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  1. Most amazing person in the world. I do not care about celebrities, athletes, actors etc. My hero is this man!!

  2. Woohoo! Friday night date with my main man!! Happy Friday everyone!! Hugs from SandyEggo ! 😉

  3. I’m drinking a fruit smoothie as I watch this

  4. I always look at the thumbs down and feel bad for them.

  5. I have so much love for this man.

  6. loving these videos , he’s been on it!! wish we could have a new one every day

  7. Watermelon is so freakin delicious. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  8. D o n t. G o t o. D o c t o r s !!!
    I had weird bright flashes out of sides of my eyes. Went on fruit, herbs and fasting. No more flashes.
    I have full faith in what Dr Morse says. Not because it’s what he is saying but because he is passing the information on to us of what our creator has given us fir food and medicinal herbs.

  9. Dr. Morse, I love your PEACETIME flag shirt! A little hint for those in the know

    • lisa f lisa f SCREENSHOT THIS. The United States is not a country, it’s a corporation, as is every other country on earth. The “corporations” like Exxon, BP, General Electric, control the resources of all the planet, and all “wars” are fought for resources. The UNITED STATES CORPORATION controls the people of the United States as economic chattel to back the debt. That’s why you registered your birth certificate with the hospital, who floated your corporate identity on the stock exchange and made millions off of you “claiming” to be your name. THEY own the certificate along with your footprint, it’s in the Vatican, so they own it, as well as pretty much everything else. The few things they don’t own, they start wars to own (Iraq and saddam’s gold, as well as Libya not wanting to use the petrodollar) the US went bankrupt in 1933 and is entirely owned by its creditors. The US has also been under martial law since 1933, per the Emergency Gold Reclamation Act. The “US FLAG” is a military banner. The shirt Dr. Morse is wearing is a peacetime flag which has not been in use since the US went under martial law. The police and the military are both under admiralty law, and therefore operate in the same jurisdiction making them legally the same. That’s why the police are getting more like the military.

    • @Ethan Lloyd u know I was thinking the other week that people are afraid of martial law but we are already living it!

    • lisa f haha I know…people don’t see this because everyone’s freedom is taken away under “good things” the road to hell is paved with good intentions. HELL comes from the realm of Hel in Norse mythology, with the different realms and all of that…wear a mask they say. It’s good for others. I was on YouTube and it had this fascist ad telling us, “do it for them” to wear a mask and rebreathe your carbon dioxide and kill everyone quicker. And the only reason people are really dying from this “virus” (and not that quickly either) is because of this lymphatic stagnation that everyone has, and the negative side of their food is finally eating them up! Look at Italy’s diet and how many people dropped dead over there. People are ok to wear a mask and get “vaccinated” but are afraid to eat their biological food and literally save their lives? that’s the point where I’m like, “you do you man…” I get into arguments about it sometimes….

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