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Q&A 514 – Brain Cancer – DIPG, Dialysis, Brain and Nerve Disease.

15:44 – I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the rare form of brain cancer called DIPG Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. It occurs in the pons area of the brain stem and intertwines with healthy nerve tissue making it impossible to treat or remove. I would love to hear Dr. Morse’s perspective on this topic…

33:25 – Anaud – I am 33 years old and in dialysis for 5 years. I already change a lot of things in my food, and I am trying to eat only fruits. But doctors are afraid of the potassium level in the blood test and it seems that we could have a heart problem with too much potassium in blood. Is the problem with potassium real? How to do with potassium when we are dialysed? What fruits would be best to eat enough by taking care with potassium? Would you have some plans to cure fastly?

56:14 – Araseli – I am 21 and I am emailing for help for my sister Isamar 26. She has this unknown degenerative brain & nerve disease. She has been special ed her whole life, up until 18 she started showing signs of the unknown disease. She started shaking uncontrollably, she would have the sudden urges of having to go to the bathroom, but would eventually urinate on herself from such nervousness and anxiety of having to go and not getting there in time. If she would sit on the floor she would have so much trouble finding a way to get up, grabbing onto whichever furniture or people that were around her to get up.

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  1. dr i love you channel so much i watch you all the time now i want to ask how can we stop this madness of mandating vaccines? they say even drs are getting arrested if they sign the religious waiver… i dnt want my child vaccinated please help wat should i do ???!!

    • Yeah, the vaccine issue is scary right now. Especially for you folks in the US.
      More and more research is being conducted and more people are fighting for their rights and for the truth. I truly hope more people start waking up to this madness.

    • I guess if it gets to the point where you have to vaccinate or else you get thrown in jail, then I’d just get my kids on juice and get them as clean as possible. Make sure you throw coriander into the juice for heavy metal chelation.

    • @Simon Wicks thank thats what im scared of because i have a lil one and everyday we hear about California and this madness and i dont want my child vaccinated and i mean that with a passion !

  2. I can’t seem to get Rawb Wild’s channel anymore?

  3. Would u please set up some time stamps? That would be lovely, thank you.

  4. “KING SIZE STUPID” lol thanks for all the great advice and laughs 🙂 you are such a blessing to us all. God bless

  5. I’m so glad I found you. My Mom was Head Nurse of the OR when I grew up and she was ALL medicine. Every time I was ill, she had the doctors operating on me. I’m missing so many organs and now that I’m 60, it is a major job staying healthy. She never would listen to my “radical” herbal cures or eating good to be healthy. Now I am taking care of her and she is in what the doctors say is the the last stage of Dementia. Now that I’m in charge, she is a vegan and has lived almost 2 years past what the doctors predicted. I love all your videos and have incorporated your teachings in our road to wellness. Thank you!!!!

  6. Amazing how much abuse the body can take. God is a great creator

  7. Douglas-Calvin Greenough // 19th September 2019 at 3:01 pm //

    Lisa 777 there’s a better way i” ♡ you! & great video dr.morse.

  8. Thanks I got a lot from this!

  9. They tried to give my dad Ensure in the hospital, that stuff is junk,full of high fructrose etc.. i told him not to drink it. someones getting a kickback on that stuff.

  10. He’s so smart. He has it figured out. Thank God for this true Doctor of healing.

  11. Learn the street rules for survival on this planet! I’m taking that quote. Thank you for teaching us how Dr Morse.

  12. love you bro , love the work you do,, May our Father bless you

  13. Allopathic community also as it seems never heard of the physical law of ‘conservation of energy’!

  14. It is a known formula to stop bleeding by taking 2 teaspoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoons of raw honey in water sipped throughout the day or at bleed onset or before surgery clots the blood. It also does a wonder of other things and even tastes good!

  15. THANKS ND! Does anybody know what normal urine creatinine levels should be? Thanks.

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