July 2019 at 6:46 pm //

    Benzos nearly killed me

    • How many did you take and for how many years just one a day they can cause bad brain damage but so can mold and high fructose corn syrup and so many other things

    • Absolutely, benzos are the devil. They brought my daughter so close to death, it’s criminal. Anyone who doubts this, go read the benzo buddies forum. This is so prevalent and there is so much gas lighting by those who haven’t experienced the destruction first hand

  2. Thats a perfect pineapple that I can eat all by myself

  3. Is wondering if you had any videos on ulcertive colitis and if you could share a link

  4. atthescreen smile // 24th July 2019 at 7:50 pm //

    thank you

  5. Honestly im not even mad at the medical doctors and media and CDC for what they’ve done and continue to do, its pretty much expected at this point as money will always supercede human life for these corporate psychopaths, its the “common folk” that regurgitate the bullshit and vehemently defend it like their lives depend on it because they genuinely believe it does. Sad world.

  6. Thats one fine looking pineapple. wish i could reach in and grab it!

  7. benzos are the worst drug on the planet by far. Haven’t taken them in over a year and still feel like my brain has been damaged severely.

    • There’s hope, my daughter is ever so slowly improving. Don’t listen to anyone’s diet advice because benzos destroy the gut. Eat clean and what makes you feel ok. Burning your intestines alive with raw fruits and vegetables will cause more trouble than you can imagine. You will know how well you Are healing by how well you digest. The gut brain connection is very real, wheat and dairy cause a lot of trouble. Do a food journal if physical and brain symptoms. Many people report true keto as calming for the brain. We do modified keto for my daughter and it’s helping EVERYTHING

  8. Thank you and i love you too.

  9. My heart goes out to the woman who wrote in about what both she and her son have gone through. I want her to know that Dr. Morse’s protocol will heal both her and her son. Fruit and the appropriate herbs work miracles. I speak from experience. Also, incorporate some sort of spiritual practice, which Dr. Morse speaks about. It is all so very simple and it is such a shame that our “progressive” society has complicated things so much. I am so grateful that Dr. Morse is here for us.

    • Can you share a little of your experience. How long were you on the meds and how long did it take to heal. Just stated the journey myself. Just 2 weeks in

  10. I myself had to deal with severe benzo withdrawals for one whole year beside all the other problems. It was pure hell. Benzos are worse than any other drug in the world to come off. Slow tapering, doing raw diet, organic food, herbs, water enemas, activated charcoal and having faith. Porn addiction is another very slow deadly addiction. It havocs the dopamine receptors and it is taking over boys and mans from the internet generation.

  11. I’m sorry but I’m new hear where does one even start?

  12. That story is soo sad

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