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QA – 532 – Corona Virus, Thank you Kevin!! Lymphatic System, Pancreatic Cancer.

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1:03:27 – Hello, im not to sure if this is the correct department that im emailing, this may seem a bit random, me and my partner kev are getting married in A few months, Kevin has took time out of his own life to help people who are not feeling 100% with herbs and tinctures to help get them better! He absolutely idolises dr Robert morse and has learnt a lot off him (its the only thing he watched on YouTube) he is also a member of dr morse herbal health club. Kevin has even bought him self a iridology kit so he can help people out that little bit extra. But Kevin doesn' t realise how much he is actually helping people and how many people appreciate him, he shows people how to make the tinctures/capsulesand gives them diet advice and he is currently helping over 100 people, so i am wondering if it is possible if dr morse or his team can write a nice email/letter, so i can give to him as a wedding gift to let him know that everyone ·a ppreciates his help and what he is doing.

1:06:07 – I'm writing because I have some doubts about the lymphatic system that I would really like to be enlightened about.I've always had a typical diet lots of dairy, lots of meat, lots of sh**. 🙂 Obviously, I've also always had the consequences regarding it, constipation, pain, headaches, seizures..Since I met Dr. Morse on YouTube, and start eating mainly fruits, I really felt the difference. All my pain went away, no more constipation, etc. But, I have some questions regarding how does the lymph system drain lymph into the kidneys. I'm studying naturopathy and in my physiology class, our teacher (who is also a medical doctor) is teaching us that lymph reenters back into the venous system going then to kidneys. I tried to talk about it, explaining that it doesn't make sense but, he told me that he had seen real kidneys in his experience and had never seen lymphatic ducts or vessels connected to it, only blood ones.

1:15:59 – My mom is 60 and was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer with severe liver metastasis (4 months ago). She is jaundice. She also has skeletal muscle wasting (cachexia) and is almost nearly bed bound. Even walking to the bathroom is extremely exhausting for her. She has lost about 60Ibs (from 210 to 150 at 5'3)….She is now on a grape fast and it's been 6 days…l see some improvement because she is sitting up more during the day and taking less Norco for the cancer pain…also since she has started the grape fast I see some swelling in her right leg…we plan on continuing the grape fast for 30 days and hope it'll help dissolve the tumors….what will it take to get her strength back and regenerate her pancreas and liver again..also can you give us some details on pancreatic cancer survivors that have healed for her encouragement… and what it took/ howlong it took and what healing crisis we might expect along the way thanks again.

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  1. Beat everyone here. The Morse code!!

  2. “There’s always death with sickness”

  3. The joshua Project // 30th March 2020 at 1:10 am //

    Detox has been an amazing ride. Thank you Dr. Morse.

  4. Epic Knowledge!

  5. This is the only channel I can press the Like button before I watch the Video.
    Go Dr.Morse!

  6. Yaaaaaaay!!! Listening to Dr.Morse while prepping 3cases of MANGOES!! Makes my day! Thanks for spreading wisdom and love!

  7. I love dr. morse on a roll..

  8. A beacon of light in the darkness of an unconscious society. Thank you for all that you do

  9. Ive felt the same frustration with all the lies & fear mongering this week, thanks for getting it off my chest.

  10. You spoke about exactly what I was thinking today. I was comparing the symptoms of all the flus ..and the symptoms are identical!!! How the hell are we saying they are different?

  11. You are the reason I ams so flipping healthy. My vibration rose and animals sense my vibration. I’ve woken alot of others.
    We are a force of light in this darkness of fear. God bless us all.

  12. I’ve been procrastinating my fruit diet, but I think the time has come to go fruitarian, God bless you Dr Morse.

  13. I do all the wrong things Dr but God damn it I love you I love your spirit I love your truth and I’m trying so hard to heal thank you thank you thank you Dino from Milwaukee

  14. Dr.Morse … are the one my friend ..never give up please you’re with the truth … you’re with God.

  15. The good doctor is in the house!

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