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  1. Hi, glad your back…

  2. on day 15 of only fruit. will i ever get better?

    • @Hannah Banana 1-2 oz . It all just depends on your health problem. I do agree it can be habit forming. But, if your sick and got all these toxins stuck in you u gotta get it out. And hey! I don’t even have to do one I can get the bag and start filling it up!! My psychological thing takes over, no need for enema. Just preparing bag gets me going!! Isn’t that crazy? So, it really just depends on what your dealing with, as too, if and how frequently one might benefit.

    • @HumbleRepentPray Give apple cider vinegar

    • Yay keep with it! I just started my detox today

    • @Happydaze dr morse says he is not opposed to doing enemas especially when you detox too hard, they can help.

    • ​ Elizabeth Jacksa He said ONLY when it is extremely necessary. It disturbs the naturalness of the system. Very few NEED to do it and most people listen to uninformed people and do it because they think it is good. It is not! How can a procedure that makes you dependent on it to make you eliminate be good for you?

  3. And so many people being upset because milk is being wasted. If they only knew?

  4. Best human doctor there is out there. Thanks Dr Morse

  5. I am just happy to hear you still preaching the truth….

  6. The on-line iridology course/program would be great for me because I’m in Australia. Inspirational lecture thank you.

  7. Not only brilliant and vibrant specimen of the Divine Masculine – but so delicious for those Goddesses with eyes to see <3

  8. what we experience now is organized insanity – and everyones is expected to act insane – 
    and if we are sane, we will be looked upon as crazy/weird –  
    in the corporate world/modern society EVERYTHING is inverted – by design . 
    convert !

    • ja sten truuue! in this time it getting everyday in my head so clearly the sentence
      „THE WORLD IS A STAGE“ and we are the actors , (re)acting after the insane written script from the system or stepping out of the Game and becoming the main actor in our own life, deciding the conditions and circumstances..

    • If we question anything we are suddenly conspiracy theorists

  9. I love hearing your stories about various cases. Very interesting…

  10. Greetings for the best doctor in the world.

  11. I think you should go on London real to wake people up. Brain would have you in a heartbeat.

  12. HumbleRepentPray Give // 10th April 2020 at 1:01 pm //

    I’m not sure you will be able to “detox” from the vaccine. Now the medical corporation, essentially what it is now, not for healing but for money making, has developed bio nano particles that attach to the blood cells. Because nano particles have intelligence, via outside control, you might not be able to detox them, it’s part of trans humanism. They have a eye surgery that actually was done in Russia, I believe, that makes it possible for people with very poor eye sight to see at incredible distances, not normal. Dr. Morse I am so grateful for you. Your knowledge and wisdom have helped me so much. Physically and mentally. I have been healed of a handful of “dis-eases” that plagued me for years. A life of suffering and increased suffering because of the medical community and all their horrible treatments. Now, I am healthy and mentally at peace. I cannot express my gratitude. I am sorry because I had my son scheduled for your class this month, I was planning on coming too, and was looking so forward to meeting you. Now, because they are threatening to vaccine if people want to fly I am afraid that I might not get to meet you. I hope you do your classes on line at least I will register so will my children. We can help heal the sick and the broken hearted and be an extension of what you have taught us. Much love to you.

  13. How should we consume Liquorice root? How much how often I’m which way? Can I just eat to powder like this? As much as I want ? Thank you!

  14. I’m starting my detox today!

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