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Q&A – 525 – Parkinson’s, Type 1 Diabetes, Detoxification. Male Health, Emotions.

Sorry about the jump in the video. It is corrected at 1:07:01

15:37 – Alan – I am 30 years old, I've been 8 months on 100% fruit, it is increadible, I reverse parkinson, my fingers are not treambling anymore and my fingerbound size increase per two literally.. the acid came out from my fingers skin and my skin burned up, but it healthed easily then.. and I healthed so much things.. and I am still going on know thanks god. One interesting thing is that two nights ago while I was sleeping I felt a several SEVERAL pain on my low back on the spine, along 60seg aprox, I felt like if something too dense some acidform waste would have been pull out from this location. When I woke up two of my vertebraes looked so so open and they didn't looked like that before, they looked close like the other ones before this pain, I attach a picture of my back after this pain I felt, for you to apreciate, you can show it if you think that have value for people watching.I want you to know that the acid took my bounds when I was so young so my upper body is not well developed, my bounds are thin, weak and dry and I feel my organs are stressed, because of there is not enough space between my skeleton and my organs. My question is, Is it normal? have you seen this before? and what would you expect from this situation from now on?

25:59 – Mikhaeel – First and foremost I must say that there would have to be a new word created for "thank you" to express how grateful we are for you and the work you putting in…so many questions I want to ask but first things first…I have a bee keeper friend who was diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic little over a year ago…before this happened I was always leery of his lifestyle although the guy is in his late 40's and looks ridiculously young…he drank everyday…

36:25 – Kalliopi – I want to start detoxification and every time I stop it because I suffer from very crazy headaches, crazy neck pain, insomnia, vomiting. Lately my arteries have been clogged and I have strong pulses, my heart is running crazy and beats very loud, my legs feel like a rock. My legs hurt and I feel like they are stone. The right ankle is swelling /pain when I walk and I am having pain in the left knee. My liver is saturated and it is fatty.I hurt where my kidneys are (almost all my sides) so much especially at the right side. I have wounds on my body. My intracellular fluid is almost as stiff and my lymph. I sweat so much, I get hot as if I am constantly burning, I cannot stand the heat at all, I do not have period for 2 years. My hair more than half of them have fallen, 3 teeth have fallen, my gums are miserable. I see blurry, my eyes ache especially on the right. My shoulders are aching. I got sugar, cholesterol, thyroid problem. When I walk, I fall into a lethargy and pain in the body, especially the legs, and the fatigue is incredible…

50:55 – Dan – You're an incredible person, Dr. Morse! God bless your soul. Please can you do video on male reproductive system. We are being hit by hormones in water, produce, everywhere, stress etc. Looking around we see males losing their masculinity. And as we all know happy wife means happy life.

59:18 – Angel – Hello Dr morse, my name is Angel. I am 16 years old and me and my mom have been following you for three years now. During the past three years I have tried to heal myself but I do not know enough. My main problem is my emotions. Lately I have been having pains in my chest like there is a weight on my chest preventing me to breath. I have been told it is an anxiety attack. Can you please tell me what to do? I really appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you.

1:07:01 – Sandrine – In September 2018, one month after my stool had become liquid, I had appendicitis. I told the doctor about my abnormal stools, and there is no link between both, according to them. I'm pretty sure there is a link between both since everything happens around the GI track. Just before appendicitis, I tested my stool and had a parasite (blastocystis hominis) which was maybe the cause of my liquid stool. At this time, I had multiple watery stools just after eating.. maybe 5-10 minutes after every lunch I knew I had to go to the bathroom quickly. I started to take garlic first thing first in the morning, on an empty stomach, and it began to become a bit harder… But not for long. Fast forward to now… I'm pretty sure I discovered the cause of my watery/undigested stool: STRESS! I've been dealing with an eating disorder since I'm 9 years old, with on/off period of the ED coming back into my life. I relapse when I start strength training 2 years ago…

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  1. Any negative comments keep to urself. This is a peaceful healing site. People come here doe knowledge for there healing. Negative haters need to go to there own site and speak hate. Thank you. Go to the light

    • INFORMATION that upsets you because you don’t want to hear it isn’t hate. There’s a difference. You just choose to call it that to make yourself feel better

    • This is technically a negative comment

    • @Carly Franklin no it’s not just asking to have positive thoughts. I was asking for haters and negativity to be displayed somewhere else. People are here to receive wisdom to help them understand how the body works and what todo when very ill many people are being helped here. And need positive peaceful support. Love and support. If that offends you I’m sorry. Your probably not sick and in need of help. Can you all stop thinking of yourself and help others in need. Lend a helping hand. Follow the light. And speak truth and peace.

    • Thank you so much all who can care about others and be peaceful. Thank you

  2. Yeah I was waiting for a new video!

  3. I love your shirt 😉 where did you get it?

  4. can we have a talk on hormones for the warrior woman? especially after woman lose periods due to old medication lupron,birth control/IUD.

  5. It seems like a lot of these people need to meditate

  6. No hate, serious question. How on earth can it look like he’s gained 50 pounds since his last video?

    • @D Tizzle You’re the one who needs to relax with your so call “logical thinking”. I think you need to take a back seat and reevaluate how you approach things because right now you sound like a moron. “Relax” lol please, typical response from your average air head who experiences cognitive dissonance when presented with something that contradicts your linited belief system. Dumbass.

    • I think some people are missing the point of my question. It has nothing to do with what he teaches or who he is as an individual or anything. I’m no raw vegan, never will be, but Dr Morse is one of my heroes. Nor do I even care about his weight, how he looks, or where he is on his journey. My question is how could someone gain this much weight IN LESS THAN A MONTH??!! At first I thought it must be a reupload from years ago, but it’s not.

    • @Plant Based Ethos right. I agree with ya. But, in stating that, people’s feelings are hurt and they become defensive. I’m not sure why. I mean, it’s simply an observation, not a slander.

    • @edmoala Yes Edmoala. Some clearly missed the point.

  7. Can you eat dried fruits (e.g., raisins, dates, figs, apricots), as well, while healing, and are there fruits to avoid?

  8. Thank you Dr Robert , I just ordered you’re book today! Looking forward to reading it and learning from you. Thank you man!

  9. I love him so much, is it possible to love someone you never met and this much! God bless him!

  10. Always valuable info every video. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. How can I cure my Raynaud’s disease because it’s ruining me

  12. You’re getting big there buddy what’s going on with you?

  13. Dr Morse need to talk to ya. I’ll try and reach out.

  14. wishing them all well.. luv ya thanks for caring 🙂

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