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  1. The latest fear being pushed in the public school because of COVID is any regular normal (what we call) detox and they call sickness-is now all possible COVID mandating temperature checks, masks, tests, quarantines and vaccines. I do not want to teach this to my child who I talk to a lot about how our body works the the best things for it, even though it is hard to stick to the correct diet of mostly raw. I know most of you reading this might understand where I’m coming from on this so I’m basically venting because I really feel up against the world now more than ever. Godspeed!!

    • Yes. I fee the same way. But am trusting God’s guidance in all this. Blessings to you and family.

    • You are a great mom! Hang in there!❤️

    • Keep fighting on with what you believe is right. In the UK we are supposed to wear masks but I refuse because I believe in what Dr morse says and I research everything.

    • I agree. God and us people who stand for truth will hang these imposters who run this world out to dry. It’s simple. If we don’t want to get a Covid (starting to hate that word, so annoying and ignorant) test, YOU don’t have to wear a mask, you don’t have to do anything they want you to do! Just be truth, and the evil will disappear because it’s just duality. Give evil nothing to oppose and it disappears by itself. As we wake up others, were raising the consciousness of this plane(t) (still haven’t figured that one out) we have the power! It’s within, but until we realize that we’re still lost and confused with our heads in the sand.

    • Oh and some more because I love to express myself! All these executive orders don’t mean anything. And if someone prosecuted you for being the truth, they’re ignorant and it’s on them (karmically) imagine the police karma! Imagine the vaccine karma! Imagine the karma that has been churned out here, it’s unbelievable! They have all these signs that tell you to do things, it’s all a play on fear and ignorance. If you don’t allow people to shake you, even if they are corrupted, you alone will stand. You alone have the truth. You alone are a pillar of the divine. My hearts racing and I feel the energy typing this! You choose the vaccine, YOU get burnt! You choose truth, the evil evaporates like water. No amount of debauchery in this world can hold even a sliver of a candle to the ALL, the OMNIPOTENT, it’s so insignificant I and you will laugh!

  2. PREISING PRODUCTIONS // 14th August 2020 at 3:50 am //

    Dear Dr. Morse, my wife and I want to support what you do by giving you one of our Faraday Bag/Pouch to protect you against radiation, tracking and hacking. It is not much, but it is a gift from the heart. How could we mail it to you? God bless.

  3. You are the best telemedicine.

  4. Bless your entire being

  5. I’ve been having a really rough week and tuning into your channel always feels like therapy . Thank you for making me smile ♥️

  6. I love your videos but when you start reading peoples eye photos and we can’t see
    the photo and the person can’t respond there is no way we can learn anything
    about i iridology or if what you are saying is accurate without patient feedback.

  7. God bless you Dr. Morse. Thank you for sharing your love and time.

  8. i love listening to your intelligent moral knowledge….thank you dr. morsend

  9. “they” are not doctors that cure….they are mad scientists…eugenicists experimenting on all of us and our children….ITS SO BAD!

  10. When will the kidney tea be restocked?

  11. Those murderers sent me a text message this year saying my kids can get the flu vaccine for free. This world is full of so much evil.

  12. Yes they sell them to Satanist, very common.

  13. Pain is the major sign in our inner guidance system.
    If I even think about having something unhealthful then my body reacts in a painful way, as to say, no!

    Thanks Doc, you’re the best Doc I ever had the pleasure to listen to.

  14. Doc. What is your thought on H pylori? How should one approach this from a natural standpoint?

  15. Move the lymph my friends, move the lymph jeje. Day 20 Juice Feast here!!

  16. We need to create a people’s court system to get these corrupt politicians, fake doctors etc. Because the current systems designed to protect every evil “profession” going.

  17. Can’t wait to take the lymphatic iridology course!

  18. soon as i get the money im starting the class!!

  19. Its always a pleasure to learn from this man.

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