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  1. Thank you Dr. Morse for all the work that you are doing. I just ordered your Deep Tissue Cleansing and Regeneration Kit Week 1-4 to begin my journey to Wellville. Since you are a God man and an advocate for truth, I hope you don’t mind me advocating here for the most important piece of truth in the world today. There is a New Revelation from God in the world, it came from the Creator of all life, sent for the purpose of aiding humanity in the difficult times ahead. For all honest truth seekers, visit *newmessage(org)* to engage with this expression of God’s love.

  2. Just checked yesterday if you have a new video up! Always look forward to watching and hearing you spit your truth Doc! Much Love and Happy Holidays!

  3. Alpha Phoenix- Enlightened Seraph // 12th December 2019 at 9:53 am //

    Purity is the only way.

    • True, there are only two sides to anything in this polarized plane of existence, as Doc says “Take your pick” I also Intend to allow myself to transcend into the higher realms.
      We all have our own demons but we also all have our own unique and divine light and gift to share with the world.
      Love & Light To Everyone, Godspeed on your Journey but remember Patience is a Virtue.

  4. agreed they should be in jail for poisoning children

  5. 1 23 35 exactly 🙂

  6. your record my good man is far far from broken luv ya’s 🙂 thanks for caring

  7. Every time Dr. Morse says “I’m a God man” I get an energy boost…just lifts me up. Love you, Dr. Morse!

  8. Thank you for being here.. and all you do for us! And please put the irydiology course online

  9. My eternal gratitude to you Dr. Morse for your continuous support and dedication to helping everyone become their own healers and teachers of other healers. It is the greatest gift ever.

  10. Dr. Morse better than Hollywood Cinema. Thank you so much <3

  11. Just wondering if there is anything that relates to the blood and not the lymph? Haven’t heard any mentioned yet.

  12. “Hello my dear ones”

  13. Does anyone know if he’s talked about oxolate?

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