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  1. SO much love for you Dr. Morse!! You are a hero and a lifesaver and I appreciate everything you do

  2. The more acute it is the faster he can cure if he treats right.
    Try chewing vit. E tablets. The oil is soothing


  4. Xerostomia/dry mouth comes from meds. Dont take any meds.

  5. God Bless Dr.Robert Morse .hope you have an amazing year in 2020

  6. Any documentation of 3 lung tea?

  7. Just found out about you exactly a week ago, and since I started changing around my diet, the bumps on my arms cleared up.

    My main goal is to grow my hair back out. Over the holidays I was eating a ton of meat with my best friend and it started falling out again.

    Same thing happened back in the summer of 2018, when I was helping him recover from foot surgery (he had a callous on his foot go septic). My girl got my hair growing back feeding me the better foods, but all the restaurant foods and meats took its toll on my locks…

    Anyways, thanks for doing what you do!

  8. Outstanding Video – Im a devoted student of you, I eradicated cancer out of body with your knowledge. Love you God Bless. I spread the word as much as possible and send people to you all the time. Im here to help also, Im living proof.

  9. Chemo & harmaceutisals Does what ? It HARMS YOU!!!!

  10. ThankYou ❤️

  11. You ARE the real live Santa, I just recognise ,applaud and LOVE you!!!

  12. Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop with a bowl of sweet muscat grapes, 10 of yet another fast. It’s so good to know that somewhere in Florida sits a healthy looking, vibrant and sharp minded gentleman of age with wonderful hairs who comforts us that we am doing the right thing even though the people around us think we’ve lost our worry about weight loss or whatever.
    You have opened a new world for me Dr. Morse, thank you for everything and love to everybody on this journey

  13. Hi Dr Morse, what’s the email address to send you message.thank you.

  14. Hey im in military and i have stress fracture for a year now and periostitis. Do u have any advice?

  15. At time of writing I am undergoing my first ever 36-hr dry fast (my first ever fast in general – context: I have been mostly whole food plant based for 4 years, transitioning to more fruits and salads for 6 months, now I feel ready to start introducing little fasts). Interesting experience, I peed in jar and I think I saw tiny filaments in there. I am looking to get my kidneys filtering. I am going to do a 24 – 36 hr dry fast once a week for a while until I start filtering. I am going to break my fast with grapes, then wait an hour or two and have more fruit and maybe a salad after. This healing journey is wonderful, blessings to all followers of Dr. Morse and to Dr. Morse and his team for the wonderful, angelic work they are doing. You’re doing an awe-inspiring deed.

  16. So…….did i just hear morse saying that everything including fruit, is in the end broken down into acid ash? He has been talking many many times that fruit leaves an alkaline ash in the body….but now all of a sudden has changed his thought on this? Am i correct?

    If it is not the alkaline that is the healing then what is it in fruit that makes it?

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