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15 Comments on Q&A 516 – Time Stamps Coming Soon

  1. Lymph your way home.

  2. Happy October everyone!

  3. They can take it back to court and escalate all that were hurt or families of those that died could take out a class action and settle it more definitely!

  4. Vaccines ditto, class action

  5. I tried, got threatened with spankings and being sent to room, took decades to totally free myself from that.

  6. Sent you all my love Dr Morse, and thank you for all the knowledge xxxx

  7. Dr Morse telling us medical docters got it wrong by thinking fructose is turned into glucose by the liver before utilisation,
    reminds me of an experience i had maybe year ago.

    Bought 6 pounds of dark grapes at the local grocery, and the cassiere said ‘are you gonna eat that alone?’
    Yes ofcourse i replied. ‘Why not’ i asked him, the dear fellow awnsered ‘well i am studying for docters assistent and eating too much fruit causes acidoses’
    Or he may have said something like ‘too much fruit makes your organs go acid’.
    This is what they teach upcoming docters people…in Holland.

    Can you believe that? Isnt that like the world upside down?
    I mean how can dietists allready know diabetes can be turned around by eating slow fresh simple sugars, yet de docters still think fructose also needs insuline (see above)..
    Indeed this must be orchestrated right? at least i’d lable it ‘oxymoronic’.

  8. Dr. Morse thank you for all your hard work. Keep doing what you and your team are doing…You’ve changed my life and I’m sure you have done the same for many others!
    One human at the time!!! Will get there, I have hope in humanity. I’m so grateful I found you!
    Thank you from all my heart ❤️

  9. Go Karl Lentz on that judge. They will get their child back. Law of the land all the way !

  10. THE MORSE IS BACK IN TOWN! Always a pleasure watching you here! Much love and strength to all the suffering souls out there. Get yourself well.

  11. Ghareeb al Ghoorba // 1st October 2019 at 4:09 pm //

    on digestive enzymes…the first year and the t3 months i was on fruit, my inflammation still persisted, i started taking digestive enzymes and the inflammation went down. I was missing enzymes. so how do you get your body to start making them if you aren’t digesting fodd without them?

  12. Love you Dr. MORSE!!!
    THANK YOU for all you do

  13. Dr.Morse thank you for all your hard work.can someone please explain to me how does the dryfasting work end how to started

  14. Wow I’m glad I’ve gotten to see you’re warrior side come out. I feel the same way. Hard to keep it in check all the time. Thanks for the video. Be careful I’m sure you’re upsetting a lot of those POS corrupt people with your video’s. Blessings.

  15. ah language/spelling now there’s a bottomless pit of a hole 🙂
    luv ya thanks for sharing

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