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18 Comments on Q&A 515

  1. Lisa777 There is a better way // 25th September 2019 at 4:31 am //

    Yay! Another great video! You are one special soul. God Bless & Hugs

  2. I think you are the kindest man . I thank God for you . I want to make appt with you as soon as possible.
    I have many health issues . Thank you Rita Hansford

  3. Lisa777 There is a better way // 25th September 2019 at 5:18 am //

    Hair root pain!?!?!?! Oh my goodness!!!!! Poor thing. Sending my prayers

  4. What can I do about dry eyes ?

    • ColleenKaralee Peltomaa // 25th September 2019 at 11:05 am //

      While I am de-toxing my eyes are getting dry and sticky and I’m sure it is a “good thing” 🙂 My de-toxing mantra is “this too shall pass” 🙂 My eyes are a de-tox portal. For example my old dog has a blind left eye and since I’ve had him on solely watermelon and wild blueberries, eating only every other day, his left eye is extruding black goo.

    • Continue to do high water fruits and you can use organic castor oil to help soothe the eyes. A couple drops every night.

  5. Always a pleasure to see you doc!

  6. How does one work on the parathyroid without the glandulars? (Aside from kidney filtration)

  7. I am just so scared after listening to all this.

  8. sometimes all i need to do is listen to dr. morse. like no one is society understands and would just rather complain about their symptoms.

  9. 5g now thats a skin irritant
    luv ya 🙂

  10. My kidneys are filtering!! Omg I did it. I’ve worked so hard for this. My brain has felt inflamed so many days the last couple weeks, I’ve been eating 100% raw, mostly fruits. I just went pee and it was had a reddish-orange tint to it, kind of cloudy and there was a bunch of white sediment at the bottom!! I have so much lymphatic congestion, my life has been a life of pain. I’m so excited I’m a believer this is so inspiring thank you Dr. Morse thank you!!

    • Hannah Fabulous Praise to The God! That sounds fabulous ! I’m happy for you!
      Please could you do an update later on, if the filtering leads you to other improvements …?
      Thank you!

  11. Coach Emma Rubio, MSc // 25th September 2019 at 4:08 pm //

    Thanks Universe for dr Morse! I am happy I learnt how to understand how the body works. I really needed to understand after losing my mum.

  12. How can i get ur products in dubai? Plz reply

  13. Can someone tell me why far infrared sauna is bad?

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