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  1. I’m currently on week 14 of Dr. Morse’s herbal protocol. All I can say is WOW! My parents and my 1 yr old daughter are all on Dr. Morse’s herbs. I’m working on a testimonial video for my YouTube channel about how this detox helped my Father lower his high blood pressure. Such a blessing!

  2. Thank~You~* Dr Morse~* We Love You~* Giving Thanks!!! Keep Shining Blessed Robert~* Brightest Higher Vibrations~* Christof~* Shiny~Soul~* 🙂

  3. Any advice on heart problems?

  4. Cat’s are half evil though.. Keanu Reeves proved that on Constantine

  5. Spiritual Wave Rider // 3rd August 2019 at 12:16 am //

    Love you so much Dr. Morse! Thank you for all of your videos! Everything you say resonates with me. I shared info with my mother-in-law (former RN suffering from major GI issues) hoping that it would help with my 2 boys who were stolen from me by CPS via false allegations. She wasn’t able to understand any of it and had so much fear to believe anything but her doctors.

    I have so much sulfur in my eyes and I see my 5 offspring (2 sons & 3 daughters from previous marriage who live with my mom) struggling with their degenerated states. We had a great talk about it and I realized how blessed I am to be awakening brought on by the ripping. I thank you for taking time to read my email a couple of months ago-gymnast video Video #500. It had helped me a lot. Much love and light to you all!!! :)♡

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