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16 Comments on Q&A – 511

  1. Eating some watermelon!

  2. What a handsome start!

  3. Just had a mango

  4. When you eat simple, everything else falls away.

  5. Ate Blueberries & Mangoes…

  6. we love you dr morse! love from Athens Greece!

  7. Ate a whole punnet of fresh cherries just now. Yum yum. My favourate Summer fruit in the UK.

  8. Too me it makes sense the body should be able too handel all acid load …however if you have acid that has hardened in your lymph system that periodically breaks apart due too bad diet and exercise on such diet that could be real the reason I use the word could be is because how can something like this be missed?

  9. This makes me sick too. This world is done.

  10. Gotta it give it to the con-men ”doctors” out there;
    Their ignorance game be strong!
    Bordering psychopathy, but never the less, strong!
    No getting through there, nope!
    For sure

  11. Princess Sassyfluff // 8th August 2019 at 11:31 pm //

    Thank you again Dr Morse

  12. Gosh, I CANT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!!!! It makes me so mad too to witness the legal murder of so many people just lining up for their demise!!! It’s insane. They think I’m crazy cause I WILL NOT GO TO A M. D. (MURDERING DUMBASS). I wish I could blast your videos across everyone’s idiot box in their home. Thanks, Dr Morse!! For being you.

  13. Can someone link me to information on pure glandulars that Dr Morse sells? I can’t find any information anywhere on what each glandular does.


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