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Q&A 531 – SpinoCerebellar Ataxia, Hypothyroidism, Poor Adrenals, Posterior Horn Medial Meniscus

24:14 – I have been diagnosed with an inherited, rare degenerative nueurological condition that doctors identify as SpinoCerebellar Ataxia Type 3 SCA3 AKA Machado-Joseph Disease MJD, a condition for which the medical world says there is no cure or treatment…

1:02:49 – Judy – I’ve recently discovered your YT channel and I am trying to clean up my diet as I have, I think, hypothyroidism, poor adrenals, bad stress from 5 year divorce, and sore wrist joint, I have gone vegan but can you tell me what would be the best diet to really undertake as I’ve also listened to Dr Sebi and now I’m a bit confused?

1:13:09 – Is it possible to heal, or regenerate an oblique tear if the posterior horn medial meniscus by itself completely, 100% – knowing that there is little-to-no blood flow in that area? IF the answer is is high fruit detox, how can a strict fruit diet achieve this? Because I really don’t understand in how fruits, or herbs promote more blood flow in an area where blood can’t reach the inner meniscus to heal itself?…

1:34:06 – Jessica – I would love to know what you think about vaping weed Not the oil but the leaf.

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  1. Hey Doc , 2 coming to see you in may … I’ll get more your way

  2. The raw truth!

  3. I thank God for putting you in my path I appreciate all the information you give us. I thank you so much God bless you all. Thank you Dr Morse thank you

  4. Ghareeb al Ghoorba // 24th March 2020 at 1:55 am //

    Dr. Morse will be my third husband in heaven lol

  5. Hi Dr Morse . , This is Rita Hansford and I’ve been listening to you forever you’re awesome maybe not forever but a couple of years. I really really would like to make an appointment with you I’m sure there’s a way to do that I have lots of different things going on I have for many years and I know you can help me. If someone in your office or you can call me and let me know what I need to do to make an appointment with her by Skype phone whatever that you do thank you

  6. “If you can get ‘it’, you need it.” Wow, profoundly simple…

  7. Dr. Morse, I don’t know whether you realize this, that the controllers at the top of the pyramid, those that control the CDC and AMA. I’m talking about those with real power, they *know* that germs don’t cause disease, and that viruses cannot be caught, etc., etc. C-virus is their excuse to further their worldwide agenda. They know the c-virus is no threat. The lower-level doctors and employees of the AMA may be naive and stupid, but it’s certain that those at the top of the AMA know it’s all a front to keep us unhealthy and controlled.

    • I see a lot of varying beliefs on this concept, namely between John Rose and Morse, explain to me if you will, can viruses not be caught? Can a protein not be disruptive to the human system and cause over expectoration that could kill people with weak constitutions/ eliminative organs? Because that is what Dr. Morse I believe is saying. John Rose and others do not believe that people can even pass these proteins, but why are so many people being affected at one time? do you have any evidence that the deaths in Italy and the US are somehow falsified? There are many people in my area afflicted by this flu including my neighbors and several elderly have passed, albeit it probably expedited by the heinously ignorant medical care, but still, are you arguing that viruses, be them proteins, are non factors and don;t catalyze the lymph system, and can’t be passed on to others? and if so, why do people get sick at the exact same time as the others in a household, carrying the same symptoms?

    • You need to go back to the roots if you wanna avoid confusion. The root cause of all this is the germ theory of disease by Louis Pasteur, which is a falsehood. Even Pasteur himself recanted his own theory on death bed. Bacteria and virus are everywhere and they ferment things. You don’t catch a specific bacteria from anyone.

    • Sean Star I am very much a believer in the lymphatic system and the immune system is a fabrication based on that. I don’t believe in vaccination and I know all of these issues are are created by us and big brother and due to congested lymphatic systems. That being said, I don’t deny the possibility of virus catalyzing these issues because there have been large cases of people getting sick at the same time, and I have experienced many times bacterial or virus issues being in tandem in a household, just last month my dad got pink eye and then a week later my mom did. So I’m just confused by that, why do you think so many people are dying in unison right now, or do you have reason to believe they are fake or being killed by something else ?

    • There is no agenda.
      I am certain many understand COVID-19 as a minimal individual threat, but as with any problem you cannot control, you would like someone who has the power to control it to do so. The powerful and wealthy COULD be sitting back and letting this fly by, but are instead actively involved.
      Look at these institutions with some positivity.

    • @Cameron Schotter We just think this is a new phenomenon people dying at the same time, but a hundred thousand people die only from the flu every year. On top of that, it’s the fear that kills a lot of people today. Don’t underestimate fear!

  8. Yes! My sweet sunshine has once again MADE MY DAY/WEEK! LOVE U DR. MORSE!! XO

  9. Dr. Morse I have a feeling that this is more than a coronavirus scare. I think the government is up to something else I don’t know what but my intuition is usually spot on

  10. Yes that vaccine will contain Covid-19 wow wow wow

  11. HumbleRepentPray Give // 24th March 2020 at 10:55 am //

    I heard tonight that they are going to be convicting people of a crime that tell people there is a cure for this. I have a feeling that any kind of “shots” are made to kill the pineal gland. (the third eye) if that were to happen to people there would be absolutely no way to see anything spiritual anymore. Your inner spirit would be dead. I pray for everyone. God bless you keep your faith. Pray and listen to God.

  12. HumbleRepentPray Give // 24th March 2020 at 11:02 am //

    Dr. Morse, you are in my prayers every single day.

  13. I love you guys, everyone who watchs doc morse is my brother and sister

  14. China and Italy have very high rates of smoking – not a great way for anyone to fight something attacking the lungs.

  15. HumbleRepentPray Give // 24th March 2020 at 11:43 am //

    Dr. Morse, would you address the pineal gland and the effects of toxins on it and how it effects our spiritual life? How can we decalcify it? This is a great concern of mine right now with all this stuff going on. Thank you.

  16. 1:03:05 I love his talk about love and relationships ! beautiful


  18. 24:32 “Hello my dear ones”… I swear my heart and soul just relaxes, sits back with a glass of water or juice and I listen to all this knowledge you drop on us. You’re a breath of fresh air and I’m so grateful you’re on the planet, and that I found you and your videos. I’m very sad I’m not going to get to meet you at the level One, but I guess I’ll try to take the online class and come down for the Level 2. Much love, take care of yourself <3 <3

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