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  1. what??!! 2 videos in 2 days?? kidding me??

    • Haha yeah! He must be busy!!! Got a lot to teach these HUmans about their own bodies, how to shed to tens of millions of lifetimes of ignorance and unawareness that has plagued humanity. About time to get us back on top of our own horse…

    • Jasmine KIARAW Snow // 22nd July 2020 at 2:52 am //

      Miss the daily video trainings. Lots of love to all. Thankyou DR. ROBERT MORSE for all your lifesaving teachings of Natural healing. One of your students.

    • Jasmine KIARAW Snow // 22nd July 2020 at 2:55 am //

      I study daily EVERY day all of your videos. Close to ten years i have been Regenerating on & off by DETOXIFICATION. Finding my way to a balanced healing LIFESTYLE started with Liferegenerator almost 10 years ago is how I found U. & Hilde Larsen, I discovered her an amazing healer as a guest patient on your videos (teachings of Tissue REGENERATION) they R your fabulous graduated famous students. Thankyou for all your love & great care dear one, Dr Robert Morse. Luv U. Thankyou dr Morse for saving my life by showing me how my body is self healing through elimination. I will be sending in my level one tests by September 2020 to be graded by U. Looking forward for my hard earned Detox SPECIALIST certification by U. Hugs

    • Right! We’re not worthy!

  2. Yaaay! Love you man. Saw you in my dreams a few weeks ago! Currently working on getting my kidneys filtering with some good ole’ watermelon! Love you Dr. Morse!

  3. Been loving the watermelon and dragonfruit this summer ❤ I love your videos they mean alot!!❤

  4. Thanck you sir , and Thanck you for your unselfish Service, both in the Air Force & to humanity !!!

  5. Just finished 35 days of your amazing herbs I felt great

  6. <3
    <3 for this

  7. Thank you for web sight . I have been trying frequency music so thank you for the knowledge on this. So fruit has let’s say natural haromizing frequency. So forget the music eat fruit. Gods frequency foods got it

  8. A Dr to the stars too! Your just a amazing soul

  9. Love you Dr. Morse❤️ can you please make a video on vaccines specifically for newborns

  10. Best intro ever!!! I love the eye, the song, the man❤️

  11. I’ve been doing about 80% fruit juicing for past few weeks and eating some fruits to calm down my nervous system so I can sleep at night (or else insomnia kicks in) and my body is releasing tons of crap in the urine … I am finding out just how powerful fruit juices are, but I am also using some of Dr. Morse’s herbs for extra help. The fruits are working, the herbs are working, the “sauna” in the attic is working and oh my goodness–my body is responding to it all and much of my pain is disappearing! Thank you Dr. Morse!!! 🙂

  12. Your videos are my morning and nighttime “me-time”. Baby due in a few days and ive been studying you so i can teach my child how to be well. Thanks you keep putting these videos out, we have generations to heal

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