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Q&A – 526 – Graves’ Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Seizure, Epididymitis

36:55 – Doreen – The reason I am writing this letter to you this day is because I have been on raw fruits for the past 2 months and my husband has come along on this journey with me. He like to tell folks that he has no choice but as the science experiment of a pizza should raw is much better. He is not quite at the stage where he is willing to take any herbs but I have a focus of wanting to heal my body and re grow a thyroid. I am currently 57 year live but when I was 28 I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease by the time it was caught as I actually went to 3 hospitals and was told I had the flu…… I was 3 days from death.
In fact I know I have a spirit as I had to get my mom and the gentleman pushing the gurney to stop as I was having a problem staying in my body. I spent 3 months in the hospital recovering and putting back some weight as I had gone from being EXTREMELY fit to someone who could not figure out how to get up from the floor. I had to regrow all my ligaments and have bone structural changes in my tibias (my bones would bleed). I was given 2 rounds of radioactive Iodine to kill my thyroid gland as the doctors had no other recourse for my condition. I was so hot that I was opening the bedroom window in -32 degree weather.

1:05:12 – Crystal – I would like to start off by thanking you for all the wonderful knowledge you share. It is greatly appreciated. I am writing to you because my 3/12 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a year an a half ago a the age of 2. You can only imagine the trials and tribulations Our family has endured especially my son who is actually living with this disease. I watched a video of yours which states that a boy who was diagnosed with T1D; did a complete detox and no longer requires insulin. As we are both working parents i would like guidance on how to detox a 3 year who has become an extremely picky eater lately. I would love to have Jayse eat only fruits and vegetables and am sure i would be able to do so if i were a stay at home mom but because I am not managing his diabetes is a bit difficult. hes in range per his CGM about 70% of the time. Ive researched many things that stay it may control his blood glucose but cannot seem to figure out how to give him these items. Soupsop, Bitter melon are just some of the few are heard are good at controlling this. In a perfect world i would have Jayse on a plant based diet in hope of seeing a change but it is easier said than done. I am sure you get thousands of email but i really hope you can respond to me as i feel lost and sometimes feel i am not doing enough as Jayses mom to help out with his diabetes. I try to have him on a low carb diet but its not easy.

1:23:56- Tanya – Do you need a penlight or can you use another iphone flashlight?

1:26:08 – Hannah – My question about sulfur is, are hot springs good or bad for us? I took my watermelon juice and a colon cleanse to a hot spring and I had a seizure that almost killed me. I still don’t really know what happened but I had a weird feeling that I had been spiritually attacked. It’s so quiet and desolate out there it’s creepy. In the Bible they use sulphuric descriptions, do demons live at hot springs because of the high sulfur?

1:32:24 – Brenda – I am a 54 yr old single Mom in the same situation as Carly. I have no one close to me to help me through this. I was diagnosed in November 2018. The only thing I knew for sure after the unprofessional manner in which the handled this……. Was that I was not doing chemo or radiation or a bag. If there is someone in my area that knows anyone who could help me through this, it would be greatly appreciated if they could contact me. I live in Chatham Ontario Canada…

1:35:49 – I’m 24 year old male and I have chronic Epididymitis for the past 4 years. {lease help in anyway, with information on how to get rid of this. Antibiotics don’t help and the pills hurt my stomach.

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  1. Can we include dried fruits?

  2. Double dose in the same day, yea.

  3. Marisa Berardinelli // 8th January 2020 at 10:52 pm //

    dats not graves desease.. dese peepuls just saw a verry big monsta….

  4. Wake Up Sleepy Heads // 8th January 2020 at 10:56 pm //

    Someone please tell this man I LOVE HIM!! Thank you Dr. Morse for teaching me how to heal my cancer. You are such a bright light in this sick world. Love you!

  5. I want a pomegranate

  6. Flat water flat earth

  7. I wish it would hurry and show me some progress. ☹️

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