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  1. Blessings to you!

  2. So happy to hear there is a good report on the story of the son in the mental hospital. That story really touched me. Praying for a positive resolution.

  3. Notification gang.

  4. A close family member was just diagnosed with leukemia and given only months to live. Prayers and success stories appreciated.

  5. What would you recommend to take for gastroparesis? I appreciate any info you have on this topic. Thank you so much.

    • I’m Awake he has a gi herbal capsule on his website

    • @MR HIPHOP VEGAN I just started that two days ago! I wasn’t sure I chose the right thing. I also got a couple of tinctures. I didn’t know which ones would help with my condition so I just picked what sounded logical. LOL Thanks so much for making me feel better about what I bought.

  6. Lyme.. fungus??

  7. I’ve been trying to contact CCHR, big red flags ignored by many where a gang is tossing people, really important to help get something done. So far CCHR has not responded.

  8. thank you

  9. I have been leaving comments about the lymphatic system on John St. Julien’s channel for just about as long as he’s been sick. Stress knocked out his kidneys and adrenals a long time ago. At this point he is severely acidic and dehydrated and it’s taking down his nervous system. Unfortunately, some people don’t want to hear about the lymphatic system…

  10. Why not Copaiba 80% stronger without affecting neurotransmitters like CBD oil according to a blind study by MDs according to DoTerra experts. All the benefits, better, and even cheaper with none of the side affects aside from being with a carrier oil.

  11. I think that lady developed sepsis. It is an outrage what they did to that poor lady by removing her limbs.

  12. Someone tell Dr Morse to go to any local high school and find out if they have a photography class because they sometimes teach old cameras and development film.

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