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  1. Second commenter! Love this Doctor

  2. New subscriber interested in your philosophy on health and cancer. You make valid points on the subject and I know I will benefit from it. Thank you sir. Have a beautiful blessed day.

  3. I love you doctor Morse, you’re an angel down to the earth .❤❤

  4. Whatever happen to the person u was gonna help on benzos???

  5. I have mononucleosis induced lipodystrophy. I read a book about frutarian/alkaline diet and am transitioning to it now. Is there any advice you can give to regrow fat? I’m also looking into how cold can stimulate fat

  6. Any Long Term fruitarians ? Please share your experiences, what you healed, energy level, etc etc

    • 2 years for me. Energy, mental clarity, sense of calm because of low insulin and stable blood sugar keeping hormones in check. I’ll never go back. I do eat some potatoes here and there, but I feel my best on just fruit and a bit of veggies. I personally healed my reactive hypo with this diet.

    • How much do you spend on fruit in a week. And how do you make sure your eating enough?

    • @Eli Marshall
      Eat when your hungry

    • I’m not doing the fruit diet until I move to a warm climate. Thinking of hiking the Amazon and taking back the wild fruits I discover, back to my property. The fruits in the market are very unripe. If your doing the fruit diet and don’t have your own fruit trees so you can have them vine ripened, than I would suggest going really heavy on the bananas when you go to the market

    • Check out John Rose on YouTube; He’s been raw for 29 years, eating mostly fruits. He does a wonderful work helping people as well. It’s wonderful listening to him just as much as listening to Dr. MOrse. 🙂

  7. Blessing to you Dr Morse, sending you love and thank you for helping me and all the souls around the world❤️

  8. What do people think about mandatory health insurance California is forcing? These people are crazy

  9. Hello dr Robert I’m sayed alkallaf from egypt I’m chinese medicine healer very soon I’m going to run natural healing center in egypt I recently got your book detox miracle it’s a fantastic book this book really magic natural medicine book I seen in my life thank you so much my dear doctor I appreciate you so much and I wonder to know how I can get another your book ? I only have one of your book.

  10. The Doctor Kelly Show // 13th December 2019 at 1:23 pm //

    I would love to tell DM about Kratom for pain. It is four times more powerful than morphine for pain. I have a client who has Trigeminal neuralgia and it knocks out 90 percent of her pain.

  11. Love U Dr Morse .. & Ur opening comment “ What a planet “

  12. 1 44 00 break free of the indoctrination you have received 🙂

  13. Hi I’m doing little changes and your info is my go to ! I lost my adinoids as a tennager can you talk about the different lymphnodes and what symptoms you get if they are backed up . Over the past year the back of my throat is constantly filling but I can’t cough it up or blow it out . Eyes have yellow and I know my battle is with lymph!!
    I live in North Sweden and life/food fruits etc are expensive but I save money not buying meats thankfully
    I’ll keep listening and learning just needs to off load somewhere
    Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas x

  14. lol yup i still on occasion like a little psilocybin 🙂

  15. luv ya thanks for caring 🙂

  16. Oh Man you such a funny guy with your doctor joke haha

  17. I wonder what he would say about blue eyes changing to green as a child.

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